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July 05, 2021


We are introducing TENGA eggs! The compact, discrete, and pleasurable stroker. A wide variety is available at Funtasia Adult Shop Penrith.

What is a TENGA Egg?

TENGA eggs are packaged in a hard shell that cracks in half, revealing the soft silicone egg inside. These eggs are shaped like eggs with a hole in the base. They have a smooth outer layer and a textured inside. There are many different patterns and textures which are visible on the outside of the eggshell.

How to use a TENGA Male Masturbator?

The TENGA eggs have a few different uses; they can be used as a regular pocket-size stroker for those on-the-go moments, if you poke a hole in the top, then they can assist with the feeling of deep throat (pull it to the base of the shaft and give head to the top) and more.

The TENGA eggs also come with a round piece of plastic that helps them hold their shape, and inside that is a small lube sachet. Always remember, if you want these to last longer than one or two uses, use a good water-based lube with it to stop it from tearing and of course, lube is always a good idea to prevent silicone dragging on the skin.

Can I reuse a TENGA Egg Masturbator?

These eggs are usually disposable single-use toys, but they can last a while and provide many pleasurable moments if looked after correctly.

Where to buy a TENGA ?

Here at Funtasia Adult Shop Penrith, we stock a range of TENGA Eggs, come into the store and find the one that’s right for you! Funtasia Adult Shop Penrith, the most professional and welcoming Penrith Sex Store.

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