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How to choose a Male Sex toy

Need help with male sex toys?

You are in luck. Our Funtasia Sexpert with over 30 years’ experience have gone through a vigorous process of helping you to pick that right male sex toy for yourself or your partner. Check it out here, we have made a summary and easy for you to follow.

You need to know what exactly you are looking to achieve. This is a very important step as it will determine what product line you will need to look for, here is the

Top 10 common problems guys run into when they are searching for a sex toy

  1. You need a prostate massage or want to know what prostate massage feels like?
  2. Beginner to anal?
  3. Need to last longer in bed?
  4. Need to increase penis length?
  5. Need to satisfy your partner?
  6. Need to increase your penis girth?
  7. Find your male G Spot
  8. Need a good tool for masturbation?
  9. Finding the lube for anal, natural sex or masturbation?
  10. Looking for a finger vibrator?

We will answer all the question one by one in the following sections

You need a prostate massage or want to know what prostate massage feels like?

So, you are curious about your prostate. Where its located? And what it feels like when someone or when using a sex toy to massage your prostate? We will guide you through how to find that perfect prostate massager for your enjoyment

First, we must tell you about the prostate. It’s a G Spot of the man. Its about 2inch into the rectum towards the belly of a man. If you insert your finger and rub it towards you belly you will find it there, about the size of a coin. This G Spot produces semen so it’s a very sensitive area where it can make a man climax through stimulation.

How do I find a perfect sex toy for prostate massage?

There are hundreds of sex toys on the market that claims to give you orgasm through prostate massage. There is no perfect toy for everyone because everyone is different.

To start you need to know where your G spot is located by self-examine during your shower of bath. Use a little bit of lube for comfort and explore. You will know once you are in there.

Once you locate your G Spot or prostate you know exactly where and what angel you must come in at.

Next, you look for a prostate massager with an angle that suits your anatomy. For example, most men will have an angle of about 30 Degree towards the belly, so you will buy a prostate massager with a more angle that is about 30 degree.

Or if you can’t find something exactly then go for a prostate massager with a larger head. A larger head will cover more areas so when you insert the chance of hitting the G spot is higher.

Once you have decided on the shape and angle, its time to decide whether you want a vibration or non vibrate toy. Vibration will give you a quick and more powerful orgasm where is a non-vibrate toy will give you a slow and gradual orgasm though prostate stimulation.

Do I need a remote-control prostate massager?

With new technology there is a demand for remote control prostate massager where you can insert and sit back and enjoy with a remote control to change the settings by increase and decrease the vibration power. In some new model you can have a ‘rubbing’ or ‘thrusting’ motion on the prostate massager sex toy.

It’s always more enjoyable not to have hold onto the sex toy and the ability to kick back and control the whole thing with a touch of a button is amazing.

Here we have a whole collection of prostate massagers on special

Remember always use a premium anal lube during all anal play. It will give you a better experience and prevent soreness and anal burns

Beginner to anal?

So, you are new to anal sex? Or curious about anal sex and anal play. Before you are going to look for an anal plug or anal vibrator. You need to understand that your rectum or anus is not a sex organ and it will never act like a sex organ hence, it would not produce lubricant and anything that goes in there will get absorb into your skin and body. I.e. you cannot use cheap lube or water-based lube.

What lube do I use for anal sex?

Always use premium silicone anal lube. It does not get dry and gives you a longer lasting smooth feeling.

What is the best anal toy for beginner?

For beginner always choose a small and simple anal plug with different size beads. The idea is to get your rectum or anal muscles used to stretching. This process is not overnight, you need to practice over several weeks about 3 or 4 times a week.

During foreplay just plug in the anal plug, start with the small bead and work your way up slowly. You will notice your muscles will develop a memory so next time if something is bigger than usual wants to get in it will relax and let it slide through.

Check out our list of anal toys for beginners here


Anal douche bum cleaner

Before you think about anal play or anal intercourse. Its always nice to keep that area healthy and clean. A product called douche cleaner, bum cleaner, enema cleaner, rectum flusher and many other names.

The practicality of this product to to flush out all the 'yucky' bit from our anus or vagina and deodorizer it at the same time. It is recommended to use a douche cleaner before you intend to get into anal play or anal intercourse. 

We have a whole article here all about douche cleaners here

You Need to last longer in bed?

This is the million-dollar question. Every man on earth wants to last longer in bed. There is no easy way for this naturally.

You can cheat and use a delay spray. Check out our delay spray here.

Or the other option is to use a cock ring to make you last longer in bed. Yes, very simple but very effective product.

Cock rings was one of the first sex toy product on the market. It was a medical device for men with erection problems and used to keep the blood in the erected penis.

It was discovering that when you wear a cock ring it also desensitize the tip of your penis; hence it will make you last longer during sexual intercourse.

We have a huge selection of cock rings here, depend on your size but the cock ring should be fit comfortable and not too tight. If you don’t feel comfortable and its not the right size for you.

General rule of thumb when choosing a cock ring it choose something on a smaller size then the condom size you are wearing.

Need to increase penis length and girth?

Everyone wants a big penis. There are a few ways to achieve this but the most common is to use a penis pump.

Penis pump is one of the top selling items of sexual products in the world. There is air pump and water pump, both will give you the same result. Both use pressure to expand the muscles and increase blood flow.

Penis pump comes in different size and different style such as hand pump or electric pump.

For those guys who wants to sit back and watch a movie while using a penis pump and get an electric one. With the manual pump you have either a trigger or a ball pump. They all give you the same result.

 Placed the penis in the pump chamber and push the penis pump against your pelvic area and start pumping. Pump until you feel pressure but not enough to make you feel uncomfortable then stop. Hold for 3 to 4 mins then repeat 3 sets.

You should see result within 4 to 6 weeks.

Check out the list of penises pump we have online here

Men Need to satisfy your partner?

Almost every man walking into your store or message us online ask what sex toy they can buy to satisfy their partner?

The most popular toy that you can use to satisfy your partner as a man is the cock sleeves and hollow strap on.

Woman goes crazy when the see a penis sleep or a nice size strap on. Especially the one with vibration.

Penis sleeves is like a condom but thicker and can have vibration tip or attachments like clitoral stimulator. It’s a sex toy that transform your penis into a powerful vibrator. Your partner will be begging for more once you start using the penis sleeve.

Sometime your penis is not shaping the right way or does not have a good angle or size. A penis sleeve will enhance your penis feature and help you to reach and hit the G spot easier every time.

Can I satisfy my partner with a strap on?

A strap on take you to the next level in sexual desire. You can give you partner the most intense sex session of their life by strapping on a 10inch dildo or what ever size you can fit onto the strap on. Any size that your partner desires to make them orgasm is now a possibility with a strap on.

There is no limit to strap on dildo size.

Find your male G Spot

In previous section we have go through this topic. The best way to find a G Spot for beginner is using your own finger during the shower or bath. Insert your finger into your anus or rectum and bend your finger towards your belly and rub that area. It should be the size of a coin.

Explorer yourself and you will know exactly where it sits.


Need a good tool for masturbation

Why do I need a masturbator when I have my hands? Just ask yourself, why do you use a racket when you play tennis? Why don’t you just use your hands playing tennis. That’s right. Because the racket is more effective and hitting the back and you can hit it harder.

This is the same when you masturbate. Using your hand can only get you so far. It will get the job done but it would be 10 times better with a masturbator, you will get a better orgasm and the orgasm will last longer.

There are a few different types of masturbators, pocket pussy, cup masturbators, Full replica ass and pussy and full-size sex dolls.

Depends on your budget it can range from $10 for a mini pocket pussy to a $3000 full size sex doll.

The most popular items for masturbation to date would be the cup masturbator. Price starts about $50 but it’s a pussy shaped tube made from full soft silicone with a ripple tunnel to replicate the internal of a pussy. When you use one of these products it’s the closes thing to the real vagina.

Check out this range of masturbator we have in stock


Finding the lube for anal, natural sex or masturbation?

There are many different brands of lubes on the market, but you only need to know two type of lubes.

Water based and Silicone based personal lubricate

Water based is thinner and drier quicker, its good for natural sex and masturbation. Its easy to clean and cheaper to buy

Silicone base lube is thicker and very slippery. Its good for longer lasting sex session or anal sex. Its harder to clean and is more expensive.

Check out the lube range here.

Looking for a finger vibrator

Before intercourse or losing your virginity as a guy, every man has fingering someone. Every as you get more mature, we still love to finger, and our partner will love to receive it.

There are a few good finger vibrators on the market. You can wear it like a sleeve on your finger and sometime there is a thump attachment where you can press against the clitoris and your pointing finger is rubbing again the g spot.

They are a great tool to use during foreplay.

Check out a collection of finger vibrator here