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November 26, 2020

How to deal with sexless relationship

There are many options to deal with a sexless marriage or relationship. Just think about when you are single, what do you do? You would masturbate, watch porno movies, have fantasy with other people and buy a whole bunch of sex toys like vibrators or dildo for woman and masturbators such as realistic pocket pussy or full-size vagina and ass for men.

Alternative to sex

Sex toys has come a long way, so it feels as real as it gets theses days. The realistic dildos looks and feels real, some of which ejaculate artificial sperms. As for the male sex toys it is also as realistic as the real vagina. Many of the new pocket pussy is made from medical grade silicone so that is as close to human tissues as you can get.

Many of women and men choose to satisfy themselves by masturbate with theirs hands or sex toys without the need of a partner. It is also a very practical solution if you don’t want to cheat on your partner by entering an affair or spend money to call an escort. Communication with your partner is very important and find a practical solution for both of you. Its better for your partner to masturbate then cheat on you right? 

Perform non penetration sex 

The top 3 common form of non-penetration sex are:

  1. Hand job

Hand job can be found for both men and women. You can do a lot with your finger. For woman who don’t want any penetration then you can use your hands to stroke his penis until he orgasms.

For men who cannot or do not want to have sexual intercourse then he can use his hand to finger and rub his partners clitoris or the g spot until she orgasms.

Remember to always use a good sex lubricant when you use your hands for sexual pleasure. Your skin can be rough and dry which can cause skin irritations. Personal lubricant helps to smooth the strokes and take away that nasty friction that can cause skins rash, redness and irritations.

  1. Blow Job or oral sex

Blow job or oral sex is a good way to satisfy your partner without the need for a sexual intercourse. For men, a blow job or oral sex is as good sex. A women’s mouth can feel the same as the vagina, it takes practice, but you will be able to do it.

If you don’t want to give a blow job, you can buy a blow job machine that is fully automatic and does the exact same thing as a real person give him a blow job. The Auto Blow AI is available online here for $395.

  1. Sex toys with either a vibrator, dildo or a male masturbator such as a fleshlightpocket pussy or an artificial vagina

This one is one of the most popular options for sexless relationship. In fact, even relationships that are sexually active also likes to include sex toys products into their routine.

For men’s that likes the real feeling of a vagina then its best to buy the realistic vagina. These automatic masturbator stroker is the best on the market, its fully rechargeable and at a switch of a button it will start to stroke your penis until you climax. Automatic stroker starts from $120 and can get up the $500 for the more advanced product such as the AutoBlow 2 or the Tom Sridix Interactive Sex Machine.

There are also cheaper smaller handheld and disposable masturbator like the pregnant lady pocket pussy retail for $24.99. These are also medical grade silicone artificial vagina and you can easily wash and reuse.

           For women, its best to buy a realistic dildo. Many sexually active women like the look and feel of a real penis. A realistic dildo is the closes thing you can get on the market that looks and touch and feels like a real penis.

           There are a few realistic dildos that you can buy

All the above dildo is realistic and thick with suction cups and balls. You can mount it on a hard surface for solo play or your partner can hold it and penetrate you. All these dildos are made from soft silicone with a hard-inner core so when its penetrating you will feels its soft yet hard like a real erected penis.

If you want something even more realistic then the dual layer skin realistic dildo, it comes with two layer of silicone with a soft gel in the middle and the foreskin moves up and down during penetration so you will think it’s a real un-circumcise penis.

Click here for a full range of dildos online

If your partner likes vibrators then the best vibrator is a g spot or a rabbit vibrator.

G Spot vibrator

The best seller g spot vibrator is the Pillow Talk Racy Vibrator , the nice and vibrant pink colour with real Swarovski crystal on the handle. There are many vibration options which starts soft then you can increase it to super intense just before the orgasm. 

This vibrator is fully waterproof and rechargeable, so you can wash it under the tap and spray sanitize onto the surface. A rechargeable vibrator is always better then a battery operated vibrator because lithium battery in a rechargeable vibrator has more power. It will give you a more intense vibrations. 

Rabbit Vibrator

The best rabbit vibrator is the Adam & Eve First Rabbit Vibrator. This vibrator has 4 speed rotation for the g spot stimulation and 8 speed vibrator for the clitoris. You will feel an intense orgasm with this vibrator.

Regardless what options and path you and your partner choose they all can be extremely satisfying.

Many women are used to the fact that you are giving out more than receiving to when it comes to sexless marriage for woman, the rate of affairs can cheat is about 75%. It is very important to communicate with your partner whether you are a man who don’t want any more sex or a woman who don’t want any more sex.

What to do when your partner doesn’t want sex

Sometimes it is very hard to talk to someone who don’t want any more sex about sex. Try to take a different approach by telling them you don’t want sex, but you still need an orgasm.

It is very important for someone who is still sexually active to have an orgasm at least 3 or 4 times a week. It releases stress and anxiety levels.

Have an affair or pay for sex

There are many options these days with the internet and dating apps. There are forums for married people who just want casual sex and there are hundreds of private escort girls advertised on websites all over the internet.

You need to be very careful if you are going down this path as many partners even though they don’t want to have sex with you they also don’t want anyone to have sex with you.

Many have made a mistake to assume that their partner will be find with them going out of the relationship to get sex since they don’t want it anymore. But this is incorrect, survey shows that about 90 percent of partners who no longer want to have sex with their partner don’t want their partner to go out and have an affair or a one-night stand.

Open relationship

This is one of the solutions that not many people have managed to get approval from their partner. An open relationship is complicated because as humans we are a creature with feelings, if you spend time and have sex with someone long enough you will develop feelings. Many relationships end up in divorce because of open relationships.

If an approval for open relationship are on the table then there will need to be strict rules on what can and cannot do. For example, you cannot see the same person for more then 3 times. This to prevent feelings from developing.

Approval for sex with others

There are circumstances where a parent will allow their love ones to go and have sex with someone else. A common case is that one of you isn't well enough to have sex anymore, there are some medical reasons why you cannot have sex at all.

In a long-term relationship, many will become friendship and one of you are still sexually active. In cases like this its normal for a partner to let their love one to go out of the relationship and have sex with someone else. Just like you are hearing about your best friend sleeping with someone, there are no jealousy there.

The friendship zone has factors why people still stay together without sex such as the companionship, security, and financial help of a relationship so both parties agreed with sex elsewhere in return for staying in a sexless relationship. 

The rules with approved sex outside the relationship is very important and everyone needs to follow it. It is also as important that both parties who exactly when they are in for. Many couples who are not comfortable of join swingers’ clubs or online forums then an escort is your best option, they come to see you then leave after you paid them.

Divorce or leave

If you're a person who enjoys sex and loves the intimacy and connection and all the other profoundly extraordinary things that sex provides, no sex is usually a deal-breaker. In that case, it’s kinder on both of you to separate and let each other find someone more compatible, rather than try to rub along unhappy and resentful. 

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