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June 04, 2021

Are all sex toys safe?
What makes a sex toy safe?
Do sex toys need to be cleaned?
Why are most sex toys made out of silicone?
Are glass sex toys safe?

Walking into any of ourthree locations, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to sex toys. However, you may notice that toys vary wildly in terms of price because of sex toy safety and quality. 

All sex toysare not created equal. You will soon find that you get what you pay for! 

Many dangerous sex toys fill the market, manufactured by companies using toxic materials to raise their profit margin. 

Your sexual safety is up to you. Do your research, read the boxes, and know precisely what you’re looking for!

If you want to learn about sex toy safety, we have a lot to say on the matter!

Porous vs. Non-Porous Sex Toys

The most important thing you need to learn first is that sex toys are made ofporous materials ornon-porous materials.

Porous materials such as TPE/TPR or jelly contain microscopic holes that will become a stronghold for bacteria, viruses, and dust. They’re also impossible to completely clean. Every time you use them, you’re putting yourself at risk for unpleasant things like urinary tract infections or yeast infections. 

Non-Porous materials such as borosilicate glass (what Pyrex products are made of) or platinum-cured silicone have solid surfaces that contain no holes. Meaning your toys can be thoroughly cleaned and sterilised between uses. It also means that they’re safe for anal use since there’s nowhere for fecal matter to hide!

Material Safety 101

This section is crucial, so read it closely! Again,not all sex toys are safe. There are no government regulations on the materials that go into sex toys, so some can cause some nasty, lifelong side effects!

Watch out for Phthalates 

Phthalates are a cheap family of chemicals added to all kinds of plastics to make them more flexible. They’re found in everyday items such as takeaway food containers; they have recently been banned in children’s toys becausestudies directly link them to autism. 

They have also been linked with higher rates oferectile dysfunction,cervical cancer,low sperm counts, andlow sexual desire.

This group of chemicals is popular in cheap sex toys; they can be easy to avoid!

Make sure the product packaging states “Phthalate-free” as a first precaution. 

How to Choose a Safe Sex Toy

There is a lot to know about choosing a safe sex toy! But, we’re here to help keep things simple for you.

Look For Quality Brand Names & Companies

Thanks to recent sex positive trends hitting the adult toy market, many companies have stepped up to the plate to create safe and ethical toys. 

While brand names tend to come with a higher price tag, they also usually have a warranty which means you can feel assured in the quality of your purchase.

They also usually practice ethical employment, meaning regardless of where the toy is manufactured, you know that slave labour isn’t used to please you.

These products are also high quality, have been designed by pleasure engineers, and will bebody-safe, which is the pivotal key. 

Our Favourite Safe Sex Toy Brands

Safe Sex Toy Materials

You should be on the lookout for particular materials when you’re shopping for a sex toy. The most important rule of thumb isif the box doesn’t say what it is made out of, walk away

Companies that use high-quality materials want to brag about it, so they’ll tell you right there!

Best Quality Sex Toy Materials 

  • Silicone - the box must say 100% silicone, food-grade silicone, medical-grade silicone, body-safe silicone, or platinum-cured silicone. Otherwise, if the container only says “silicone”, it could be 1% silicone and 99% mystery materials!
  • Glass - Look out for (not hollow) soda-lime glass or borosilicate glass (same as Pyrex products and laboratory materials). These toys are strong, non-porous, and a dream to clean! You can chuck them in boiling water for a few minutes, and you’re good to go!
  • Stainless-Steel- These may look intimidating, but they’re made to last a lifetime. Check the box to make sure it says medical-grade stainless steel or 100% stainless steel to make sure that it’s entirely made of that material.
  • ABS plastic - This is the only plastic that you want in a sex toy. That’s because it transmits vibrations incredibly well! Super-strong, non-porous, and safe, it’s the same material used to make Legos.

A Special Note about Masturbators and Dildos

Since these products are designed to feel life-like, they are seldom made out of non-porous materials. Fret not! 

Many high-quality companies still use body-safe materials in their products. They just tend to have a shorter lifespan. 

With Dildos - Look for dual or triple density TPE or TPR. Again they’re going to be porous, so put on a condom if you want them to have a long lifespan! Again, make sure these sayphthalate-free orbody-safe on the box!

With Masturbators - Different companies use different composite materials that vary widely. Look for specifically named materials like Fanta Flesh or Cyberskin.

Avoid These Sex Toy Materials

  • Gel or jelly-like materials - These used to be very popular before we knew more about sex toy safety. They look like they’re made out of hardened Jello-O and are relatively transparent. Back away quickly or throw your old one in the bin! These usually contain toxic materials and are porous.
  • Blends - As far as science is concerned, there is no such thing as a TPR and silicone blend! 
  • TPR/TPE/PVC - Unless it’s in a dildo (see above), then you don’t want it! Once again, these are porous and will probably last you a year or two at best before they begin to get dark spots or mould. 
  • Unspecified Materials - Again, companies who use high-quality materials will tell you about them! If the product doesn’t tell you what it is made out of, it’s best for everyone involved that you just put it back on the shelf and look for something else. 

We hope you feel more empowered to make body-safe sex toy choices now! Avoiding poor quality and toxic products can be easy when you know what to avoid. 

If you want help choosing the right product, come into one of our three locations atWagga Wagga,West Ryde, orPenrith to have one of our Sexperts help you choose the right toy for you!

Get out there, Get in there, and Get off there!

Elaine S. Turner

Sex Coach, Sexual Wellness Brand Consultant, and Sexuality Writer


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