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June 10, 2022

Inside the walls ofFuntasia are hundreds ofdifferent butt plugs andanal toys. Some people are head-over-heels for butt stuff, while others tend to keep it at arm's length. If you're one of the types who aren't so interested in anal play, you may wonder why men and women like to use a butt plug? The answer may surprise you.

Men and women like to use a butt plug for many reasons. Two of the most common reasons why men and women enjoy butt plugs are:

1) The feeling of containment or being filled up. 

2) The nerves in your anus are directly linked to your genitals through your pudendal nerve, which brings sexual arousal and pleasure.

 3) Because it feels naughty and taboo. 

Whatever your reason is for using a butt plug, rest assured you're not alone. However, if you're new to anal play and butt plug pleasure, there is plenty for you to learn!

What is a Butt Plug?

A butt plug is an anal toy that can bring pleasure or be thefirst step in anal training when inserted. It has two key characteristics:

 1) it features a flared base, ensuring that the plug won't be pulled up into the user's body beyond their reach.

2) It has an insertable tip that is usually relatively stubby and used for going into the anus.

Butt plugs actually have a fascinating history and be a helpful tool for beginners in anal play. They come in countless materials, shapes, and sizes, but their popularity always remains the same. 

Why Do People Enjoy Butt Plugs?

Anal play has always been an option. Long before people told you, "that's dirty, " people enjoyed anal pleasure. The fact is that humans have always explored their bodies and anal play brings nearly everyone pleasure. 

The one thing that unites both men and women in anal play is the pudendal nerve. This nerve is highly sensitive, and directly links sensations felt in the anus to your genitals. Therefore, when you tickle or activate the pudendal nerve, your mind registers it as sexually relevant. When your brain categorises something as sexually relevant, it can become a massive turn-on.

Another reason why both men and women enjoy butt plugs is the notion of the taboo. As curious beings, we are all intrigued by things seen as naughty or off-limits. What is more off-limits in history than anal play? Even in America, some states still have anti-sodomy laws on the books despite being decriminalised for years!

Even if you look at the multitude of porn categories on the internet, themost taboo types often are the most popular.

For example, incestually based porn tends to have the most subcategories, such as MILF, stepdaughter, and the list goes on! Usually, right behind these categories are hits for various types of anal play. If it is "forbidden", you better believe people are doing it!

Why Do Men Like Butt Plugs?

The male sexual anatomy is different from the female anatomy. That is obviously true for anyone who has seen genitals!

But the real reason why men enjoy butt plugs lies inside the anal canal. 

Once you pass thetwo sphincters and curve your finger up towards the belly button, you'll find a unique male anal feature. 

About the size and shape (not texture) of half a walnut, the prostate is the gatekeeper for unique types of orgasms that penis stimulation just can't compete with! 

The prostate is responsible for a few things in male sexual release. Still, it also acts as a powerful pleasure chest of exciting opportunities!

Press it, roll your finger on it, or stick a butt plug up there, and you'll see what we mean! People wearing butt plugs and moving around can easily nudge the prostate. Therefore, it makes it very understandable why men enjoy butt plugs!

Why Do Women Like Butt Plugs?

Now ladies, don't get penis envy just yet.

You have your own unique reason why you enjoy butt plugs so much! While you may not have a prostate, you do have a secret pleasure zone very few know about. 

Found inside the vagina and behind the cervix on the back wall of your uterus lies theO-spot. This is a highly sensitive region similar to the g-spot that can create unique orgasms all its own! 

But you may struggle to pleasure it from vaginal stimulation or play because of its hard-to-reach location. But rest assured through anal play, you'll be able to stimulate the O-spot and enjoy the pressure and pleasure of a butt plug! 

How to Choose the Right Butt Plug

Now that you've got all the reasons to buy a butt plug, how will you ever narrow down your choices to just 1? 

Easy! Just follow these simple steps:


What are you using the plug for?

Are you using the butt plug for pure stimulation or for anal training? If it's for pleasure, then you'll want something small to start with and a material that feels friendly to you. If you're using it for anal training, you'll want something relatively small and easy to generously lubricate and sterilise.


What material do you want?

Since you're putting this in your anus, you definitely want anon-porous material. If you choose something that contains pores, you'll never be able to sanitise it. Kind of icky, huh? We recommend glass or metal plugs because they're non-porous, easy to sanitise, and great for temperature play!


How big do you want it?

If you're an anal pro, maybe bigger is better for you. If you're new to this pleasure area, start small and take all the time you need. You can always get bigger and heavier plugs as time goes on.

Are you into vibrations? There are vibrating, thumping, and twisting sensations for you to choose from. Do you want any of them? If you're new to butt plugs, start simple and skip the engines. But as time goes on, you may find something that pushes you towards one sensation or another. 


What's your budget?

It's easy to get carried away when choosing a plug or plug set. But, set yourself areasonable budget, so you don't break the bank on a sex toy purchase.

Now that you know what you're looking for, let's talk about the best plugs for you right now.

Top 5 Butt Plugs Right Now

We've chosen a few options for you to make your butt plug shopping a bit easier! These choices arebody-safe, affordable, and are from brands we love and trust. 

Best for first-timers

The"Backdoor Lover" by Satisfyer is an ideal option for first-timers. Its simple design means that you should be able to insert it withwater-based lubeeasily. If you want, it also vibrates! Vibrations can really help first-timers because of the familiar and tantalising sensations. 

If you love rim play

The Lolli Plug 1 by Satisfyer has a different shape than the Backdoor Lover. Similar to anal beads, it has 3 ascending diamond-shaped pearls allowing you to go in as far as you'd like with ease. Great for beginners and advanced users alike, it features two strong motors, so you can ensure that both your inside and outside get stimulated. 

If you're in it for anal training

If you're starting anal training, you likely want some variety in your purchase to figure out what you're into! TheSatisfyer Booty Call collection is ideal for anal trainers looking to enjoy their experience! You'll have plenty to experiment with three different non-vibrating shapes to choose from. 

If you're into temperature play

Not everyone is keen on silicone, and there's nothing wrong with that! Luckily,Chystalino makes a Classy Blue borosilicate glass plug that's been hand blown for your pleasure! Glass plugs mean that you can use any lubricant with it. You're free to boil it and share it with a friend! 

Not your first time?

If you've done this before and are looking to step up your butt plug game, look no further than theWe-Vibe Ditto. This fancy plug has a flexible neck and a strong vibrator that is comfortable enough to be worn all day long. The bulb is perfect for prostate stimulation, with 10 different vibration modes. It even connects to the We-Connect App, meaning you can customise your patterns, get off to your favourite songs, orshare control of it with a friend!

Ready to choose a butt plug?

At Funtasia, we help you choose the perfect sex toy every time. And we definitely know why men and women like butt plugs. That's why we have an extensive online store andthree store locations throughout New South Wales.

If you're ready to buy a butt plug but want to see your options in person, drop by ourPenrith,Wagga Wagga, orWest Ryde store and have one of ourSexperts help you choose the perfect plug for your needs.



Get out there, Get in there, and Get off there!


Elaine S. Turner

Resident Sexologist | Sex & Relationship Coach | Pleasure Product Expert


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