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March 28, 2021


What is a masturbator?

How do I choose a masturbator?

What is a pocket pussy?

How do I clean my masturbator?

Can I share a masturbator with someone else?


Fleshlights, sleeves, pocket pussies ... there are so many varieties of masturbators to choose from. It can be hard to narrow it down! 

Ever since Fleshlight initially hit the market back in the late '90s, penis-owners everywhere have been clambering to get themselves one. 

You may think that they are only designed for masturbation or solo-sex. However, they are also great for couples who possess an inner-voyeuristic desire.

With so many brands and varieties out there, it isn't always easy to choose just one. What is even worse is the question of how the h*** do I clean out my masturbator?

Don't worry; we're here to help.


What You Need to Consider Before You Buy a Masturbator

We'll get into the different types of masturbators in a minute, but there are a few things you need to know about before you choose the right style for you.

  • All masturbators are porous - this means you'll never be able to thoroughly sanitise them since they contain microscopic holes that hold bacteria and even infections. Thus, if you want to share your masturbator with a partner or friend, make sure you both use a condom.
  • Cleaning a masturbator doesn't have to be complicated - You'll always need an actual toy cleaner to prevent it from growing mould or mildew. Many models are specifically designed so that they're easier to clean, such as the Tenga Flip. If you're looking at buying a full-sized sex doll, you'll need to be very careful when cleaning it. 
  • They can get expensive - We recommend starting small and inexpensive until you can learn precisely what you want.
  • They can have incredible features - Like the Lovense Max 2. This uses Bluetooth to sync with other compatible devices or KIIROO models to move in time to specific pornographic films. There are many things masturbators can provide you if you know what you're looking for
  • They can be damaged easily - If you don't use enough water-based lubrication or if you forget to clean it right after use, if you don't let it fully air dry, many things will compromise the integrity of the masturbator's design. Treat it with love and care if you want it to last a long time!


Main Types of Masturbators

We know it can be a bit daunting when it comes to the different varieties available. Here is a straightforward guide to the different styles you have to choose from:

  • Mini-Cups or Eggs: This variety of masturbator usually comes in a tiny and compact egg-shaped container and is very inexpensive. Inside you'll find a small piece of silicone or similar substance. This is designed to slip over the penis and provide you with a new sensation while masturbating. You can clean them to prolong their shelf-life, or they can be considered disposable.
  • Strokers - The main characteristics of this type of masturbator are that it has one hole at either end of the stroker. Also, it doesn't look like a body part (vaginal, anal, etc.) Because of the design of this toy, it is effortless to clean and can be relatively inexpensive
  • Pocket Pussies - As the name hints at, these are usually designed to look like a vagina, opening and all. Their defining characteristic is that they do not come in a plastic housing or cylinder of any kind. They're usually a composite material that is engineered to feel as much like natural skin as possible. Many feature a second or even third hole, one for cleaning and adjusting the pressure. The other can be for a small, bullet vibrator. 
  • Vibrating Masturbators - These look very small. That's because they are. Check out this one by Fun Factory if you're unsure. They're designed to sit on the head of the penis and vibrate until your heart's content. As it is the most sensitive part of the penis, the vibration often provides all the stimulation you need. Many of them give the option of using disposable batteries or recharging, depending on what you prefer. 
  • Full Ass & Vagina Replicas - Moulded using an actual human for inspiration; these are designed with one or more holes for your masturbatory pleasure. These are unique. They offer the visual stimulation of seeing a backside for you to grab and enjoy! Many also come with vibrators to help you get as much stimulation as possible.
  • Classic Masturbators - These typically come in a plastic housing or sheath of some kind with a flesh-like interior for you to have fun with. These come in an unbelievable variety from anal, to oral, to vaginal, to non-descript. There is something for everyone out there. Many of the ones from Fleshlight are modelled after actual porn actors and actresses so that you can get a feeling for your favourite star. These usually also feature a pressure valve of some kind that allows you to control how much suction you experience.
  • Automatic Masturbators - For those who work hard and want to experience pleasure with minimum effort, these are the ones for you. Different brands offer different experiences. However, they all contain a series of mechanical devices inside of the masturbator that can provide vibration, stroking power, constriction, and even doing the "up and down" stroking motion for you. There is such a wide variety out there. The brand KIIROO also syncs up to Virtual Reality and 2D pornographic films so that you can feel everything that is happening. KIIROO also allows you to sync your masturbator up with a compatible vibrator so that you and your partner can experience pleasure together, even while being far apart. 
  • Full-Sized Sex Dolls - While the blow-up dolls are much easier to handle, clean, and pack away, they tend to be a far cry from the real thing. If you want the most realistic experience possible, then full-size, realistic dolls may be what you're looking for. They can be challenging to clean and maintain. However, they are an investment in your pleasure-filled future.


How to Clean Your Masturbator

Each make and model can vary, so always carefully read the manufacturer's instructions that come with your toy, or check on their specific website. In general, there are a few steps you should follow every time you want to clean your masturbator.


    Step One: Rinse it Out Thoroughly

Using warm, not hot, water with a significant amount of water pressure, rinse and clean out every single area of your masturbator as thoroughly as you can. The increased water pressure can help knock out the dried "gunk" hidden in the dark corners. If your model allows you to turn the flesh-like tube inside out, then do that as well. You'll want to make sure you're getting every spot possible.

    Step Two: Spray it Inside and Out with Toy Cleaner

We always suggest airing on the side of caution when it comes to cleaning. Use a generous amount of toy cleaner on every inch of the surface inside and out. Allow it to sink in for a moment or two afterwards. Please, do not use soap unless the manufacturer's directions specifically say so. Often soap can damage the materials.

    Step Three: Rinse it Again!

After allowing the toy cleaner a moment or two to work its magic, rinse your toy as thoroughly as possible. Again, inside and out, to make sure that every part of it is sparkling clean. 

    Step Four: The Most Important Step of All

Allow your toy to AIR DRY. Please do not use a blow dryer. Please do not use hand towels. You can use the toy again while it is still wet if you're in a pinch. If you can turn the toy inside out, make sure both sides are entirely and 100% dry. You can lay the toy on its side on a bench surface. You can try and stand it up straight to allow the water to drain out. Many models even come with a hook or hanging mechanism to let you hang it up. 

    Step Five: Optional but Sometimes Necessary 

It is expected that your toy will become sticky over time. This is due to the combinations of materials that make up the flesh-like substance inside. 

Please don't panic, and don't throw it away! 

Many companies make Renewal powder like this one from Satisfyer. The majority of these powders are just 100% organic cornstarch. So if you happen to have an organic market nearby, stop in and pick some up! 

Once you have it, rub the inside and outside of your masturbator thoroughly with the cornstarch or renewal powder, allowing it to be absorbed. You won't need to rinse it afterwards, so leave it on! Your toy should be just like new the next time you want to use it. 


We hope this helps you choose your perfect masturbator and that you've learned a thing or two as well!


Get out there, Get in there, and Get off there!

Elaine S. Turner

Sex Coach, Sexual Wellness Brand Consultant, & Sexuality Educator


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