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November 06, 2020

The raise of webcam girls and sex toys during covid-19

During the COVID-19 restrictions webcam girls and the sale of sex toys like vibrators and masturbators have exploded in Australia and overseas. Many working girls in full-service sex use to earn a few grand a week to earning double that without having to have sex with anyone.

What is webcam girl or camgirls?

Webcam or cam girls is where a woman use a laptop or computer with a camera and an internet connection and play live video of herself online for other guys or girls to pay to view.

There are many forms of cam girls;

  • Girls that just strips to show their breast only
  • Girls that strip full naked
  • Girls that use sex toys like dildos and vibrators in front of the camera
  • Girls that do humiliation acts in front of the webcam

Depends on what service the client is looking for and how much they ‘tip’ her so she can perform certain act. This is where they get big money.

Many girl that use the sex toy online then auction the used toys or lingerie at the end of the session to get extra cash for it.

How much does camgirls make

We have many regular webcam girls come into our adult shop stores in West Ryde Adult Shop , Penrith Adult Shop and Wagga wagga Adult Shop and online to purchase sex toys such as vibrators, dildos, anal plugs, bondage and lingerie’s for their webcam sessions. We have seen an increase of over 300% in sale to working girls during the covid-19 lockdown.

Feedback from our regular working camgirls customers indicated that they are making from $3000AUD to $5000AUD just from subscriptions and tipping. Auction of used sex toys and lingerie’s also skyrocket, and the girls can make an extra $1000 just for selling the used products to their customers online.

There are many websites you can sign up to be a webcam girls such as fleshlights, onlyfans,, livejasmin and many others.

Things you need to be a successful webcam girl

The following are some of the items that are popular with camgirls used in their sessions to get the viewers excited and get more tips:

  1. A few dildos

There are many types of dildo on the market. The most popular one is the realistic that can squirt. Guys watching webcam girls loves cam girls using squirting dildos.

If you can’t find a squirting vibrator then you can try to find a thrusting dildo, guys watching these live streaming session loves watching a thrusting dildo used on a cam girl

Here are a few realistic dildos that can squirt

Adam & Eve is one of the best sex toy products on the market. This squirting dildo have a good length of 6inch and a girth of 1.5inch. For a webcam girl that used the dildo for a few sessions a day you don’t want it too big as your vagina can get sore. Anything between 6inch and 7inch dildo is good.

Remember to use extra lubricant if you are streaming a long session, friction with the silicone dildo can caused bruising and redness on your vaginal walls. Premium grade lubricant will help with the friction and reduce bruising and soreness. Swiss Navy lubricant is a very good lubricant for dildos and sex toys.

Check out here for a full range of 6inch to 7 inch dildos online

The Adam & EVE thrusting and squirting dildo also have a really strong suction cup you can mount on any hard surface without have to hold it while you can use our hand to type in the keyboard to chat with your viewers.

As a webcam girl it’s important to communicate with your viewers, this is where you get more tips.

A tip from a professional website girl:

When using squirting dildo for your sessions, as for everyone to tip at once before you make the dildo squirts.

This adam&eve squirting dildo is made from high grade silicone so its easy to wash and clean.

King Cock is a very good brand and they are specialised in making realistic dildos. The range of squirting dildo from King Cock is one of the best on the market.

The ultra-realistic look plus their powerful ejaculation function is great for someone who likes cum play. This is an ideal product for any cam girl that have viewer whole loves to watch creampie or cum inside scenes. This is where you can make big money asking for tips for a cum shot.

The king cock 6-inch squirting dildo have a powerfully bulb on the end which can create a powerful squirt of ejaculation on demand. Comes with a free 60ml jizz juice bottle and lubricant. Ready for you to start.

Click here if you want to buy a full range of king cock dildo products

  1. A good vibrator

Every guy loves to watch a live streamer playing with herself using a vibrator. The most popular vibrator used by web cam girl is the rabbit vibrator and a g spot vibrator. These are the two most common types of vibrator that guys are familiar with from watching porn or in their sex life.

The thrusting Jack Rabbit Vibrator has many functions that you can use during webcam girls. When streaming a live website, you need a vibrator with a few functions so you can ask for tip if your viewers want you use a different function. 

For example, if they want to see the thrusting function then ask them for a tip. If they want the vibrating function, then ask for a tip. Always start your session with no functions on the vibrator then slow start it once someone tip.

This Thrusting Jack rabbit vibrator to 10 vibrating functions, 5 options for thrusting and spinning and 3 functions for the rotating head. Image how much tip you can make with all that functions.

These Jack Rabbit Vibrator is also a good seller for used sex toy products after the streaming sessions. Many guys are willing to pay 3 or 4 times the price you have paid for it new.

Click here if you want to see and buy a full range of Rabbit Vibrator online here

Guys are fascinating about G spot and they want to see a woman gets off using a g spot vibrator.

For a webcam girl this g spot vibrator is a good product, it made from body soft silicone for comfort and the vibration is strong but not too strong where you are uncomfortable. The colour is vibrant pink/purple, so it looks good on the webcam.

With 12 vibration functions you can use this as a selling point when streaming you webcam session asking for tips. Each function to increase the intensity of the vibration is for 1 token from everyone.

This g spot vibrator is also a good seller once used, because g spot vibrator is an internal sex toy. Guys loves the idea that its been inside you and willing to pay top dollar.

In some streaming session this vibrator can fetch up to $300 dollar for a used one.

Click here if you want to see and buy a full range of g spot vibrators online

  1. Sexy lingerie

Sexy lingerie is always a big seller for working girls or women who want to spice up their sex life and make their men excited. Men love with their eyes so if you are wearing something sexy, they will love it.

One key thing to look for when purchase a sexy lingerie is make sure its easy to take off as you will be doing strip dance. Also make sure its comfortable and you can move around easily in them.

Crotchless lingerie and wet look leather lingerie outfits is always a bigger seller for all occasions. Its always a good idea to get something is has plenty of cover so you can slowly take off and reveal your sexy body bit by bits. This way you can get more tips along the way and the guy will get more excited.

It is recommended to buy a lingerie top plus a lingerie set that way you have more layers to take off, it gives him a sense us suspense. Guys get wild and excited over it; it will get his imagination go wild.

There has been a huge change in the way men things, in recent years sexy plus size lingerie is in, we saw a huge surge in selling plus size lingerie.

Here is some best seller lingerie for camgirls, strippers, working girls and all occasions

Click here if you want to view the whole online catalogue of the lingerie range

  1. Bondage and fetish gearif your viewers are into bondage you can get nipple clamps, breast pumps, pussy pumps and gags

Bondage and fetish are currently the most popular internet search. During covid-19 people are staying at home and everyone gets a little curious when they are bored. People are turn on to bondage porn and bondage sex for entertainment.

The raise in request for camgirl and live streaming service for bondage and fetish is increase by the day. More and more viewers are asking for more the just the usual request. In return the girls are making more money as every request comes money.

The most common request is rope bondage, self-bondage and Japanese bondage. It is also not practical for some request since the camgirls are normally just by themselves.

Fetish gear is also on the rise, viewers are often asking for whips, paddle, gags, spread bars, mask and the use of breast pumps, pussy pumps and clit and nipple pumps is very normal request.

So, to make extra money as a camgirl you need to be able to please the view with most request. You need to be well equipped with sex toys products on demand as this will make you extra money. On the plus side, you can also re-sell these products for a higher price to your fans after the show.

Here are some of the best seller items for Bondage and Fetish sex toy products:

If you are not sure what to get, you can click here for the latest bondage and fetish gear online

 A good laptop with good internet connections

You can buy any laptop from Officeworks these days for around $500AUD and it will come with a front facing camera and WIFI connectivity.

If you don’t have internet connection at home you can buy a wireless internet dongle at any communication stores like Telstra, Optus or Vodafone. There is data only plan available and you can get it for about $30 a month. Depends on how much you are streaming, you might need more if you are streaming many hours a day online.

  1. A nice and quiet room and make sure the background is nicely setup

It is very important to have a nice and quiet room so you can do your streaming session. Also, nice to keep in mind the background. If you don’t have a nice background. You can purchase a nice sheet at Big W or K Mart and hang it up.

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