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November 04, 2020

Tips for vaginal pelvic floor exercise massages using sex toys

Its very important for females to know the important of internal massage that soothes and improves a woman's core muscles, vaginal massage is key towards women's health. It is a key part of keeping a healthy pelvic floor muscle. Using a unique massage technique to the vagina, this will help to tenderise the pelvic muscles that helps with pelvic tensions.

Vaginal massage is more pleasurable than masturbation because it works on the deep muscles of the pelvic area, comparing to masturbation is on the clitoris and g spot stimulation.

Many websites and magazines teach vaginal massage for women who have had children to keep and maintained a healthy vagina after birth. A lot of women only association their vagina with sexual intercourse and childbirth, but many have never explorer anything deeper into the pelvic floor area.

Many gynaecologists recommended that all female should know how to masturbate themselves sexually and how to massage the pelvic floor muscles region.

The depth inside of the female vagina is a very important place. Self-examine, care and looking after that area is very satisfying and sometime very rewarding. Anyone finds that it is hard or some cultures taboo to do vaginal massage or pelvic floor muscles massage, use the resistance exercise method as part of the healing process after pregnancy.

Relieving Pelvic Tension

In the vagina along the back wall there is a group of muscles called Pelvic muscles. It is very important for a woman to understand the important of this area, it can give a feeling of relaxation and tension release, and the intensity of sexual pleasure when it is massaging the correct way.

In the early day it is massage by hand and other medical products, now days you can purchase sex toys product at an adult shop such as vibrating eggs , Kegel sex toy and vibrator products for vaginal massage.

Severer pelvic tension prevents a woman to use the pelvic floor muscles for activities such as exercise at the gym or even walking and running. It can ruin your life due to leakage and affected people sexual life.

The body can manage itself with a pelvic muscle naturally until female that going through the labour of given birth and menopause these conditions prevents the pelvic muscles from naturally self-contained.  

Given massage to the vagina towards the pelvic muscles when symptoms start to appear is very important to prevent further damage. Just one single session of vaginal massage, many women notice a huge improvement in their vaginal heath and pelvic floor muscles.

Because vaginal massage softening the vaginal walls muscles and tenderised the pelvic floor muscles, many women reported that leakages stops, and orgasm is even better than before.

How to massage a vagina

Use feelings and guide the vibrator directly to the areas of pain and tension in your pelvic area. Always start with non-vibration settings and slowly use lower settings until you are comfortable.

The key to vaginal massage is to get to know your internal first. The vaginal walls and the pelvic area need more blood flow and energy boost, by given it attention you will notice an increase in vaginal health.

If you are not comfortable with using a vibrator, it’s a good idea to use a vibrating egg that fits in the area. Some sex toy vibrating egg have remote control so just insert in placed and sit back and relax using the remote control to control the vibration.

You can do this with a partner during foreplay to make things more exciting or by yourself. First, find a comfortable position with easy access to the vagina.

  1. Go on one side and slight open your legs with your vagina expose. Depends if you are using a sex toy like a dildo or vibrator or even with just your fingers. Note: when using your fingers or sex toys for pelvic floor and vaginal massage make sure it is clean and sterilized.


Insert into your vagina and slowly rub the side you your vagina and insert it deeper you will feel your pelvic muscles. Slowly apply a little pressure and you will feel a lot of pleasures.


Take time and explore your vagina. If you are about to climax to an orgasm, turn off the vibrator to a lower setting. This will allow you to continue with the session longer. Depends on how many minutes you are intended to do vaginal massage, if you think its enough them just finish with a good orgasm.


Many women use orgasm as a reward for doing vaginal massage sessions. It is also a good idea to invest into a good sex toy vibrator or a Kegel sex toy for your sessions.


  1. After the first few times you will be familiar with your vagina and what each part feels like. You will know exactly which of the areas of tension need massage to release stress. Use light strokes by moving your finger or a vibrator from front of your vagina to back and from side to side, when you can pinpoint the area that requires the most attention apply more pressure.


Just go with the flow as your body will direct you to where it needs it most. Listen to your body and when you feel you are about to reach orgasm, adjust your breathing technique and soften the pressure. By doing this you will be able to release all the stress and tenderised the pelvic muscles.


  1. Some women have deeper vagina then others, for those with deeper pelvic floor muscles areas. If you finger cannot reach, then you need to use a vibrator or a sex toy dildo.

Some of the popular vaginal massage products specially for pelvic floor exercise

  1. LELO Luna Beads
  2. Original Kegel Balls
  3. Finger Vibe for G Spot and Pelvic Massage
  4. Pillow Talk G Spot Vibrator


  1. Use a circular movement with a steady pressure on any pelvic regions that experience pain, or you can sense any tensions. Go along the vaginal wall and massage this area just inside the vaginal lip entry.


You may also find other area that might need attention while moving your fingers or the vibrator around. Whenever you feel any tensions just put light pressure and hold steady until the tense ease off.

Continue to go deeper inside your vagina and don’t forget to hit either side.

Note : Always use a premium lubricant and sanitizer your sex toy before use.

You can buy personal lubricant and sex toy sanitizer and cleaners online here

How often and for how long should I do vaginal massage and pelvic exercise?


If you are just starting out to improve overall pelvic floor after injuries or childbirth, then two to three sessions a week is a good starting point. These sessions can be from five minutes to about 30 minutes, your body will let you know when it has enough.

You will notice your energy and stamina will increase then you can reduce to once or two a month is more than enough. If you can feel your body is a little off like edgy or uncomfortable in that region then it is a sign that your pelvic floor is having a lot of tension, stops the flow of good energy, its calling out for a good massage.

Pelvic symptoms include pain and urine leakage, that is also a signal that your pelvic muscles are experience some problems.


What if I can’t get it right?

Just keep try again and you will eventually get it. Use your inner soul and listen to your body, it’s amazing what you can hear when you really listen to your own body. Just like when you have a sore foot you can use your hand and rub it. Vaginal pelvic muscles are the same, once you enter your vagina you will find that special spot that needs attention.

Try to close your eyes and feel, working through your touch feel sensations and go with what you feel in your head. Just relax and go slow you will find that magic spot.

What position is best?

There are no one position for everyone. As everybody is made differently, experiment until you find a good position that allows you to reach your pelvic muscles. It must be comfortable so you can relax. Some recommendation includes side-lying, using pillows to rise your pelvis, sitting on the bed and standing with leg spread.

Many women could reach between their legs or lie on the side from the front or back. Many positions might feel a bit awkward at first, with a lot of practice and patience you will find that it will get easier as times goes by.

How deep should I put it into my vagina?

Is it a good idea to explorer your vagina slowly by massage softly from the front then sides of your internal as far as you can reach? You will find there are areas of pain and tension may be all along the walls or towards the deep end of the vagina.

If your fingers or thump is not long enough or you are not comfortable using your hand for any reason, then you can use a vibrator or a hard dildo.

How hard should I apply the pressure?

Everyone is different, and it is depending on your body's requirement. Use as much pressure on the muscle as you feel comfortable to ease the pain. If you feel that the tension is too strong, and your body is fighting back instead of relaxing then you should slow down and use less pressure or stop and try again another time.

Sometime its good idea to use sex toys such as vibrator or a dildo to start self-pleasure first before doing any vaginal massage. This will tenderise all the vaginal muscles so it can be relaxing when you go into for a good pelvic muscles massage.

Am I doing it wrong?


If you don’t feel any tensions or pain it does not mean you are doing it wrong. The whole massage process is to create more energy and blood flow to the pelvic area instead of physical changes, you will feel more energy moving and an intense arousal plus relaxation like you might experience in any yoga class. Always visually you are in a nice space when performing vaginal pelvic floor exercise.

I can feel sensation and heat internally?

It is normal for muscular tissues to expand and retracts, this will release energy such as heat and sensations. Totally normal. In fact, it is a good indication of good blood flow and energy boost, next you will feel an ease in tension. This is the beginning of your pelvic floor get back to its normal form.

Vaginal massage can be sexually arousing?

Vaginal massage can lead to sexual stimulation but after many sessions you might find that it can feels more like the relaxation then masturbation. The main difference between the climax and orgasm using a sex toy for sexual stimulation is that its only temporary relieve but the long-term problem cannot be treated unless you must go deeper and massage the pelvic area.

Sex is one of the main activities that assist with pelvic health because it massages the inner pelvis in a woman’s vaginal. It creates blood flow and boost energy. For single woman who needs sexual intercourse stimulation its recommended to purchase a realistic dildo for intercourse.  

A realistic dildo recommended is between 7inch and 10inch. The girth or width is also very important, it needs to be big enough to rub and massage the vaginal walls when inserted. A realistic dildo with width between 1.9inch to 2.5 inch is a good size.

The most popular realistic with good length dildo are:

A 7.5-inch realistic dildo is a good start for anyone want to get that real feel during penetration while have that vaginal wall a good massage. The realistic dildo made from soft silicone on the outer layer and inside is a rock-hard shaft to keep the dildo in shape.


This realistic dildo is reach all the spots that needs attention inside your vagina and it will give you the best orgasm ever,



If you have a deeper vagina or enjoy a deeper penetration with a width or girth so you can feel that stretch, then this is the dildo for you. At 10inch full length and 3cm wide it’s a good dildo for vaginal massage or pelvic massage.


With the suction cup you can mount it on any hard surface and ride it or back against it. You will get the best vaginal massage while penetrating this dildo, all your muscles will be tender and soft. A good orgasm will bring back you vaginal health.



This is for someone who want something bigger and thicker and longer. After a few sessions of the smaller dildo most women tend to upgrade the size to a larger one to get a better result. This 11-inch dildo is best for deeper penetration where there is spot that cannot be reached by the shorter dildo.

As the size gets loner the width also gets thicker. To get a good vaginal wall massage this 11inch dildo is the best for that job. As you insert the large dildo into your vagina, it stretched and rub against the vaginal wall back and forth so give a very good and healthy massage.

The bigger the dildo is the bigger the orgasm will be.

This is an average sized dildo for the intermediate women who want both pleasure and a good vaginal massage and pelvic muscles massage. Its longer and thick enough for a good penetration and hits all the tension spots.


The most popular realistic dildo with good girth or width are:


Most woman only know their vagina with sexuality, but it is also important to look at the vagina as more than sex. It is the main entry to the woman internal that lead to the pelvic area. To be able to successful with vaginal massage you need to get comfortable with yourself and explore with an objective in mind instead of just go straight to masturbation.

One bonus when performing vaginal massage to relieve muscle tension can often leads intense climax orgasm. These feelings then carry on during sexual intercourse because of the increased energy and blood flow to the g spot and pelvic area, its easier for a woman to reach her orgasm during sex.

Too many painful areas in my pelvic area?

If you find too many painful points and tensions area inside your pelvic floor or your vaginal walls. It can be a chronic case that points to emotional or physical stress. When someone has chronic tension, it can stop the flow of blood and energy. The build-up of bad chemical in your body is very toxic. You should look at your daily living habits and change a few things.

You will notice things get worse when stress increases, but it can be fixed by increasing blood flow and muscle health with vaginal massage or using a dildo or vibrator. This will relieve stress and bring balance.

What if my vagina gets sore?

In some occasions you might experience soreness or cramping feelings in your vagina especially the pelvic muscles area. This is totally normal as the massage tenderised and relieve all the pains as your body adapts and learn how to deal with the change.

If you are experience soreness for a longer period that means the previous session was too much and too intense. Try a warm bath or shower and try to slowdown and reduce the pressure next time.

It’s not working for me?

You might experience intense tensions in the vaginal walls and pelvic area that cannot be release and easing even after massage. Try a different area or use a large dildo and ride it until you orgasm then try again. Sometimes the vaginal walls and pelvic muscles needs a good pounding to release the tension. Together with a good orgasm sometimes it helps to improve energy flow to the area.

Always try to keep things simple, if you are new to vaginal massage or using sex toys for pelvic floor massage then you need to go slow and be patience and explore your body.

How do I know if it’s working?

There are many indications to look out for after a few sessions of vaginal massage. Your internal muscle tension is less, you will notice your finger, or a vibrator can have pressure applied into the muscle more deeply or the muscle feels more tender. Your body fells more relax, your sex drive increase, you can climax and having orgasm easier. There is no pain during intercourse or during masturbation sessions.

The best way to check is use a Kegel ball and try to squeeze it with your vagina muscle. If your pelvic floor muscles are strong enough it should be able to hold for a period. When your vaginal pelvic muscles are healthy you should be able to hold it with no pain.

The following is some of the heavier Kegel ball range you can use to check:


This Kegel set comes with two different size and weight for beginners and advanced users


The vibrating Kegel from Adam & eve is good for someone who wants some rewards for doing pelvic floor exercise. The vibrating of the Kegel balls gives you an amazing orgasm while doing your pelvic exercise.


These stainless-steel Kegel balls are heavy and it’s a great toll for most advanced users to test their pelvic muscles strength and endurance

The Pillow Talk Kegel ball is one of the most popular Kegel toys on the internet. Made from high quality silicone and body safe. The touch and feels are very soft and natural.

Very nice vibrant pink in colour and on the end is a real Swarovski crystal for extra luxury feel

Can I do vaginal massage while pregnant?

It is not recommended to do any pelvic exercise or vaginal massage during pregnancy. Self-pleasure like masturbation with just a sex toy bullet is fine plus sexual intercourse helps with blood flow and it’s a natural way of taking care of the pelvic muscles.

Can pelvic exercise help after giving birth to tighten my vagina?

It is highly recommended to perform vaginal massage and pelvic floor exercise after childbirth; it helps with healing and improve the muscles of the pelvic bowl. The beset part is it helps with tightens your vagina.

However, don’t do your exercise straight away after the birth of your child. Wait at least eight weeks postpartum, after all the bleeding and the you can see that your body starts to heal itself then it’s time to start massage.

Prior to that you can do gentle pelvic squeezes maybe 8 to 18 squeeze a day just to keep the muscle memory alive.

Should I visit a doctor?

If you are experience pain and tensions in your vaginal walls and pelvic muscles areas. You have tried everything from vaginal massage to pelvic floor exercise and nothing helps.

Many people have problems during or due to accidents or other natural causes, cases with chronic pains and tension it is recommended to seek professional help.

Visit your GP and get a referral to a specialist where they can look for other factors that may cause all the pains and tensions

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