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April 21, 2020

What is an orgasm | vibrator & masturbators

Men over the years have claimed that they can give any female orgasm for just using the penis and having intercourse for a few minutes. The fact that orgasm does not really matter if you can go for 5 minutes or 1 hour. Its all about stimulation, if the women is stimulated the right place at the right time then orgasm is achievable.

The clitoris the the main part of the women area where it can be easily stimulated and very accessible. the G psot on the other hand, its a spongy area just inside the vagina opening about 2.5 inch and its faccing towards the belly. This is the key area you need to stimulate before intercourse for a better change of her orgasm or climax during sexual intercourse.

Female orgasm during intercourse alone is very unusual. The percentages vary, but I would say all statistics agree that over 80 per cent of women have to have some clitoral stimulation in order to climax. If the clitoris was inside the vagina, then that percentage would of course drop significantly, but most women would say that the design is just fine as it stands. Having someone continue to thrust away at the clitoris just after we have orgasm would be painful. . 

Is female masturbation normal?

Female masturbation isn’t a taboo topic of conversation anymore but it is something that most of us prefer to keep private. Even the closest girlfriends would be uncomfortable swapping tips for their favorite methods with each other. But women really have the upper hand on this issue.

There is still a huge mystique around it: guys are seen as sad for doing it whereas women are seen as being ‘in touch with their sensual selves’. Ninety-nine per cent of men are aroused by the thought of or sight of a masturbating woman. Pubescent boys can’t believe women do it; and grown-up men are fascinated by the mechanics of how they do it.

Do I have to masturbate with a sex toy?

We each individually know what works best for us, and once we get into a groove we can be reluctant to change. Some women, for example, cannot climax with their legs apart; some can come only while lying on their front, or back, or whatever.

You may be happy using your tried and tested masturbation technique, but it can be fun to experiment with new ones. It is also useful to be adaptable so we can adjust to the challenges of new lovers. About 70% of woman survey in Australia last year 2019 have used a vibrator or dildo during masturbation.

I need a vibrator sex toy to get an orgasm?

But what if your orgasm is eluding you? Well, a small revolution has occurred in British sexual culture over the last ten years, namely the availability of sex toys designed for women. Whereas once sex shops were off-limits to females, most towns now have a female-friendly sex shop that is bright and cheerful, carrying a mind-boggling selection of vibrators in funky-coloured, twirling, buzzing tricks designed to help tease the most stubborn big Os from the shyest girls.

Orgasm is primarily psychological, but the sexual gadgetry that has hit the high street in recent years can really help with the back-up. Sex toys such as the bullets for clitoral stimulation like this Tango WeVibe Bullet is very popular, the launch of the rabbit vibrator is a phenomenon and still is until today. Online adult toys have increase in sales during this Covid-19 lock down by a massive 200%. This is just an estimate figure, the real figure could double that.

Woman’s are more open to their sexuality and with exposure to porn and the freely availability of information on the internet it is very fast becoming a world full of curiosity from what we see and hear online.

There also a huge demand for male sex toys like masturbatorspenis pumps and cock rings. You see brands like FleshlightWe Vibe and LeLo are the leaders in the industry. Pocket pussy or masturbation cup is very popular for men masturbation products. Check out here we have a full range of masturbators for mens.

If you need help choosing the right pocket pussy or masturbator, click on this link here, we have a detailed guide on how to choose the right masturbator for yourself.

In recent years the adult toys industry have introduce couples sex toys, this help to ease the stress for both partners as they know for sure that the sex toy will give both of them the orgasm so they don’t have to work as hard. This gives the guy the confidence that every session with a couples sex toy she don’t have to fake it.


‘I’m too ashamed to tell my partner how to make me come.’ 

Most women have faked orgasm at some point in their lives. The majority of men who, of course cannot get away with such a thing are wounded by the thought that they are unable to make it happen for their partners. But they are ‘not mind-readers; if your boyfriend is not touching you in the right way, educate him! There is no point being shy at this stage.

You’ve had his penis inside you; how much ruder does it need to be before you can speak freely about what you want? At this stage of the game, the majority of men are more aroused by a woman letting go than her trying to remain demure, so go for it! If you shock him, or he refuses to do it, then he needs to grow up! 

‘We keep trying to have simultaneous orgasms but just can’t time them right.’ 

Multiple orgasm is wonderful, women can continuously hit the orgasmic level time after time. Not many people manage to perfect this, and for one very good reason: it’s better to have them separately so you can fully enjoy your own as well as enjoying seeing your partner having his which you would miss in its hill glory if you were busy thrashing around yourself.

It’s good to do a ‘double’ at least once in your relationship. The best way to achieve this multiple orgasm is to include sex toys into your session.

Vibrators can stimulate your G spot much faster and better then a natural penis can. Its design with an angel and a larger knob to sit on the G spot and stimulates the whole area. Once the G spot is stimulated you can start having intercourse, every push from him and hits the G spot will be like an massive vaginal orgasm.

A good start is to perform oral sex eithe rusing a clitoral vibrator to increase the sexual arousal and finish off with a clitoral orgasm. Once you have achieve this, half the work is done.

There are lots of G spot vibrators used for vaginal stimulation , the best on the internet you can buy is the LELO Loki Wave its design to promote sexual excitement and targeting all the erogenous zones of your body.

Anal sex orgasm

Anal sex is very common in straight couples now days. Infact, about 50% of strraight mens have tried peggings or some form of anl sex or anal play. A magic wand, le wand, anal plug is a popular choice for anal play. It have powerful stimulation that can hit the G spot and produce orgasm.

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