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July 11, 2021

Australia's leading Adult Industry body, the Eros Association, says adult toys should be considered essential, providing an incentive to heed the stay home orders and mental health benefits.

Sexual Health is Health

Adult toys can play a role in improved mental health; with limited contact allowed outside of the house, they can help people find ways to stay connected. There is no difference between buying a football or weight bench or buying a masturbator, vibrator, or another adult toy.

Funtasia sells products that support people mentally and physically, and there is no industry better placed for meeting COVID health and safety requirements.

Funtasia Adult Shops sell safety supplies such as toy cleaners and condoms. We also sell medical supplies, many that doctors prescribe to treat medical health concerns.

Kegels exercises, as an example, are often prescribed to women who have issues with incontinence or pelvic floor muscles after pregnancy. Funtasia also sells penis pumps and cock rings for men who find it difficult to get an erection after treatment for prostate cancer. These are not things you will find in your local chemist, and yes, they are 100% medical.

And there is another argument that sexual health IS HEALTH. Is a dildo, vibrator or masturbator really a medical purchase?

Of course, it is!

How can Adult Toys Improve my Life?

Many people use them to manage stress or sleeplessness, but really it's the notion of sexual health being an essential part of our overall health.

Our customers coming in to buy their first sex toy really need the benefit of our expertise and to see/touch the product they are going to purchase. Customers have come to us because they haven't had sex for an extended period of time, and want pleasure again. And Funtasia can help.

During the Sydney-wide lockdown, Funtasia Adult Stores will remain open and trading, as usual, to help our customers get through this challenging period.

All of our stores maintain COVID safe requirements, including providing masks and hand sanitiser free of charge, government QR code check-in systems and regular sanitising of all testers and public areas.

We are in this together, and we are committed to our customers' health and safety. For all your sexual lockdown needs, come and see us at Funtasia – locations in Penrith, West Ryde and Wagga Wagga. Or you can visit our website: (FREE same day shipping). Hang in there, Sydney; we've got this!

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