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June 14, 2022

Sexual pleasure comes in many different forms for each of us. Sometimes it's in fits of giggles and banter, other times its seductive clothing and sexy words.

 Whichever form you find your pleasure in is perfect!!

 There is no one standard way to reach your ecstasy that is all ours, the one thing finding our pleasure does have in common for everyone, is our MIND. They don't call our brain the biggest sexual organ for nothing!!

 So how do you unblock it from the everyday worries of what society tells us pleasure should be, or from what illusion we have painted for ourselves??

 Putting it simply you relax, you find yourself a safe place alone, or with a secure partner, and you experiment. Trial and error! As long as you are safe, the worst that happens with error is you decide that really isn't for you!! But when you do find something you like OooOooOooo now that's a win!

 Now you may ask, how might you do that? This is where we come in at Funtasia. We have endless possibilities to help you find your pleasure. It might be as simple as introducing some fun blowjob candy, sensational sprays, or even introducing lube into your sex life to add to the pleasure. It might also be suggesting you experiment with different toys - such as any from the Satisfyer range - this trusted brand has solo toys for both men and women, along with partner play toys.  We might even help you find your kink: in-store, we have some OUCH! bondage kits for all levels of experience or if that is a little overwhelming to start, we have beautiful silk masks to enhance your remaining senses. Just come into one of our three stores and chat to a friendly Funtasia Sexpert today.


Why are you still here??

Go start exploring today go find your pleasure!!


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Funtasia Wagga Wagga Sexpert


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