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November 10, 2020

Sex toys solves all your problems

Many of us have seen an adult shop or drive past one at some stage in our life. Friends talk about it or we see it during a google search. We might meet a sex toy while going through out old siblings’ stuff or a strange looking product hidden in the back of a cupboard our mom’s room and find its a dildo in the first draw.

Many of us only experience real orgasm with a sex toy vibrator or dildo. It was wet and juicy and sometime the sheet needs to be change. However, there are no class in school, or anyone teach us how to do this, most of us learn it by ourselves.

Vibrator make you orgasm

Most female who tried a sex toy vibrator, always claim that she wishes they know about it earlier. Anyone in today’s age that does not have an experience with a sex toy like a bullet, vibrator, dongs, dildos are missing out on the best orgasm of their life. However, many of us are still very shy about it.  

Many older women in their mature years have missed the vibrator revolution and never experience what a real orgasm is really like.

Many sex surveys show that just over one quarter owned a vibrator and nearly 70 per cent has never see or touch a sex toy in their life. Many couples also admit that sex toys bring more excitement to the bedroom and helps with their sex life.

When check in with the younger women group almost one in four own a couple of sex toys. And almost 90 percent have used a sex toy solo or with a partner. Many married or older women think that they don’t need a sex toy since they have their husband. Or they are worried that their husband will not be happy with them using sex toys.

Looking into detailed of the surveys, the group of women who do not own any sex toy label their sex-life as poor. If you are reading this and you are in your 40s or 0s then you should get onto Funtasia website or Funtasia Adult Shop and buy yourself a vibrator. It will improve your sexual desire more then you are currently.

More than 50 percent of woman in Australia admitted that using vibrator regularly help them to orgasm better during intercourse with their partner.

Reasons why you need a vibrator

If you never experience an orgasm through naturally your best choice to have an orgasm is a vibrator.

If you've never had an orgasm during sexual intercourse, then you need a vibrator.

If you've never had an orgasm with your partner, then you need a couple’s vibrator like the we vibe sync or the LELO Tiani

If you want orgasm more often, you can’t go wrong with a vibrator

Even the best oral sex can ever be comparing to the power of the vibration from the powerful clitoral vibrator bullet.

Here's what else owning a sex toy will do for you

From the age of 15 to 50 our body change a lot and so if our desire and needs in our sex life. There might be things that we experienced and liked along the way. There are also cases where we get sick or injuries that prevents us from doing things that we were once able to do. Take masturbation or an example, you used to be able to rub and finger yourself for hours but now you have weaker wrist so it’s no longer possible.

Many new release vibrators are very light with a single button for controlling vibration so it’s very easy to use and hold. Plus, when masturbating with a vibrator or dildo you wouldn’t last that long anyway. For single women, its recommended that you should masturbate regularly to help with blood and energy flow.

Orgasms release powerful good chemical in our body that promotes the lowering of anxiety and help with depression. Just remember if you are having regular sex, you need massage your penis or vagina and keep them in working order.

Placed the vibrator on your clitoris to make yourself climax into an orgasm this will gives the pelvic muscles a good stretch. By having orgasm in between intercourse, it keeps your vaginal muscles tender so it would not be painful the next time you have sex. Even in couple’s situation sex toys is a great addition to the relationship.

Doctors recommended for female in a sexless relationship or male partner is experience prostate cancer to continue using vibrators to assist with the blood flow to help with dryness and increase vaginal muscles tensions. Without good blood flow and energy, you will feel sore down there all the time.

The rule of thumb to remember is if you are not having sex with anyone, then have sex with yourself. Women can masturbate very quick with a vibrator, average 2 minutes or less for achieve an orgasm. While it has been reported that it takes average 15 to 20 minutes for a woman to orgasm during sexual intercourse.  

The main advantage of sex toys is that you can have all the control in your hand when it comes to stimulation power. All vibrators and vibrating dildo come with many levels of vibrations and you can turn them up or down depending on what you like. Not like using your hand or a penis there is no way you can have the same level of vibration power.

For women who find it harder to orgasm. Use a strong vibrator which can quickly get blood flowing to the clitoris to get the orgasm quicker. Normally a sex toy bullet is the best for this kind of work.

For partners with soft erection, or he can’t make you orgasm with intercourse, a vibrator is the best alternative to add into their sex session. Many women add a vibrator into their bedroom to make sure they are having and orgasm during sex if their partner is unable to give them an orgasm.

Get better sex with a vibrator

Couples find that they are having more sex now since sex toys suck as vibrators, dildos or dongs into their sex life. For a woman to know that if they going to get an orgasm everything, they have they, they are more eager and intended to do it. Sex toys are becoming very accessible, safe and it’s very easy to use. One of the main advantages is a few sex toys manufacturer is starting to make discreet sex toys; this is good for parents with curious kids that keep going through their draws.

The new age sex toys are also very quiet, this is very important when you share a house with other people and if you have kids next door. No one can hear if you are using it at night. Waterproof vibrator is also a new feature, this is very important for cleaning, you can wash it under the tap with soap for hygiene maintenance.

There is a huge range of sex toys products on the market. There is vibrator that rotate, thrusting to mimic a penis penetrate, vibrates, twirl and twist, sucking and pulsating vibrators. Lots of the new vibrators are very discreet in disguised such as flashlights torch like the fleshlight masturbators, a mini hair dryer like the satisfyer pro 2 next generation, a horseshoe like the we vibe sync and lelo tiani, there is also lipstick vibrator.

Sex toys are no longer just focus on the penis or vagina. The new range also focus on anal sex toys, nipples and breast pump and clamps with vibrations, vagina pumps, urethras sex toys and many others.

New types of sex toys

Sex toy vibrators are also getting smaller so you can put them in your handbag or pocket, and for those who like power there are sex machine and huge wands for that extra vibration power. Sex toys now are better because they're designed by women and with lithium battery and silicone technology it is becoming very advanced and safe to use.

The new sex toys are far superior then the first generation sex toys back in the 80’s and 90’s. Compare the old, hard, black rattlers with today's sophisticated, velvet-smooth sex toys and you just know women have got their hands on them.

There are many popular brands on the current market and some of them clearly stand out then other. Some of the famous brand are Womanizer, WE-VIBE, LELO, FleshLight, Satisfyer, Fun Factory, Le Wand, Pretty Love, BMS Pillow Talk, King Cock, CalExotics, Doc Johnson, ROMP, PIPE Dreams, Anal Fantasy and many more

How to choose the right sex toy

First, ask yourself the following question before purchase any sex toy

  1. Think about where you will be using it?
  2. Which part of your body need attention?
  3. There is different sex toy for clitoral stimulation vibrator, g spot vibrators, anal vibrator or nipple clamps with vibration?
  4. Are you going to use it with your boyfriend/husband?
  5. Are you going to use it by yourself?
  6. Are you looking at to use it on the outside or inside? Do you prefer clitoral stimulation or g spot penetration?

Don’t get into the hype of internet and marketing and get the latest and greatest vibrator. You should be able to know your body and what you need a vibrator for to fill the gap that you are missing. You don’t need to pay for a $300 sex toy that have the best clitoral stimulation power but really you only need g spot penetration to get an orgasm. Vice versa if you need clitoral vibrator to give you an orgasm then there is no need to spend money to buy a g spot vibrator or the latest thrusting rabbit vibrator.


You will be surprising how many people don’t know how to masturbate properly. Most men know how to masturbate because a penis is very easy to use, just hold it and stroke it long enough it will climax then ejaculate. As for woman there are many ways you can masturbate a vagina.

3 common ways you can masturbate a vagina
Many of us gets wet and turn on when we watch porn, watch a hot sex scene in a movie or reading erotic books. These are some of the activity that leads the urge to masturbate.

Some of the common way to masturbate for female does not involved penetration. More than 90% of female do not insert anything in their vagina during masturbation.


Vibrators are made of different shapes, size and with many functions. It is important to read the instructions first before use, especially cleaning instructions. It’s always important to sterilize all sex toys before used. If you are not sure how to use it, check on the manufacture’s website or YouTube. There is usually a product review or a how to us video of YouTube of a new sex toy vibrator.

Most vibrator have a power button and another button to adjust the intensity of the vibration or thrusting function. Some vibrator is very simple to use, turn on the vibration, placed it against your clitoris and depends on the pressure you like and put it there until you orgasm.

You can do it stand up or lying down. When standing up, lying down on your back with leg spread and sitting. A good technique the standing position, hold the vibrator facing the front and use your vagina to thrust into it.

For smaller bullet vibrator you can use the circular rubbing motion around the clitoris until you climax.

Rechargeable vibrator is very strong, many women find that it’s too quick for have an orgasm. Check with the instructions on how to adjust the intensity of the vibration, start slowing then when you are about to climax then increase to the maximum intensity of vibration on the vibrator to get the most intense orgasm ever. You are you super sensitive you can try and placed the vibrator outside your panties instead of directly in contact with the clitoris, this might reduce the sensation and make you last longer.


Many women love penetration using a realistic dong or a dildo. Dildos are sex toy that mild from silicone into a shape of the penis, they come in non-vibrating and vibrating options.

Types of Dildos and Dong

  1. Straight dildo
  2. Dildos with balls
  3. Dildos that squirts
  4. Real feel realistic dildo
  5. Dildlo for G spot ( this one hand a bend)
  6. Thrusting Dildo
  7. Extra-large and thick dildo
  8. Suction cup dildo

Just like a penis there are certain features that you like when it comes to penis size, shapes and how they bend.

For example, you can mount a suction cup vibration dildo against the wall, then you can go on the hand and knees and back yourself against the wall for a doggy style penetration. Or you can mount it on a hard floor surface and ride it.

A bend dildo can hit that g spot if your g spot is in a hard to reach place. Or you can choose a large and thick dildo for extra stretch feel if you like it to fill you up. The squirting or ejaculate dildo is very popular with female who like someone cum inside them during penetration.

To achieve an intense orgasm, many women use a bullet vibrator while riding on the dildo to give them multiple orgasm. They get to orgasm on the g spot inside and clitoral orgasm on the outside.

Clit sucking or lick vibrator

The new age of vibrator like the womanizer, satisfyer, lelo and we vibe have made vibrators that have sucking functions to mimic the ultimate oral sex on a clitoris.

These sucking and licking vibrators is normally rechargeable and waterproof.

The best way to use these vibrators is on your back with your genitals pressed firmly into the the tip of the vibrator sucking hole. Or you can lie your stomach with the vibrator on the bed pressing against your vagina and clitoris set pillow on each side for comfort and to keep the pressure firm.

Some of the new vibrator have remote control so you can change the intensity of the vibration, this is a big bonus because you don’t need to constant touching and pressing the button on the vibrator which can be a little annoying.

When are you going to use the vibrator?

Wand vibrators are big so you need to think when travel, a sex toy vibrator bullets is a better idea as you can discreetly into your handbag or make-up bag.

Think about other people living in the same building? Does it need to be discreet and quiet?

Remember the larger the vibrator the more noise the motor will make.

Vibrating power?
Some vibrator has so much power that you

How much do you want to spend?

It’s a good idea to spend good money on items you use more often like vibrators and personal lubricant. You don't need to spend hundreds of dollars on high end sex toy products, there are lots of mid-range sex toys vibrator made of quality, excellent high-grade medical silicone materials. High quality lithium rechargeable battery so you don’t have to worry about replacing battery and with products like the Satisfyer Pro 2 have 15 years warranty.

Some retailers, like Funtasia Adult Shop who make offer a 100 per cent money-back guarantee if you're not happy. And yes, this does mean you can take them out of the packaging and try them out properly. (They recycle returned products, just in case you're
wondering!) This is handy because it means you get to road-test more expensive products and experiment more.

Where to buy sex toys

It doesn’t matter where you live now days, just jump on google and search for sex store or sex toys and you will find your nearest sex shop when professional know that can help you what you are looking for. At fantasia the adult shop, staff are trained to help customer to find what they need to fill in the gap in their sexual life.

If you are shy and cannot be comfortable talking about your sexual needs. The its best to go online at to buy your sex toy. There is a section at Funtasia the adult shop online store to show you how to find the perfect sex toy.

Important facts to look for when purchase a vibrator

Some important factors to think about when looking for a sex toy vibrator:

  • Make sure its non-toxic and body-safe silicone, rubber or pvc? An example of a good quality and body sage silicone vibrator sex toys is the LELO GIGI G Spot Vibrator. This vibrator is made with high quality PVC handle and medical grade silicone body and tip which is body safe and you can wash it under hot water and soap, and it would not damage the silicone.

  • The vibrator’s texture, whether is soft to touch, or if you like it hard? Different types of vibrator are different and different company specialise in different range of vibrators that have different textures and feel to it. For example, the Soft by Playful Rabbit Vibrator is extremely soft to touch and the texture is luxurious smooth yet its nice enough to give you a good orgasm. There is a layer of gel underneath the surface which give you that cushion feel when touched.

  • How many buttons and is it accessible? At some angles is hard to access the buttons if the vibrator is too long. Many of the older version of the rabbit vibrator have many buttons like the Jack Rabbit vibrator which have many functions such as spinning, rotating, vibrators and thrusting so there are 5 buttons of functions.

  • How heavy is the vibrator? You need to find something that you can hold for a long period if you can’t get an orgasm quick enough. The older version of the Jack Rabbit Vibrator is heavy and very bulky because of the material used when it was manufacturing. The new vibrator like the Satisfyer rabbit is less than half the weight.

  • Size? Is it too big and too long to hold?

  • easy to use? Rechargeable? Rechargeable vibrator needs a USB plug to charge so make sure you have a charger for it. Battery operated vibrator can get expensive long term as battery can run out very quickly if is a vibrator with a lot of functions.

  • Controls are easy to see and use? Is the control label clearly, do you need glasses to see if labels?

  • Battery operated? How long will it last with a set of batteries? You don't want it die out just before you climax

  • Any plastic or silicone odour? Make sure your vibrator or dildo does not have a chemicals or plastic odour. Avoid it at all cost. A high-quality rubber or silicone sex toy don’t have any foul smell.
  • Make sure its medical grade material and its body safe

The main factors that people look for now days is value for money. Due to covid-19 and the economy slowdown in 2020, many people don’t have much to spend when it comes to sex toys or other luxury items.

That’s why at Funtasia the Adult shop, the price is always the lowest compare to other stores and with free shipping and 12 month warranty on sex toy products you have the confident that if there is anything wrong with your product Funtasia the Adult shop will replace it for you.

Premium personal LUBRICANT
Personal Lube is very important when it is used with sex toy, the wrong lubricant can damage the silicone on the vibrators. For some vibrators brands like We Vibe, LELO or Womanizer you want them to last as long as possible.

Lubricant also make it more enjoyable when you are having penetrative sex either with a sex toy or a penis. Just like a mechanical engine, lubes are there to help and reduce the friction and prevent a dry vagina or anal. Anal sex needs different types of lubricant then vaginal sex.

For anal sex you need to look for a thick premium anal lube so it doesn’t absorb into your body and last longer. The best seller anal lube is the Swiss Navy Premium Anal lube.

When using a vibrator or condoms is it recommended to use Water-based lubricants because it will not damage the silicone on the vibrator or damage the condoms. The main reason why people use silicone based personal lube is because it last long and it’s not going to cause any irritation like yeast infections.

Be very careful when using oil based or silicone based personal lubricant as they are very hard to wash off the sheet and clothes.

There are many brand of personal lube on the market such as Swiss Navy, Wet Stuff, PJUR, Wicked, Jo, KY Jelly and brands like LELO, Satisfyer and Fleshlight starting to make their own lube also.


Apart from having regular intercourse or investing in some type of vaginal rejuvenation using lasers, regular Kegel exercises are still one of the most effective ways to keep your sex organs fit and healthy.

A bonus: the more toned and tighter your pelvic floor muscles, the more intense orgasms feel. If you’ve had children, you'll have been lectured on the importance of doing regular pelvic-floor exercises. They basically involve repetitively squeezing and releasing the same muscles you'd squeeze to stop the flow of urine.

You can do them without equipment, but they're more effective if you have something to squeeze around because it forces you to do the exercise properly (squeezing the PC muscle rather than the muscles in your anus and thighs).

Kegel toner balls, which you insert high into the vagina, are weighted to help improve muscle tone even further during your genital work-out. You can buy them as one single ball, doubles or sets that increase in size and weight. Some vibrate, to turn you on during the 'work-out', or you can go high-tech with toners that use electrical pulses or track your progress on your smart phone.

There are many brands on the market that manufacture Kegel products.

The most common Kegel products are:

  1. LELO Luna Beads Kegel balls
  2. Satisfyer love balls Kegel
  3. We Vibe Bloom Vibrating Kegel Ball
  4. Adam & Eve Vibrating Pleasure Kegel Balls
  5. Pretty Love Elvira Rechargeable Vibration Kegel


Sex Toys you would want

ORGASM GEL And Arousal oils

Orgasm gels contain products like arginine and menthol, which work to enhance sensation and maximise climax potential during solo play or sex with your partner. You rub it around the clitoris. Gels create a warming sensation and increase blood flow to the area.

When using arousal gel like the ON Arousal oil or the Jo Couples Arousal Oil Kit you will experience and bigger and longer orgasm. It is a great booster for those who find it harder to get an orgasm, it is also helping to promote squirting and multiple orgasms.


This type of vibrator is top of the list for good reason. Wand vibes are powerful—and lots of us need stronger vibration than we used to. They cover a bigger area than other targeted vibes-good news when your nerve endings aren't as sensitive as they were and they're great for external stimulation, if delicate tissue or dryness is a problem.

They can be battery-operated, rechargeable or powered by electricity. Wands you plug into the wall are a one-time investment. The vibration is steady, consistent and teeth-shatteringly strong—hell, you really can use it to massage your shoulders!

Electric vibrators were invented before irons and vacuum cleaners-good to see someone had their priorities right! Some of the most popular wand out there is the Le Wand massager, Body Wand, Adam & EVE power wand, Pretty Love Powerful Wand, Doxy Massager, We -Vibe Wand, LELO Smart Wand, Palm Power WAND, Pillow Talk wand, satisfyer wand, and the Hitachi Wand.

Mains-powered wands tend to be heavier to hold than rechargeable or battery vibes and are more expensive. But panic not. There are plenty of well-designed, non-mains-powered wands out there that still pack a punch.

Some of the best seller sex vibrator wand online are:


  1. Doxy Massage sex wand
  2. LELO Smart Wand
  3. Palm Power Extreme Powerful Wand
  4. Body Wand sex wand massager
  5. Le Wand the most powerful plugin wand massager
  6. We-Vibe Wands Powerful Body massager
  7. Pretty Love wireless powerful wand
  8. Satisfyer wand-er wand
  9. Adam & Eve Ultimate powerful wand
  10. Pillow Talk Sultry Power wand

Sex Toy BULLET Vibrator

They look like large tampons, are tiny enough to take anywhere but powerful enough to deliver good, strong clitoral stimulation. They're also perfect for caressing nipples, around the rim of your bottom anywhere you fancy a bit of a buzz really.

Inexpensive, versatile and completely non-threatening in shape (nothing phallic here), bullets are a perfect choice if you've never used a sex toy before. You can also use it to get yourself in the mood before sex. If you want a head start, head to the bathroom with one in your pocket and let it work its magic.

 Bullet vibrators has been around for many years. The first type of bullet vibrators is not at powerful as the new one now day. The new type of bullet vibrators is rechargeable and waterproof so you can wash it under the sink with soap. Bullet with lithium rechargeable battery is very powerful.

Many popular brands that is currently sell very well on the internet and in stores such as We Vibe Tango Bullets, Pretty Love Powerful rechargeable bullets, Adam & Eve, Satisfyer, Zumio, Adam & Eve, Screaming O, Evolved, OMG! and ROMP.

 Lithium rechargeable sex toy bullet vibrator is 10 times more powerful then battery operated bullets.

 Some of the best seller of sex toy vibrator bullets are


  1. We Vibe Tango Rechargeable bullet
  2. Pretty Love Ultra Strong Powerful Bullet Sex toy vibrator
  3. Adam & Eve Blue Diamond Bullet Vibrator
  4. Satisfyer mini bullet vibrator
  5. Zumio Clitoral bullet vibrator
  6. Evolved Pink powerful rechargeable waterproof bullet vibrator
  7. OMG! bullet vibrator
  8. ROMP bullet vibrator


Anything that vibrates is essentially a clitoral vibrator but there are targeted vibes, specifically designed for this purpose. Bullets are clitoral vibes. As are pebble-shaped clitoral vibes that sit in the palm of your hand. They're small, oval-shaped and curved to cover the labial area. If you find your clitoris has got more sensitive over time,
they'll suit you because the vibration is gentler.


There are many names for clitoral vibrators but the common name is Bullet Vibrator, Clitoral Stimulation vibrators or Eggs.

Clitoral suction vibrators stimulate the clitoris-without even touching it. They use new air technology that produces gentle sucking and soft vibrations, providing an entirely different stimulation to normal vibrators. The most famous is the Womanizer, LELO and Satisfyer, though other brands are starting to emerge. It's another style that's great to try if you're super sensitive.


Some of the most popular clitoral stimulation vibrator are


All these vibrators are in the premium range with a specific design is to stimulate the clitoris. They are all rechargeable and waterproof vibrator with air pulse technology and sonic wave to create a real feeling of oral sex.


A rabbit is what springs to mind when most people picture a vibrator. If you're over 50 and not interested in using a sex toy, this is probably why. When you're young and super keen on penetration, a large penis-shaped shaft that whirls around to stimulate your vaginal wall looks like heaven.

 When you're older, all those fancy beads twirling around just look painful. The vibrating ears'
of the rabbit are positioned to work on the clitoris while the shaft is inserted. In my opinion, there are other vibrators that are better suited for older women but if this all sounds appealing, go for it!

 Rabbit vibrator is for women who likes double stimulation and multiple orgasm. The rabbit vibrator is specially designed to focus and stimulation both the g spot and the clitoris at the same time. When using a rabbit vibrator remember to use extra lubricant on the rabbit ears and on the vibrator shaft where you will be inserted into your vagina. Some rabbit vibrator also has thrusting function so you need extra lubricant to reduce the frictions which can cause soreness and redness.

 When looking at to purchase a Rabbit Vibrator, make sure you choose the right size for you. Most rabbit vibrator is very big, if you know that your vagina is tight then get something smaller. Also, the distance between the head of the vibrator to the rabbit ear is very important. Make sure you know your body well because the tip of the vibrator needs to sit on the g spot and the rabbit ears sit on the clitoris. This is what will give you that double orgasm.

 There is a huge range of Rabbit Vibrator on the internet and in store from many different manufacturers. Some of the most popular brand such as Romp, Satisfyer, LELO, Adam & Eve, Pretty Love, G.C, Jack Rabbit, Evolved and Loveline

The following are a list of the best seller Rabbit Vibe this year

  1. Romp Jazz Rabbit Vibrator
  2. Satisfyer Mr Rabbit Vibrator
  3. LELO Loki Wave Rabbit Vibrator
  4. Adam & Eve Mid Night Powerful Rabbit vibrator
  5. Pretty Love Dual Motor G Spot & Clitoral Rabbit Vibrator 'Kyle' Medium Size
  6. Thrusting Jack Rabbit (Purple)
  7. GC Dual Motor Waterproof 10 function Rabbit vibrator
  8. Evolved Sugar Bunny Cute Rabbit Vibrator in Pink
  9. Loveline Juicy Ultra G spot focus rabbit vibrator

The best toys for him

Decreased blood flow makes it harder for men to get and sustain an erection when they're older. Like us, he also takes longer to get aroused and needs extra stimulation. Happily, sex toys tick lots of those can help' boxes.


This is a simple but ingenious invention of a male masturbator that has revolutionised masturbation and foreplay. They've been around forever (you may have heard of the brand Fleshlight, which are strokers that look like fake vaginas). Today's strokers are more discreet—soft tubes, usually textured—that mould to the shaft to stimulate the penis.


Many people also call sleeve and Strokers a pocket pussy. Its small and very easy to fit into your pocket.


You simply put a dab of lube inside, slide them over the penis and use one hand to slide it up and down. Sleeves turn even an amateur hand-job into something quite spectacular. It is very important to use a good quality lubricant when using a silicone masturbator or pocket pussy. An artificial vagina is different to a real vagina because it does not lubricate itself, you need to use a thick lube so you can get that smooth and wet penetration when masturbating.

A tip is to used warming lube, as silicone is cold and when using warming lube, it feels more like a real vagina when you insert your penis in the masturbator.

There are many brands on the market that are excellent quality and I feels like a real vagina during masturbation. Some of the top seller brands are Fleshlight, Crazy Bull, Onyx Kiiro, AutoBlow, TENGA, Topco Cyberskin, Satisfyer, Zero Tolerance, Pipe Dream and Doc Johnson.

With all the new technology and internet access to virtual reality and real-life porn. Men wants everything to look, touch and feels like real. The latest in masturbation technology is the fully automatic masturbator with stroking and vibrating.

Some of the best seller automatic masturbator are

  1. AutoBlow AI,
  2. Fleshlight girls Lisa Ann and Fleshlight girls Riley Reid
  3. Pretty Love automatic pussy masturbator
  4. Onyx Lisa an Automatic Masturbator and Onyx Asa Akira full automatic stroker masturbator

These automatic masturbators are made from high quality soft silicone products so this is as close to a real vagina as you could get. Its also full automated so you can just sit back, and release and the machine will ride you until you orgasm. It is also very easy to clean so you don’t have to pull out, just cum inside the machine then remove the sleeves to clean under the tap.

A keynote to remember when using male masturbator products is too make sure you clean and store it correctly. Always was before and after use, use a good sex toy cleaner to spray and sterilize your masturbator. Always store in a dry and cool place, you can contact your nearest adult sex shop to buy a sex toy renewal power. This is like baby power which helps to keep the silicone in good condition.

PENIS RINGS or Cock Ring

 Penis rings or cock rings is a silicone ring that fits on the base of the penis to help with holding the erection for longer and help with delay the ejaculation and make the man last longer during sex.

These cock ring come in many different forms, but all slip over the penis to sit snugly at the base. The idea is that they hold the blood in the chambers to keep him harder—with varying success. Lots of men like using them because it can help with premature ejaculation. There is also a popular trend to use a vibration cock ring, these types of cock ring have a built-in vibration bullet where you can power on which can turn your penis into a vibrator.

They feel like someone's squeezing him, always nice, and can help delay orgasm and make it feel more powerful.

Some of the popular cock rings on the market are full high-quality silicone instead of the older rubber which can stretch and break after a few uses. Some of the outstanding brand that manufacture excellent cock ring is LELO, Pretty Love, We Vibe, Romp, Love Toy, Fantasy, Zero Tolerance, Stay Hard, Renegade, Crazy Bull, Master Series, Sports Fucker, Doc Johnson, Pipe Dream and Adam & Eve.

Most of the cock ring manufacturer always try to improve against each other, the most popular cock ring sold at Funtasia Adult Store this year are:

  1. LELO Tor 2 Vibrating Cock Ring
  2. We Vibe Pivot Vibrating Cock Ring
  3. Romp Juke Vibrating Cock Ring
  4. Love Toy Premium Stainless-Steel Cock Ring
  5. Fantasy C-rings Mr Big Cock Ring and Ball Stretcher
  6. Zero Tolerance Teal Cock ring with Clitoral Tickler
  7. Stay Hard 10 Function Vibrating Mega Bull Ring Clear
  8. Renegade Super Soft Power Cock Rings
  9. Endurance Doc Johnson Premium Cock Ring set of 3
  10. Adam & Eve dual Cock Ring with Tickler

Click here if you need to know more about cock rings


The prostate gland might be a source of worry for lots of older men but it's also a sexual hot spot, otherwise known as the male G-spot. Prostate massagers—which come in myriad shapes and designs, vibrating and non-vibrating-are proving to be a big hit with older

They not only help him achieve fierce orgasms, but they also help to stimulate blood flow to the penis, which can mean firmer erections.

Read the guide on how to give him a prostate massage before using a prostate massager for the first time. You'll find tips on how to prepare it for insertion and the area you're aiming for.

Once inserted, you (or he) simply hold the end of the massager and start by rubbing it around the area inside, discovering where it feels best. Generally, the more pressure you apply to the prostate gland, the more aroused he'll feel. Also try an up and down motion,
done rapidly or slowly, and add oral or hand stimulation for an orgasm he won't forget in a hurry.

Always use a premium grade anal lubricant for prostate massager, if your partner is new to anal and the rectum muscles is very tense then use an Anal spray serum to desensitize and relax the muscles for easy entry.

There are a few products on the market to claim to work but from experience and customer feedback we have the following list of products that are excellent to use as an anal desensitize spray serum:

  1. Shiatsu Anal Relax Spray Beginners 50ml
  2. ERO ANAL Back Side Spray
  3. Pjur Backdoor Silicone Anal Glide 100ml

You can read our other blogs on anal sex, click here to read on our Comprehensive Guide to Anal sex. This guide will outline everything you need to know about anal play and anal sex.

Toys to use together for partners

Think old-school: vibrators that are slim and cylindrical with a rounded top. They're cheap, the shape carries vibration well so they're strong and, best of all, they're couple friendly. He'll like it because they're small but look enough like a penis for him to convince himself this must be your idea of the perfect' penis size.

They're easy and non-intrusive to hold between you, on your clitoris, if you do want to have intercourse. You can use it on all your hot spots--nipples, bottoms, wherever-and because they're small, they're good for gentle penetration.

Classic vibrator is still a very popular choice for both older customer and the new younger who just start to try out sex toy. As it is an affordable range so if you find that you don’t like it then its not too much to throw it out.

Some of the cheap classic vibrator that is still in store and online for sale are the GC Classic Straight Vibrator and the Shibari Classic Vibrator. Both vibrators are under $30 each and battery operated.


Not only can butt plugs help him achieve an erection, but if vaginal penetration makes you sore, your bottom provides an alternative means of stimulation. Anal stimulation is something lots of people have a negative kneejerk reaction to but, once tried, it often makes it onto the regular activity' list.

Butt plugs are a non-threatening place to start. They're shaped like little penises who've eaten too much—bigger in the middle with a flared end (to stop it disappearing up you-know-where; the vagina has an 'end that the rectum effectively doesn't). After you insert it (using lots of lube and waiting until the person is highly aroused), you simply leave it there during oral sex or intercourse to add an erotic edge.

They make you feel pleasantly ‘filled up and provide pressure on everything else (the rectum shares a wall with the vagina). You can buy vibrating butt plugs or insert a slim vibrator a little way to see if you like the sensation (without letting go, unless it has a flared end.)

The main type of material to use when manufacturing anal plugs is silicone, rubber, glass and stainless steel. Many of the new anal plug these days is made from high quality medical grade silicone.

Some of the best seller anal sex toy brand are Jewelled Stainless Steel Butt Plug, Firefly pleasure anal plug, Pretty Love Anal Stimulation Butt Plug, Satisfyer anal plug kit, Anal Fantasy Anal Plug, Pretty Love Vibrating Super Butt Plug, Mr Play Super Power Vibrating Butt Plug and Doc Johnson Remote control Vibrating butt plug

You can also click here if you want to read more about butt plug and anal play

Cleaning the Butt Plug

Its very important to keep all your anal sex toys very clean and sanitize. Always use a good sex toy cleaner like the wet stuff toy cleaner to sanitize your anal sex toy butt plug.

Always wash your hand with hand soap after anal play and anal sex.

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What is pegging?

Its when a partner wears a hardness with a dildo attached and penetrate their partner. Usual a female wears it and penetrate their male partner. But Pegging is also can be two guys or two girls.

They're designed for vaginal and anal penetration (if they have a flared base) and are super versatile. You can buy dildos in all sorts of materials and, best, in all sorts of sizes. (The difference between a dildo and a vibrator, by the way, is that dildos don't vibrate.)

If he's having erection problems and you're a fan of penetration, they take the
pressure off because you have a 'penis' at the ready.

If you like penetration but his penis now feels too big, buy one in a smaller size. Strap-on dildos (sometimes called “pegging kits') are also an option. The harness attaches around your hips and thighs, and the dildo sits inside it.

An instant erection for him, or you wear it to ‘peg’ him. (Pegging is when a woman anally penetrates a man wearing a strap-on dildo.) 


Dildos are perfect for role play. The prettiest come in glass and you can hear them up or cool them down to roll over the whole body. 


Most pegging sex toy product these days are silicone so it’s easier to clean and it feels more natural.


Some of the best seller pegging sex toy are:



You can check out the full catalogue here for all your favourites pegging sex toys.



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When libidos are sluggish, it takes more than missionary to kickstart them again. Tie-up games can revive routine sex lives, shifting power and adding a welcome frisson of excitement.


Pink, fluffy handcuffs can feel silly on older wrists, and steel is cold and unforgiving. ‘Soft’ bondage kits are made from comfortable material and usually attach with Velcro so they're easy to put on and take off. They're inexpensive, too. 


Many beginners into bondage tend to buy the bondage kits since there is everything you need to start. Most bondage kit like the Ouch! Beginners Bondage Kit is very popular because it includes all the necessary tools like hand cuffs, ankle cuffs hog ties, ticklers, collar, mask, whips and gags.


You can read our other blog post for everything on Bondage and BDSM


Click here if you need help to find the perfect bondage sex kit for you and your partner




Choose one that’s small, made of silicone and with a remote and you've got yourself an impressive tease toy. Use lube, insert the egg high into the vagina, then hand the controls over to your lover so they can turn it and you on-whenever and wherever they choose. 


Lots of women who have issues with penetration can use love eggs. Unlike a penis, that thrusts back and forth, the egg just sits there once in place, buzzing away gently. (If it feels uncomfortable, it might be because it’s not inserted high enough.) 


The vibrating egg is very similar to the vibrator bullets but the egg can be used inside for pelvic floor exercise (click here to read more about pelvic floor exercise). Most vibrating sex egg is silicone outer layer with a very powerful vibrating module and a rechargeable battery. It is also waterproof for easy cleaning and storage.


Some of the best seller vibrating egg is the

  1. Pretty Love Marina Vibrating Egg
  2. The Original Remote-Control Egg
  3. Adam & Eve powerful vibrating egg with remote control
  4. Master Series Thunder Egg with remote vibration control
  5. LELO LYLA Premium powerful remote-control egg


Same as other internal sex toys, always use a good sex toy cleaner before and after use.


G-SPOT Vibrator


If you've got issues with painful sex and penetration is difficult, steer clear.  Otherwise, give these a go for a totally different, highly intense orgasm. 


G-spot vibrators are hugely popular for one very good reason: it's notoriously difficult to reach the infamous hot spot using fingers or a penis. These vibes are curved and sculpted specifically for this purpose and great to use for both sexes. (There's still contention over whether there is a ‘G-spot’, but the front wall of the vagina 


(the bit under your belly] is acutely responsive to stimulation. When I say the ‘G-spot’, I mean this area.) 


You use a G-spot vibe differently than others. Lie on your back with knees pulled up and a pillow under your bum, lie on your tummy, or get on hands and knees. Use lots of lube, then gently insert the vibrator about 2.5-7.5 cm inside. Aim it at the roof of the vagina (like you're aiming for your stomach) and move the vibe back and forth or in circles, keeping the pressure firm and repetitive. 


Don’t panic if you feel like you want to pee you won’t. It’s because your pressing on the urethra (the tube that carries urine). Relax into the sensation until it passes and you'll (hopefully!) climax. 


The best seller G spot vibrator online are



Click here if you want to see the whole g spot vibrator catalogue online.

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