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April 23, 2020

Massage like a pro | Massage oil and sex toys

All that’s needed for massage is a warm room or a secluded, quiet spat out-of-doors, some oil, and the desire to share an intimate experience with someone. There is no need for anything else. In massage especially in our culture-touch is what is important, for it is touch that we sorely lack. In our culture, to touch someone is to express sexual interest, so as a people we don’t touch-unless we mean to convey sexual interest.

This becomes obvious in massage when it is realized that massage causes a change in our awareness at the world, a refreshing mental state akin to a meditative or hypnotic consciousness. Massage is a healing art-it is good for you. But it is more than that when practised in a sensual manner.

You have already probably decided by now whether or not you prefer a table or the floor when you give a massage. You have learned that sheer physical strength is not as important as you once thought-that a massage is given more with the entire body than the hands or arms. You have seen your mate experience a consciousness that is refreshing and invigorating. You have experienced your mate’s body in a manner that is totally unique. 

And you have seen that the potential for massage, in terms of the sensual, has barely been explored. The technique of massage leaves your mate relaxed and drowsy. What is needed, you think, is a method of massage that not only relaxes the body, but somehow leaves it aroused, eager for more sensual delight. 

That is what this section is all about.

There are but a few variations that you will learn. In terms of room temperature, oil, and the use of the floor or a table, a sensual massage is the same as any other. The main difference is that a sensual massage tends to be a whole body massage, rather than a back massage, or shoulder massage, or any partial body massage. You are attempting to sensually sensitize your mate’s entire body, to make your mate aware that pleasure is available especially the genital area. 

Your strokes will convey this message. Your mate’s actions are simple: to roll over when you are finished with one half of his body. 

Always dim the lights in the room and light use a candle. Always use a special massage candle, like the hemp seen massage 3 in 1 candle. Specially formulated to melt at just three degrees above body temperature, 3 in 1 massage candles don't just provide romantic light and fragrance - the melted wax can also be used as a moisturizer or warm massage oil.

Hemp seed oil, the primary ingredient in these candles, has a fantastic slip factor for massage and, because it penetrates to the lipid layer of the cells, skin is left soft and moisturized, not greasy or goopy. The unique combination of oils in these candles also increases their burn time.

Use a premium massage oil. The best massage oil on the market in Australia is the Wild Fire. It’s all natural ingredient with aphrodisiac component to make sure your partner is relaxing and aroused during the massage session. There are 3 favorite scent Wildfire Massage oil OriginalWildfire Massage Oil RedWildfire massage oil Black.

The wildfire Original – This massage oil gives out an amazing scent, very alluring and arousing. The formula is specially design for muscle relaxation and stimulation all your senses in your body. This is widely used in all massage parlors around Australia

The wildfire Red – This massage oil is specially formulated for the lady’s. It has special aphrodisiac ingredients to ‘turn her on’ during the massage. The aphrodisiac will get into the skins and penetrate all the arousal sense and make her full arouse and wet.

The wildfire Black – This is an all-rounder formulate in the range, can use it in any situation. Just fun massage during foreplay or use as a lubricant for intercourse.

A new massage on the market which very popular is the hemp seed oil extract. This gives a euphoric feeling with used in full body massage. It gives a whole body relaxation and stimulates all your sexual senses.

Check out the hemp seed massage oil here.


How to give your partner the best happy ending

To finish of the sensual massage you cannot missed the happy ending or hand job. Towards the end of the massage session you can see that your partner is very arouse with all the touching and rubbing.

You asked them to turn around and face the ceiling, it’s more exciting if you please a small towel or a sexy fetish mask over their eyes. This allows them to relax and feeling submissive, it’s a turn on for many people.

Start with using a very good warm gel lubricant. You have to try and mimic the feeling of intercourse when using your hand, the best lubricant to use for a hand job is this Shiatsu Love Glide personal lubricant. It’s a perfect lubricant for natural sex and massage hand job or hand release.

Start from the balls then work your ways up the shaft then focus on the tip until you can feel the natural lubricant start to release then grip the while penis with one hand and the other massage the balls softly. Stroke the penis with a tight squeeze in a constant up and down motion until you see his body starts to jerk then finish with a faster pace than slow down until you drain every little drop.

It is always recommended to use a waterproof sheet if you and your partner regularly perform sensual massage on each on your bed. Use something like the Exxtreme Sheet from Si Novelties as they are very easy to clean up.

Massage Fetish

For the more extreme fetish, there are feet’s massages, electro shock massages, genital massages using sex massage wands.

Electro shock massages

This is a very popular form of massage. Usual using a battery operated low voltage machine that sends a small shock single to the multiple sensor you can attached to the body. This is great for erotic muscle stimulation or an all-over relaxing electro massage. Most people get highly stimulated through small current electro stimulations.

Check out this product, a full professional kit to start your electro massage fetish

Genital massage with massage sex wand

Vibrator massage wands has been around for many years. This vibrator wands it very popular, it was design purely for massage only then slowly the product enters the adult toys market. The large head on one end with super ultra-strong vibrator allows for extreme clitoral stimulator. This form of sex play allows the woman to ‘squirt’ and have multiple orgasms.

Here is a list of all the popular sex wands

If you are unsure how to choose a sex wand, click here for a full guide on how to choose your sex wands and sex toys

Prostate massage and anal Play

Prostate massage and anal play is on the trend to be the most popular massage form in 2020. Most of these massage is perform in private massage parlour and between intimate couples.

Why prostate massage so important ?

The prostate area is a P Spot or a G spot for the man. It’s very pleasurable and will make the man orgasm if you massage it the right way.

It is also a good way of release stress and help with men’s with erection problems. The prostate produce stimulation signals to help with blood flow to the penis and encourage erection. Research shows that men’s with stress tends to hold for bad fluids in their prostate and can caused cancer and other problems long term. Regular prostate massage helps to reduce this level of liquid.

You can use your finger to massage the prostate, it just located about 2.5 inch in the rectum and face towards the belly. However with the booming of the sex toys industry there are many sex toy on the marketing targeting prostate massagers.

Prostate massagers comes in many size, shapes, functions and colors. You can get it with vibration or non-vibrate.

Which prostate massager do I need?

With lots of different prostate massager it’s hard to figure out which one suits you. The rule of thumb is that if you are a beginner then get something smaller at the tip, easy for insert.

You can click here to learn more, we have a whole article on how to choose a prostate massager.

Where to buy a prostate massager? And how much is a prostate massager?

There are different types of prostate massage, you can spend little as $10 for a non vibrating prostate massager or up to $200 or a vibrating remote control massager.

We have over a hundred different style of prostate massagers to choose from here.


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