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May 13, 2022

Being kinky is discussed all the time these days. But how kinky is kinky? When do you know if your kink is normal or something to worry about? At Funtasia, we celebrate everyone's kinks. So if you're looking for us to tell you there's something "wrong" with you, keep walking! Kinks have always been part of sexuality, and we want to help redefine what is "normal" in bed.

Kinks are so common, in fact, that almost every porn website has dozens of kinky categories. 

Let's investigate the  most common kinks in Australia!


What is "Kinky"?

The definition of kinky is anything that falls outside the type of sex that society considers "normal." It brings you pleasure but isn't necessary for you to experience orgasm or sexual climax.

In other words, it's entirely subjective and varies significantly based on the country you're talking about.

A simple spank on the ass might be kinky enough for some people. Others involve  whips, chains, and perhaps even an adult diaper. 

What is important to understand is that kinks are different from fetishes. A fetish is something you need to experience sexual gratification or satisfaction. Without your fetish being involved, you simply do not get much pleasure from the activity. 

It is essential to draw a line between the two. There are entire societies, forums, and even expos devoted to some of the most popular flavours of fetish. But the word "kink" is often used to describe them all.

Whether you have a kink or a fetish, how do you know if it's "normal"?



Australia's Most Popular Kinks

Getting everyone to fill out a survey on their sexual preferences (and expecting them to be honest) is challenging. The best that can be done is by looking at Australia's most  commonly searched porn terms

According to Pornhub, Australia is one of the top ten largest consumers of their porn despite the country's relatively small population. 

But a new study done by  Slotsup followed the Google trends. Together, these two data sets have helped create our list of Australia's most popular kinks.



Mature Sex & Age Play

At the top of the  2021 porn watching list was the search term "mature." Mature porn means anyone over the age of 50 engaging in sex or sexual activity. But it's most often older women.

Under the mature porn category, you might come across other subcategories such as MILF, DILF, old/young, and even granny porn. 

In your day-to-day sex life, you might hear the term "age play" thrown around. That is centred around one or more participants acting as a specific age group. You might be turned on by adult nappies,  school uniforms, or dressing like a retired university professor. Whatever it is you're into, you're far from alone. 




Hentaiis a specific genre of Japanese anime or manga that is typified by hyper-sexualized characters, plots, and images. It's so popular that It's been one of the top porn searches in three of Australia's major cities! 

The beauty of hentai is that there are no limits! Since everything is animated, you can have utterly unrealistic body proportions, and men can have as many penises as you can draw! 

This category of porn is often vilified because of the prominence of non-consent in the fantasies. But there really aren't any consent concerns since it's animated. 



Wax Play

Was play is an erotic experience that only requires candles. It's about being turned on by either pouring the wax on someone else or having the wax poured on you. If you want to play safe with this popular kink, you can get candles designed for sexual wax play. Unless that's something you're both into.Sex candles are manufactured to melt at safer temperatures, so they don't leave permanent marks on your partner. 

When the wax hits the skin, it can produce a tingling, warm sensation that often flirts with pain. As a kink, it's so popular that wax play has turned into an art form. You can check out some  wax art here.



Swinging and key bowl parties may seem like a kink of the past, but that's far from the truth! Swinging, or the practice of having group sex or swapping sexual partners within a group, is still incredibly popular today! 

As a porn category, you likely won't be surprised by the results. Big orgies, men sharing their wives and similar scenes are some of the most popular. 

As a kink, swinging has become such a normal part of life that the pineapple is their "calling card," so to speak. Donning a pineapple or featuring one on your door often means you're down for meeting other couples to play with. Especially if the pineapple is upside down!




Dogging is a combination of both voyeurism and exhibitionism. It's the practice of either watching people have sex in a public place or doing so yourself with other people watching.

If you pop in "dogging" into your favourite search engine, you'll often find people in car parks, nude resorts, or even on a bus.

The dogging fantasy is so popular that there is a dating app for that. This dogging website is precisely angled towards more mature people or couples.

As boasts, "Senior Dogging will help you find the best locations for some al fresco fun! If you are into mature dogging, then you are at the right place." Basically, it's Tinder for dogging!




Furries are often loud and proud, so much so that  you've likely met one already. A furry is someone who has a sexual interest in anthropomorphic (animal with human traits) animals. Most commonly seen as people in mascot costumes or something similar.

For most, it's about the identity and being in their character rather than about the costume itself. This form of sexual escapism allows you to be removed from your daily life so that during sex that almost anything is possible. 

In fact, only 15-25 per cent of furries actually own their own "fursuit" or costume. Most people in the furry lifestyle are more involved in their community, the art, and attending conventions of like-minded people. 

Open the furry category on most porn websites. You'll find it's mostly animated or CGI allowing your creativity to run wild. 




Getting sexually excited at the sight, sound, or smell of urine or urination is incredibly common. Commonly referred to as  "water sports." Many people get sexually excited or get sexual pleasure from some aspect of urination play. Some people are specifically only aroused by observing others while they urinate, being peed on, or consuming urine. 

Many sex workers have some version of this on their options menu because it really is so popular. 

You can even  buy urination toys if you're worried about consuming actual urine!

No matter what your kink is, you're not alone. Sexuality is fluid, your preferences are constantly evolving, and there is always something new to explore. So whatever turns you on, so long as everyone is consenting, is okay by us!



Getting Kinky at Funtasia

At  Funtasia, we're all about whatever brings you pleasure. We've got countless  fun kinky tools and categories to choose from to help you live out your wildest fantasies. 

If you're looking for just the right thing and want some help, come drop in one of our  three locations to get help from our staff  Sexperts!

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