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April 22, 2020

Is it normal to use Sex toys Vibrators?

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The image of the happy couple dominates advertising. There they are, drinking and dancing, texting each other, smooching in fancy restaurants, tumbling into beds covered in crisp white linen . . . you know the score.

Having a significant other is portrayed as being the natural but essential state of existence, and when you don’t have a partner you can feel left out of 'the loop. How many of us have sat at a dinner party hoping the unattached friend of a friend who’s been invited to make up the numbers will be someone you even want to talk to, let alone sleep With?

 There are so many permutations that need to be right, it is a wonder any couples get together at all! And once we have ticked the ‘yes’ box for attraction, availability, humor and politics, you then have to give off just the right amount of body language to let him know you are interested.

This is where many relationships don’t even get off the starting line. If you project the wrong Vibes or fail to read the signals of seduction, the whole thing can go off the boil before you’ve even had a chance to get up close and personal. Unless one of you is confident and brave, it’s a hit and miss circus. 

Then there are those who just don’t care and happy to sleep alone next to their favorite vibrators every night. There is nothing wrong with that, in fact about 70% of woman are just as happy with their vibrators vs. only about 65% of woman truly happy with their current relationship.

Not just woman in recent times turn to sex toys for satisfactions. Men have also turn to sex toys. With the internet providing easy access to porn and other adult materials, men is constantly watch porn and reading sexual materials. There is no time go out meet someone, take them to dinner in hoping for a good time.

There are new sex toys on the market targeting men’s just automatic masturbators with vibration and stroking functions, they can just sit back and insert their penis into the sleeve and the machine does all the stroking and massaging. Some says it’s even better than the real thing. With the ever explosive popularity of the sex toys industry it does raise a concern of the ‘old school’ dating and relations. People tends to choose the easy way out.

Not everyone regularly attends dinner parties or has matchmaking friends. Most of us have to go it alone. When looking for a lover. If you are really lucky you Will be one of those ‘factor X’ girls who has never had to try too hard, has never known what it’s like to be dumped, and only has to walk down the road to meet someone cute.

However, the mortals among us have to rely on our social skills flirting and conversation or, if we’re out on the town, dancing well and looking foxy. In 99 cases out of 100, you will meet a new lover when you are not trying, when you don’t have that light Hashing over your head that screams ‘I’m desperate for a partner’.

The best-known love-hungry person’s secret is to never let your body language and Vibes betray your long-term singleton status, even when you are going crazy to share your bed. Remember: there is nothing more off-putting to either sex than an overly keen wannabe lover, regardless of his or her looks within reason, of course! Most of us like a cool or friendly approach, where we have time to metaphorically (or actually) dance around each other.

Remember that sexual tension is the biggest aphrodisiac and is proven to increase the longevity of a partnership. It may take three months or three hours, depending on the circumstances and the people involved, but it is really worth building and stretching out for as long as you can, so the atmosphere reaches fever pitch. 'Remember: when a combustible chemical is compressed, the resulting explosion is always much more powerful! Of course, we are not always ideally placed to string out sexual tension for months.

Make him work hard for you

If you are travelling through Australia, for instance, and some surfer dude wants you to help him wax his board, you can’t take a rain check for a week, but you still might care to arrange to meet him one hour later . . . keep him thinking about you. If you really fancy a guy who works in another department of your office block, however, you can stretch time a little longer.

You might be biting your hand and going wild with your vibrator for a month or so, but it really is worth it. There are so many sex toys and vibrators on the market now you don’t really need a guy to make you orgasm. New products such as bulletsrabbit vibrators, and g spot vibrators and even realistic dongs and dildo with thrusting rabbit functions

If you don't want to hold the vibrator or dildos then look for the remote controlled clitoral vibrators. These new types of products have a very powerful vibrating and vibration patterns comparing to the classic vibrators. Another option if you want to be more discreet is using a bullet vibrator, they are small and easy for travel and store.

There are also adult toys with mimic the oral sex experience like the satisfyer pro which gives you a good vibrations and sucking sensation. Remember to always use a good water based lubricant when using any sex toys including anal beads, le wand, glass dildos. Or you you are using during foreplay on your partner with male masturbation sex toys like a pocket pussy from fun factory. Male sex toys is also very popular.

They all feels like the real thing, maybe even better as they don’t stop until you climax and keep going to give you multiple orgasms. More and more woman’s turns to sex toys for that real orgasm, a recent survey shows that about 50% of woman never have a real natural climax and orgasm with their partner.

They have to use a sex toy vibrator to achieve after sex or their partner use a vibrator on them during sex so she can climax. We have an article all about orgasm and sex toys here.

I’m not talking old-fashioned morals here - just, empirical knowledge. Guys LOVE to work hard for their treats. It’s one of those atavistic throwback syndromes where men feel that making an effort somehow reaps a better reward. This is probably something to do with hunting elk in distant prehistory, stalking prey for days until the moment was exactly right for attack.

If you string him along for a while, he will feel that he’s had to work extra hard for your affections, and he will get a glow of satisfaction thinking that, because you weren’t too easy to trap, he must have bagged himself a choice catch.

It also gives you time to work towards something better in the long run; gives you a chance to become friends just good enough to still be able to pounce on each other, but not so good that you are round at his with the kettle on listening to his love-life problems. Once you are doing that, you will have gone OE limits consigned to ‘girl pal’ status. 


  1. Always go on the work outing/conference/workshop 
  2. Attend an evening class that involves debate rather than physical exercise: philosophy/politics/psychology, etc. (i.e. nothing Where you have to stick your legs in the air)’ 
  3. Make an effort to talk to your friend’s friends at parties 
  4. Let your friends know the type of person you are looking for 
  5. Get involved with something that interests you locally 
  6. Find out What interest groups meet near to where you live (you’ll be amazed by the variety) 
  7. Go travelling 
  8. Wear something colorful and funky (makes you seem approachable and fun) 
  9. Offer to help people you never know what it will lead to’ 
  10. Walk, rather than take the car/tube/bus everywhere 


  1. Act as if you have the biggest juiciest secret and you’re not going to let on what it is until he gets really close 
  2. If you know his name, try teasing him with a gentle nickname or addressing him as Mr. Whoever (the sudden formality acts as an erotic jolt) 
  3. Practice walking just that bit more sexily in front of him. Requires: heels, hips, an even pace. 
  4. Be opinionated even if your opinions do not match his, you’ll be able to debate, which is always good for building erotic tension 
  5. Listen to what he says rather than worrying about what you look like 
  6. Let your hair sway as you walk or, if it’s short, run your fingers through it once or twice when talking to him 
  7. Make sure you have mouth magic: lip gloss, fresh breath, sparkling teeth 
  8. Great posture can work wonders for all shapes and sizes. It makes you appear confident the greatest turn-on of all  

   9. Cultivate being tactile: stroke things, toy with things, become more obviously sensual 

  1. Don’t be afraid to move in really close, but without touching 


  1. Wear a bra that makes the best of your assets 
  2. Make your nipples hard (a little toothpaste on them works wonders) I I 
  3. Wear a zip-up top unzipped just enough
  4. Wear knee-high boots and a just-above-the-knee skirt
  5. Wear your hair as natural and shiny as possible
  6. Wear a tactile accessory suede, creamy leather, feathers, satins ‘‘ ‘ 
  7. Show off your curves with a fitted jacket 
  8. Wear lip gloss over a neutral color rather than a bright sticky war paint mouth 
  9. Expose your neck/part of your shoulder (not showing bra-strap, of course) 
  10. Smile a lot! 


How to read sexual body language in men

If we know” how to read the signs, ‘a person’s body language, can reveal what someone thinks about you. It is a really useful language to be fluent in -.and 'can save you ' a lot of time and effort on the dating scene. The way a person carries himself in everyday life is a good indication.

Of what he may be like in bed. If you have recently started seeing someone, pay attention to the way they interact with you and the world at large. Is their manner considerate, relaxed, aware, or is it stilted, gauche or nervous? Added to the overall picture are the details that can indicate whether or not a person is lying, what they really feel about something, or the all-important one if they fancy you.

Over half the messages we receive about a person come through their body language. Around 35 per cent is from tone or intonation of a person’s voice, with what is actually being said coming in at a measly seven per cent. Before you’ve even spoken to the person you fancy, the way you’ve walked into a room and carried yourself has accounted for more than 80 per cent of their first impression of you. 

However, I would say that the genders differ slightly when it comes to making an assessment of a person’s financially factor. Recent tests have shown that a woman decides whether or not she fancies a man within 90 seconds to four minutes of meeting him. I am sure that men make their assessment much quicker than this. Sight is the primary sense of the times we live in, and men, much more than women, rely on visual information for arousal.

They are constantly checking out the shaggability rating of every woman that passes them, and make their decision based on how many signals fit in with what they find attractive: breasts, bottom, age, etc. The psychology of attraction is so complex, yet so immediate for males. The 50 billion dollar annual turnover for the porn industry bears out the fact that a man’s eyes are hot wired to his penis. 

How to read sexual sign from a female

So what about the girls? Well, women take a more holistic approach. Although a man’s looks are important, women make an assessment of whether they will sleep with someone on a whole range of factors including posture, movement, intelligence and wit.

Plenty of women groove on geeky guys who are a million miles from the square-jawed stud ubiquitous in magazine ads, so a man’s attitude and brainpower can compensate for a lack of pecs. However, whereas a guy is not necessarily going to include I a woman’s social status into his financial criteria, women are real suckers for power.

Being a company director seems to have the equivalent effect on a woman as an f1rm pair of 36DDs has on your average red blooded man. A woman will overlook many of the down sides of a man, but a high ranking in the social or occupational hierarchy seems to be a winner. It’s not only about the size of his wallet; it’s that a successful man’s body language will exude confidence and women just adore sexual confidence. 


These are the five rules that psychology experts have identified as body language giveaways. Give yourself the extra advantage next time you are on the prowl for a potential new lover by remembering the following advice. 

1. Mirror action, 

One sure-fire thing that will tell you if a person is interested in you is if they mirror your 'movements. If you lean forward to impart something secret, they lean in to meet you. If you sit back, look them in the eye, and move your hand to your face, so will they. The reasoning behind copying another’s actions is that we like people who are similar to ourselves. 

If someone is doing what we’re doing, we feel they’re on the same wavelength. If you want to try this out, don’t copy someone’s negative body language. If your target is huddling himself in a defensive manner, don’t do the same, but try to steer his movements with your more positive ones.

And don’t do a ‘Simon says’. As a general rule, wait around thirty seconds before mirroring a person’s gestures. 

2. Aiming true 

We tend to angle ourselves directly at those we find attractive. Next time you are in the same room as the object of your desire, have a look at which way their feet, hands, legs are facing. Even if they are not looking into your eyes, or talking to you, you may find that they are unconsciously pointing their body at you. If this is the case, return the compliment. 

3. Pupils and lashes 

When we are talking to someone who interests us, our pupils dilate. This also happens at orgasm or when we have an endorphin rush through exercise or eating something pleasurable. It’s a sign that we have relaxed because we are experiencing pleasure.

Another sign of attraction is the old favorite of cartoon characters: the fluttering eyelashes, more commonly experienced as blinking. If you increase your blink rate, see if the person you are talking to copies your signal by increasing their own. Like the mirror action, they will unconsciously adjust their blink rate to keep pace with yours. 

4. Raising an eyebrow 

The most widely used form of friendly greeting across the world’s cultures is a quick upward flash of the eyebrow. It is possible you may never have noticed it, but as it lasts only a fifth of a second, that is not surprising. Next time you cross paths with someone you fancy, watch for the 

Eyebrow flash, or you can deliberately try lifting your own eyebrow for, say, one whole second, to give off that seemingly unconscious signal that you are interested in him. Watch and see if he returns the movement. 

5. Zigzag 

Different people elicit different facial behavior, according to the level of intimacy appropriate to the situation. For instance, in a professional or business meeting, we perform a zigzag movement with our eyes, looking from eye to eye and avoiding the more ‘personal’ area of the mouth. With people who are our friends, our gaze relaxes and we allow our eye movement to roam a little into a triangle that takes in the nose and the mouth.

Once we are face-to-face with someone we fancy, the gaze drops even lower, to incorporate their whole body hence the ‘looking someone up and down’ gesture that can be off-putting if it is too obvious. If someone you don’t know particularly well looks at your mouth while you are talking to them, they might be wondering what it would be like to kiss you.

Alternatively, they might be hard of hearing and are lip-reading, so don’t jump to conclusions too soon! If the person you like displays two or more of these five gestures every time you meet them, this is a good indication that they fancy you. Happy fliiiirting!


This is for those of you who have started seeing someone new and want to know what kind of lover your date is likely to be. In the early stages of going out, most couples are very attentive to each other. However, at some point in the dating game, we all find ourselves out with someone who would benefit from a session at a charm school.

I have heard the most outrageous stories of men behaving appallingly on dates: ‘forgetting’ their wallets, showing obvious disinterest if the topic of conversation switches to something other than them, or groping the woman all night then leaving her to make her own way home after he has been fed and watered at her expense.

On the other hand, you may find yourself out with someone who is so nervous he looks about to jump out of his skin if you even mention the word sex. If, after a couple of dates, you feel like it is hard work being with a person, don’t carry on hoping that it will get better.

You can usually trust your intuition on this one; you know when the chemistry feels right. Anything that feels like too much effort is best left alone -our lives are too short to spend time accommodating a loser or user. So, if you’re not sure what your date’ 3 body language is saying, do this quiz and find out if he 15 a Nervous Nick or a Swaggering Stan. 

In conclusion if all fails you can always turn back to your trusted vibrator. It will never let you down.

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