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November 06, 2020

Tips for a happy sex life

Male and female always focuses on one single factor to determine whether their sex life is good or not, it’s how many times they do it. As we are maturing our view on sex is different, its not longer about quantity its more about quality. 

As we get older, we have more experience and we know our body better. We learned different techniques along the way and know what work and work does not work. Sex skills is very important, but the focus is on the quality of the intimacy with your partner. This is the key point that differentiate between good sex and bad sex. 

Continue below and focus on just a few simple steps, your sexual life will be improving in just a few weeks. 

Just relax and read the 5 steps below if you want to improve your sex life

1.      Review your expectations 

Everyone wish they can turn back time and have the same crazy sex as they are, they were 18 years old in high school or uni, especially those early months or the first year together. But it is not necessarily good sex when you are young, its more of the younger energy that needs to be released, a huge desire to have intercourse with anyone, anywhere and anytime. There is no need of foreplay, young bodies just get into sex.

Younger sex does not mean it better, it’s just more different type of sex 

Our body and lifestyle changes, we have more experience and know what we want. Our body learn along the way that certain things will give it more pleasure and it will seek for it. It is also learned to adapt and get bored of some things, so its always looking for new experience and adventures

Sex toys promotes orgasm

Many mature couples no longer like hard deep thrusting, they like soft sensual sex. Lots of foreplay and oral sex. Lots of sex toys like vibrators and dildo. Couple sex toys like the we-vibe sync or the LeLo Tiani and Sona Couples Gifts Set is one of the most popular sex toys for couples.

A few surveys suggested that not just the mature body that envy the foreplay and sex toys, but all female body was program to be caressed, kiss and play with before any intercourse. Your chance if given her the orgasm is 50% more when you spend time more on foreplay.

Same as our body, the vagina and penis also age. Our sensitivity decreased as we get older, blood flow slows down so our erections is delayed. Women experience dryness and men is the problems with erection. The erection is not as hard or was quick as to when they were younger like in their late teens or twenties.

There are many tools for males at all ages experience erections issues. Some of the tools available today is penis pumps and herbal Viagra or herbal erection pills.

If you are experience this problem, regardless if you are young or old, it is totally normal. It’s called erectile dysfunction, there are many causes for erectile dysfunctions such as stress, injuries or drugs but eventually it will happen to everyone as you get older. The good thing is there is a choice and you can do something about it.

Many men go into depression and sad, keep thinking about their younger years, instead of focus on the issue and try to resolve the problem. Always look on the positive side and move forward.  

How to fix erectile dysfunction for men

Try some of these tools if you are experience erectile dysfunctions

Penis pump help with stimulate the muscles and blood flow into the penis and encourage erections. ( you can read here more about penis pumps and how to choose a penis pump if you are looking to buy one)

Herbal erection pills are the safest way to get an erection. It has not side affect likes Viagra, Kamagra or Cialis. Take one pill about 30min to 40min before sex and it will give you a better blood flow to the penis. When you are ready and think about sex it will help you to have a harder and bigger erection.

How to fix low libido and dryness for woman

Try some of these tools if you are experience low libido or vagina dryness

  • Use a small sex toy bullet for clitoral stimulation during foreplay. This will promote wetness

Vaginal wall and Pelvic Muscles massage are important for the overall health of the vagina. It promotes energy and blood flow to the clitoris and g spot. All these important areas contribute to your level of libido.

Arousal oil is a live saver for some people. There are a few types of arousal oil on the market, but the ON Arousal oil does the job very well. Just a few drops on the finger and rub is circular motion on the clit and use the same finger to insert into the vaginal and massage the g spot and vaginal wall.

Many women get turn on when using arousal oil.

Female Viagra or horny pills has been on the market for many years and its one of the only remedies that works. Just one tablet a day and you will feels like you are 18 again. You will get this hot flush and butterfly in your body and around the vaginal area. Your vagina will get wet all day and ready for a good sex session. 

2.      Spontaneous sex

Spontaneous of the moment sex that used to exist when you first dated. Which many people missed after the honeymoon period.

When couples first get together there is a huge anticipation when it comes to sex like what underwear, locations, have showers prior to meet them, burhs your test and chew gum or practice those crazy sex move that you know. Many people forget that sex is a continuation of planning and organising even after the honeymoon period.

Spontaneous sex is a rarity in mature couples or couples that is to comfortable with each other, normally its couples in their 2nd or 3rd of being together. For old couples whom might need Viagra or libido booster to get them going, so they need to take it a few hours before and for busy working couples and couples that are together in a long relationship sex is not on the top of the list.

Both men and women need to be on the same page, accepted that spontaneous sex if no longer and option once you past the honeymoon stage.

Change the expectations, meet your partner in the middle and you will see a big change in your sex life.

3.      Don’t think about orgasm

Every magazine, website, movies and books constantly talk about orgasm. It is simply just a reflex like a kneed jerk reaction. Why would you even worry about something that only last for a few second. Sex is more then just a few second of orgasms. It’s the whole emotional package.

If sex is all about orgasm, then its best to use a vibrator or a dildo. It does a far better job then any men on this planet. Vibrators like the Satisfyer Magic Rabbit can give you both G spot and Clitoral orgasm within minutes. Or the Real Feel vibrator dildo dong with control, with such strong vibration most women would not last 5 minutes sitting on this dildo.

But as humans we cannot control ourselves and we are a very curious creature. Especially when we watch porn and read magazine about orgasm and see girls squirting. Women constantly worry about their orgasms and compare with their currently partner and the past.

Many sex doctors recommended to female who always worry about their orgasm to use a vibrator or a dildo during foreplay to get the orgasm the wanted first then intercourse. Just make sure your male partner is comfortable as many macho men think that they are not good enough and need help of a vibrator to satisfy their partner.

Think of having orgasm is like desert at the end of a good meal. The reason why you are there for dinner is with each other, you like each other, you want to spend time with each other and physically you want to eat. Having an orgasm is not as important.

Many couples experience sexual problems in their relationship is constantly worry about orgasm. It should be a goal on the journey, the pleasure should be the man objective.

Orgasm then to happen when couples are in the right mind set, for example they are happy, more relax and no pressure. In real live no one will be this relax as there are so many things in our daily life we constantly think about like works, kids, bills, holidays etc…

While many women can have orgasm through vaginal penetration, the rest of the population are having problem with orgasm through intercourse alone. If you are part of the statistic don’t be too alarm. There are ways you can have explosive orgasm as well.

The clitoris is the key to all orgasm. 100% of woman can climax with an intense orgasm via the clitoris. That’s why bullet sex toy is the best seller vibrator on the internet. Its cheap, strong and very effective.  


Many women experiences pain during sex especially in their later year. One of the reasons is not enough sex. The more you have sex the more your body tissues get used to the friction and it knows when to lubricate itself. If you don’t use it, you will lose it.

It is recommended that women that are in between relationships to use a vibrator or dildo. This will ensure their body is continuing to have vaginal internet use and the muscles does not loose the elasticity and the vaginal still know how to lubricate itself when needed.

Keep using it

Have regularly sex help with energy flow and blood flow to penis and vagina area. It helps to prevent chronic cystitis and regulate blood pressure. It is also helping to prevent vaginal thinning and dryness. Regular erections are healthy due to high blood flow and bring oxygen to all the cells and tissues in the penis. The more sex you have the heathier your genitals are.

There are many benefits of sex, it burns calories and increase libido. It also boosts the immune system and reduce stress and improve your memory. Overall, there is no reason not to have sex. Research shows that those who have regular sex have half of the death caused by cardio diseases.

Set sex a habit

Research shows that less then half of married couples have sex maximum once a week. It is important to note that most of these couples used to have sex every day. Once married there are things in the way like kids and work.

About half of married couples divorce in the first 4 years of marriage in Australia. Survey shows that most of these marriages is points to lack of desire for each other i.e. sex is not longer on the table.

It is so important to look at sex in a different view. Set it as a routine. Have sex a habit with your partner. Like shower or brush your teeth. There are times where you must brush your teeth, but you don’t want to do it or don’t like it but it’s a habit.

Same for sex, just do it regular enough and your body will get used to it. If it gets boring try to jazz it up with sex toys, bondage, sex lingerie’s, flavour lubes and sex candles. Maybe try to play sex games like Our sex Games or What do you do just to try and spice the bedroom up a notch.

There are many ways to make things more interesting in the bedroom, here are some tools you could use


It is the most important part of any relationship is communication. The main rule is if you don’t ask you don’t get. If you want him or her to lick of suck, you in a certain way then you must speak up.

Put everything out there on the table, if you like using sex toys during foreplay then let him or her know that. If you like the thrusting, you in a certain way then you have to say it.

For example, if you like a big penis and your partner is too small then there are things such as hollow strap on, he could use.

Not everyone is a mind reader.

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