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April 17, 2020

Only sex toy vibrators and masturbators can keep up

Take this quiz to find out now.

Now that your right to sexual freedom is firmly established, how much advantage are you taking of it?

Are you horny enough to need every bit of sexual license you can get, or would you be just as happy to forget about sex for a while and concentrate on less tiring and more practical activities?

Naturally not everyone wants to walk around in a perpetual sex daze, thinking deliciously erotic thoughts all day and acting them out all night, but sexual apatite is much more than. How many times you do it? it’s a state of mind, a whole attitude toward sex.

Are you someone who pull your vibrator as soon as your are alone? Or you need to get down to your nearest sex toy shop when your vibrator stop working. For guys its the masturbation cup like the fleshlightor pocket pussy is their main tool of choice when you are alone.

Studies shows that about 50 percent of the population thinks about sex every hour. Based on a study of 1000 samples across different age group and race. Many women and men have turn to sex toy to satisfy their sexual needs in this busy world.

The explosive market of adult toys have increase with internet accessibility and discreet online shop. New products for adult sex toys with very powerful vibrations and different vibration patterns have hit the market in the past 10 years.

A very popular products for women is bullet vibrators, magic wand, clitoral stimulation, pussy stroker, couples partnered sex toys, clitoral vibrator, g spot rabbit vibrator and the satisfyer pro that mimic oral sex for women.

Sex toys for men also have grow five fold as we are all focus on working and career, there is no time for dating and relating. Male masturbation products from fun factory and fleshlight produces many other type of male sex toy, some of which also have remote controlled functions.

There is a huge concern about the classic way of meeting someone at a local club or dating scene as many have turn away from the normal social scenes. The advertising of dating apps like Tinder and match making websites like e-harmony has also increase as a sign of huge demands for a platform for guys and girls to meet in this busy world.

Perhaps under your timid exterior beats a more sensual, sexual heart than even you suspect. Take this quiz just for fun and find out how horny you really are. For each of the following situations, choose the response that is most nearly like your own would be under similar circumstances.

  1. Your lover has been away on an archaeological expedition for the past four months. The first thing you do when he/she comes home is: 

(a) demand to know whether your lover cheated on you while away. 

(b) serve the first home cooked meal they’ve had in months. 

(c) kiss and hug passionately before asking about the success of the expedition. 

(d) make love in the front hallway as a prelude to the evening.

2. You find yourself standing next to an exceptionally good-looking stranger at the check-out counter. You: 

(a) try to hide the fact that your pulse has quickened and you’re breathing harder. 

(b) drop a parcel or find some other excuse to talk to the stranger. 

(c) suggest going to your place and make certain they understand why. 

(d) double-check your shopping list to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything. 


 3. Your lover invites you to watch a pornographic movie. You: 

(a) refuse because you know it would just embarrass or bore you. 

(b) accept because after all your lover wants to go, but you know you’ll be bored. .

(c) accept and suggest going to a restaurant afterwards. 

(d) accept and suggest the early show so you’ll have plenty of time alone afterwards. 

 4. Your lover just bought you a new LeLo Soraya vibrator sex toy and he away for work overnight.

(a) wait for your lover to come back to use it together

(b) put it aside until you have time to use it 

(c) invite your lover over so you can read it together. 

(d) pull the vibrator out and use it as soon as he get our of the house


5. If life ran according to your preferences, you and your lover would have sex: 

(a) every Saturday night. 

(b) at least once a day. 

(c) two or three times a week. 

(d) several times a day. 

(e) on special occasions only. 

(f) never. Celibacy purifies the soul. 

 6. Your lover invites you to watch a pornographic film in a public theatre. The film turns you on. You: 

(a) worry about whether you’re a latent homosexual. 

(b) recall some of the scenes later when you’re alone. 

(c) suggest going straight home after the film is over. 

(d) can’t wait until you get home and masturbate your partner under a raincoat 


 7. You are at a party and a friend’s new lover is coming on to you. You are attracted to this person too. You: 

(a) exchange phone numbers and secretly plan to get together later in the week. 

(b) explain that you wouldn’t consider stealing a friend’s date. 

(c) arrange to leave the party separately and meet at your place later that night. 

(d) slip off together for a quickie in the host’s bedroom. 


 8. You’re on an overnight business trip for the first time since you got married. You:

a) have supper alone and spend the evening in your room going over reports.

b) have an after-supper drink at the hotel bar and hope that the good-looking stranger with whom you strike up a conversation understands that flirting is O.K. but following you up to your room isn’t.

(c) accept an invitation from the company representative to go out on the town and figure that whatever happens, happens. 

(d) ask the bellhop for the name of an escort service. 


 9. You suddenly realize that you have dates with two different lovers for the same day. You: 

(a) cancel them both because it’s not fair to play favourites. 

(b) keep both dates but only let the second one makes love to you. 

(c) cancel the later date. 

(d) keep both dates and hope the first one is out of your bed before the second one arrives. 


 10. Your company has a very strict policy against employee fraternization. 

You know you’ll get fired if caught, but you’re very attracted to the chief accountant. You: 

(a) figure it’s just not worth risking your job and forget about it. 

(b) try to find out where he or she hangs out after work and go there often m hope that you’ll meet. 

(C) flirt outrageously the moment the boss turns his back. seduce the person openly. You can always find another job. 


 11. You want to have sex. Your partner doesn’t. You:

(a) forget about it. Maybe they feel differently tomorrow.

(b) pull out your favorite fleshlight masturbator and use it. You still need to release even if they don’t.

(C) suggest they might need a massage to help them relax. Maybe you can turn him/her on at the same tune. 

(d) Sulk and pay them back by refusing your favours for the next week. 


12. You wake up in the middle of the night to find your partner’s hand between your legs. You: 

(a) are annoyed at being woken from a sound sleep. 

(b) kiss him/her gently and suggest waiting until morning. 

(c) let him/her make love to you so they won’t have to spend the night frustrated

(d) are immediately aroused and ready for action. 


13. You and your lover are in the middle of a screaming battle. Suddenly he or she hugs you and suggests that you finish the fight in bed. You: 

(a) aren’t about to give in that easily. 

(b) agree but not until they admit that you were right all along. 

(c) go to bed even though you still feel slightly miffed. 

(d) forget what you were fighting about. 


 14. You are enchanted by a stranger you meet in a bar. After half an hour all you can think of is making love, and you Just know the attraction is mutual 

When they invite you home for a night cap you? 

  • They could have a communicable disease or be psychopathic.
  • decline the invitation but suggest a lunch date soon
  • agree but call a friend first to tell them where you’ll be.
  • agree without reservations. 

 15.An old lover calls you at the office anti Suggests you meet for a lunch time and suggests you meet for a lunch time quickie for old time’s sake. You’re terribly busy and had planned to work right through lunch to meet your deadlines. You: 

(a) say to hell with the deadlines and take an extra-long lunch. 

(b) say yes if he/she agrees to make it a real “quickie.” 

(0) ask if he/she can hang on until five o’clock. 

(d) ask him/her to call back when you’re not so busy. 

 16.You win a contest. Your prize is a date with your favourite star. You take along: 


(a) a camera. Your friends will never believe you if you don’t have proof. 

(b) a chaperone. You know what those celebrities are like and you’re not going to get taken.

(c) a toothbrush. He/she may want to kiss your goodnight after supper. (

d) a supply of your favourite birth control aids. You’re going to spend the weekend together if you have anything to say about it. 

 17.You’ve just had a marvellous evening wine, candlelight, the whole thing, topped off by a hectic love session that ended in an orgasm for both of you. 

Your lover cuddles up and starts to nibble on your ear again. You: 

(a) already feel too guilty about the first orgasm to try for a second. 

 (b) roll over and go to sleep. Too much sex drains your energy reserves. 

(c) let him/her nibble. Maybe you’ll get aroused again. 

(d) Nibble back. Two orgasms are always better than one. 

 18.Several people of different types are attracted to you at a party. You select the one that: 

(a) seems the gentlest and kind 

(b) has travelled the most and sounds the most intelligent. 

(c) works the hardest to curry your favour; 

(d) looks as if he/she’d be the best in beds 

 19.A movie you’ve been looking forward to for weeks is just about to start on TV. Your lover starts to make unmistakeable overtures. You: 

(a) say to hell with the movie. Sex is more fun. 

(b) find yourself turned on but insist on making love in the living room where you can keep an occasional eye on what’s happening on the screen. 

(c) suggest waiting until after the movie. 

(d) figure he/she should have more consideration for your feelings. 

 20.Your partner isn’t quite the lover he/she used to be. In fact, you’ve been getting less and less satisfaction from your lovemaking lately. You: 

(a) figure sex isn’t everything. 

(b) pack your bags and leave. A relationship without good and frequent sex isn’t worth having

(c) take what you can get and try t0 keep yourself occupied with other things. 

(d) have as many affairs as necessary to keep you sexually satisfied. 

 21.Your favorite time for having sex is: 

(a) Saturday nights after the kids have gone to bed. 

(b) in the mornings

(c) never. 

(d) anytime. You can find a partner. 

(c) never

(d) anytime

Give yourself points as follows. Then add up your score to see how horny you really are. 


1 a-l; b-0; c-2; d-4

2 a-2; b-2; c-6; d-0

3 a-0; b-l; c-2; d-4

4. a-0; b-2; c-4; d-6 .

 5 a-2; b-4; c-3; d-6;

 6 3-0; b-2; c-4; d-6

7 a-2; b-0; c-4; d-6

8 a-0; b-2; c-4; d-6

 9 a-0; b-3; c-2; d-6 

10. a-0, b-4; c-3; d-0 


11. a-l; b-2; c-0; d-4

13. a-0; b-I; c-3; d-4

14. a-0; b-1 ; C-3; d4

15. a-6; b-3 ; c-2; d-0

16. a-0; b-3- C-2; d4

17. a-0; b-O; C-3 ;d-4

18. a-0; b-O; c-0; d-6

19. a-6; b-4;c-3; d-0

20. a-0; b-6; c-3 ;d-6

21. a-1; b-2; c-3; d-66 




You rarely find yourself turn on by anything or anyone. There could be two reasons for this. You may simply have a low level of sexual desire.

If this is the case, don’t worry about it. Stick to your own sexual clock despite the pressure you may feel to conform to today’s ever ready standards.

You should, however, take care in selecting a partner. Make sure you don’t find yourself permanently attached to someone who needs sex frequently, or if you do. be prepared to compromise your own feelings or to let your partner seek more frequent sexual satisfaction elsewhere. 

It is more likely, however, that you haven’t yet taken advantage of the new sexual freedoms to explore your own desires. Your childhood upbringing or some traumatic experience in the past may have inhibited you to the extent that You’ve suppressed your real feelings. If this is the case, try to overcome whatever it is that is blocking your sexual development. Under the layers of confusion and self-denial there may be a truly sexual soul. 

50-84: You understand the power of sexual attraction and aren’t afraid to let rule you -within reason. You rarely go overboard or find yourself in difficulties as a result of your uncontrolled sexual desires, but your sexuality is an Important part of your being and you nurture it carefully when faced with the possibility of a sexual adventure you consider all aspects of it carefully and then act, secure in the knowledge that your actions will bring YOU pleasure.

There are times when YOU feel Slightly confused by all the new sexual freedom available to you. Sometimes you worry about what is “right” or “wrong.” Usually, however, these worries do not last long. 

Sex plays an important role in your life and you find it difficult to conceive of a long-term relationship that does not include sex. Your need for sexual release occasionally leads you to get carried away and you find yourself in situations you may later regret, but this IS relatively rare. You have a strong need for sex, but you are usually in control of your urges and prefer to find ways to satisfy them that fit in with your personal values. 

85-100: Your sexual energies are boundless, and you will go to great lengths to satisfy them. Too often your gonads lead your head and your heart, and this puts you in difficult situations. Your need for sex is so strong that it can interfere with other aspects of your life.

Unless you have managed to find a partner with needs that match your own a you probably find yourself flitting between several relationships, all of them half hearted.


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