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July 09, 2021

How can I make masturbation more interesting?
What type of masturbator is right for me?
Masturbation is boring. What can I do to make it more enjoyable?
What male sex toys are there?

With the onset of a new lockdown, countless people are stuck at home, all alone, seeking sexual pleasure and fulfilment. For penis-owners who practice regular masturbation, it may feel a bit one dimensional.

Constantly looking for new porn can get monotonous. 

Relying on your hand can get a bit boring.

Perhaps, you’re looking for a whole new kind of orgasm!

Don’t worry, lovers and lusters, we’ve got you covered. 

Let’s review some top masturbation techniques and toys just for you.

Ways to Upgrade Your Masturbation Game

You may think that women get all the toys. In some ways, that may be true. However, there is a whole massive market of male sex toys that are designed to help you get off as well! 

For now, let’s cover some of the top, inexpensive ways for you to upgrade your masturbation game in the comfort of your own home.

Set the Mood

Take a leaf from what you expect of women and try setting the mood.

Play some music. Light some candles. Take a bath or a long shower. Get yourself thoroughly engaged with your whole body.

Practice Mindfulness

Try meditation before your next solo-sex session. Practising regular meditation can help improve your whole sexual experience. It can also really help you focus on what feels good in the moment.

Try a New Position or Place

There’s no reason why you should only lay on your back or sit in your computer chair while you watch a porno. 

Try the edge of your bed or your couch. You can even hang your head off the side of the bed for a total head-rush!


Many penis-owners develop a reliance on pornography to get them where they’re trying to go. Try setting up a fantasy in your mind instead. Make yourself a centre character of your fantasy and go for it! There’s no limit to what you can imagine, so get creative! Take some inspiration from erotic novels, stories, or things you’ve always wanted to try. 

Fantasising will help you stay focused on your own masturbatory experience rather than focusing on the actors in an erotic film. 

Explore Your Body

There isso much more to your erotic experience than just your penis! Massage your thighs, your family jewels, your chest and nipples; there’s no limit other than the ones you create for yourself!

Experiment with Lubricants

No,not all lubricants are created equal. There are warming and cooling ones that last all night, ones that make you last longer than usual. If you can think of it, there’s probably already a lubricant for that!

Don’t Forget About the Prostate!

The prostate is a small gland inside of your body that produces a unique kind of orgasm. You can stimulate your prostate externally if you’re not ready for full anal play.

You can do this by stimulating the perineum or space between your testicles and anus. Feel back with a finger from the base of your testicles back towards your anal opening. There will be a very soft spot here. Apply pressure using a finger or two, or get a vibrator going. You’re actually stimulating the prostate indirectly and can experience an orgasm from this alone!

If you’re ready to get inside, cut your nails and grab some lubricant. Lay down on your back. Slather the lubricant all over your penetrating fingers andslowly enter your backdoor. Curve your fingers slightly up towards the ceiling and feel around for a small walnut-shaped area. That is your prostate! Stimulate it however you like with sweeping motions, circulation motions, or whatever feels good.

If you’re looking for prostate toys to up your orgasmic experience, check out our blog post onAnal Toys to see what is right for you. 



All About Masturbators

Maybe you’re ready for a more intense solo-sex experience. Don’t worry. The sex toy industry has you covered! There are tons of different styles of masturbators out there. Check outthis guide to masturbators if you want to learn about the massive variety available. 

We have a few favourites we think you should try!

Pocket Pussies & Mini Cups

These are inexpensive, disposable, and a great way to affordably upgrade your masturbation game. 

Mini-Cups are a great and inexpensive way to get started with changing up your masturbation game. They’re discreet, easy to clean, and disposable as well!

We love theSoft and Wet - Pussy with Pleasure Ridges and Orbs option. Not only does it provide a whole new level of sensations, but it’s self-lubricating as well! Just add a little water, saliva, or some of your water-based lubricant to get this thing going!



Again, massive variety, and more discreet than pocket pussies most of the time. These masturbators offer endless textures, variable pressure caps, and even vibrating options.

For an inexpensive option that is hands-off, try theHedy Ultra Stimulation Masturbator with an optional wall-mount! The wall-mount means your stroker won’t move, and you still have both hands free to adjust the pressure cap to make everything is nice and tight.

No stroker conversation would be complete without the mention of theTenga Flip. This incredibly easy to maintain masturbator can last a lifetime! It offers two different ends for you to insert yourself into so that you get the most bang for your buck. It even comes in avibrating variety as well!

Of course,Fleshlight offers a massive range of masturbators designed to suit anyone’s fancy. From porn actresses andactors to non-descript varieties, Fleshlight will have just the right masturbator to suit your needs. 

Automatic Masturbators

Sometimes, after a long day, you don’t have the energy to masturbate by yourself. Luckily, there are a massive variety ofautomatic masturbators for you to choose from! Some of these do all of the work literally for you. Whatever you’re looking for, there’s something out there for you.

TheLelo F1S Developers Kit takes all of the hard work out of masturbation and can even sync up to an app to help you thoroughly enjoy your solo-sex experience.

TheAutoblow A.I. Fully Automated Blowjob Experiencewas a real groundbreaker when it was released. Not only does it have tons of constriction rings inside to give you full-penis sensations, but it also does all the stroking for you! Treat yourself to a hands-off orgasmic experience time and time again with this remarkable machine.

KIIROO has been making a massive splash in the smart-sex toy scene for a while. They offer a variety of masturbators which sync up to your favourite porn films so you can feelexactlywhat the actress would feel like at that moment.

Some masturbators can sync up with your long-distance partner’s toys!Lovense has created masturbators and vibrators that are compatible together through an app. This app means whatever your lover is doing wherever they are, you can enjoy the play too!The Max 2 is compatible with other masturbators and specific vibrators to maximise your enjoyment with whomever you please. 

Well, those should keep you entertained for a little while!

If you’re not ready to take the plunge online, come into one ofour three locations and talk with one ofour Sexperts to get help choosing the perfect masturbator. 

Get out there, Get in there, and Get off there!

Elaine S. Turner

Sex Coach, Sexuality Wellness Brand Consultant, and Sexuality Educator


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