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May 10, 2020

Everything you need to know about Enema and Douche Cleaning

Anal sex and anal play are a current trend in both gay and straight sexual relationship. As we progress with our sexuality, we explorer our other senses and the ever change in the revolution of sex.

If you have a raunchy sex life and like anal sex a lot. We suggested that you or your partner look into using an enema. What is this exactly, how do we go about it, and is it safe? 

What is an enema or douche?

An enema is a procedure in which water, or some other harmless fluid, is passed into the rectum. It started life as a medical treatment for constipation and various other bowel conditions. In Australia today very few doctors use enemas but, in the US, and in the rest of Europe enemas are still very common.

What is the enema?

The anus is erotically sensitive in both sexes and the sensation of a large volume of fluid in the rectum stimulates the internal genital organs. Many men erect spontaneously even when having a medical enema.

Today in Australia there are hundreds of videos, magazines, associations and clubs that celebrate the enema. There is currently a link between domination and enemas, but this is probably just a passing fashion. 

How to use an enema or douche cleaner? How do an enema?

 Giving an enema is easy and safe if you follow a few basic rules. Work on the principle that you should never put anything into the rectum you wouldn’t swallow. Most couples who are into anal pleasures simply use warm water.

How does an enema work?

This is stored in some sort of reservoir held not More than 1.2 m (4 ft) above the rectum and passes down a tube to a nozzle that is inserted into the anal canal. The best positions for receiving an enema are lying on your side with your legs drawn up, or on all-fours with your bottom in the air.

Get your partner to lubricate your anus carefully and then gently insert the nozzle. When it is comfortably inside, he can start to let the fluid in. Once you feel the urge to evacuate, get him to stop. The sensation will pass. They can then let more in. You’ll have to see how much is exciting and comfortable but anything from half a pint up to four pints is commonly used. 

How often do I need to do an Enema or douche clean?

If it recommended that you perform an enema before any anal play or anal sex activity. This will ensure the area is clean for your partner to explorer.

When you partner knows that the area they are kissing or licking is clean, they will be more comfortable to go further. Also, for hygiene reasons, you don’t want anyone to get sick from licking or sucking on your dirty butt.

Enema and douche kits

There are many types of Enema and douche kits on the market.

  1. The most common type is the bulb style with a thin nozzle. Its simple and effective for a quick clean or beginner to Enema.

Click here for a list of enema douche online to order

  1. For the more experienced there is a shower attachment kit. This is a more permanent kit you can setup in your shower. This kit allows you to connect straight to the water outlet and use it every time you have a shower.

We have a huge list of shower attachments kits for enema here

You can buy special shower water diverters here to connect to your current system

  1. Flow Top Bag – this kit comes with a silicone or rubber bag and a long hose with a thin tip. You fill the bag with water and raised it to create a gravity feed into the rectum

Here is one of the best sellers of flow top bag enema we sold online

  1. Enema Syringe – this kit comes with a big plastic syringe and a thin tip. You insert the tip into the rectum and push the water up for cleaning.

Click here for the most popular syringe enema product online

  1. Water bottle douche head – You can purchase these screws on nozzle attached to any standard Mount Franklin water bottle and turn it into an enema cleaner

Check it out here. Skwert 1-piece Water Bottle Douche

Enema Procedures

Its very important that you plan out your area well and have all tools ready for the procedure. Sometimes it can get very messy.

  1. If you don’t have a shower, then we a big bucket and some towels ready
  2. Get all your tools ready and placed them on the bench need to you. Once you start the procedure its very hard to walk around with things stuck up your butt.
  3. Use premium anal lube for extra comfort. Use this swiss navy lube is perfect for enema procedures
  4. Depends of what enema or douche kit you use, fill it up with water or use special enema solutions. Make sure your water source is clean.
  5. Slowly bend over on all four.
  6. Slowly insert the nozzle into your rectum
  7. Relax and keep a constant breath of air. Try to relax
  8. You will start feeling that you are taking in the water
  9. If you are using the douche bag, make sure it is at the commended height to have enough gravity feed.

For shower connected products, slowly turn on the water outlet. Do not turn on maximum water flow as it will get too strong and the nozzle can come out or you can get injured.

For Syringe, water bottle head connectors, or the bulbs. Squeeze enough pressure to force water into your rectum and let go.

Repeat the process until you see clean water then it is clean.

Enema, douche amount

Depends on your own body you can use the trail and error. Some people might it need more then other.

Just keep do it until you see its clean.

If you need help choosing the right douche for enema. Click here for a full guide on how to choose one.

Fleet Enema

Some people use fleet enema to start a bowel moving prior to enema procedure to ensure everything is clean out. It’s a solution you can purchase from your local chemist to assist force a bowel movement.

Micro Lax Enema

A fast-acting capsule that you take up anally to promote bowel movement before enema.

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