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Guide on how to choose and use a douche enema cleaner

How to choose and use an enema douche cleaner properly

Douche Cleaners are a vital tool to keep your private areas hygienically clean and healthy. Especially for those who love anal play and vaginal play. Everyone loves a nice smelling arse and vagina. In fact, regular douching helps improves your overall heath.

In a basic explanation, douche cleaner is a device using pressure to force water into your rectum or vagina to wash out all the dirty and smelly particles in the that usual personal hygiene products cannot reach.

You or your partner will feel very comfortable to perform oral licking your anus or deep oral your vagina if he/she knows that its been clean using a douche cleaner.

The water is force into the rectum or vagina then expelled along with all the dirty particle in there, you can douche a couple times until the water it clean. It is very easy to use and quite comfortable if you are concern about the comfort level.

How to choose the right anal douche for you

If you are a beginner, then start using the smaller bulb type douche cleaner like this one here from Funtasia the adult shop

Calexotics Anal Douche

This douche clean have two attachment tip size for your comfort, start with the small one first then increase the size as required.

How to use a douche cleaner

Prepare your area:

Make sure you clean your douche product before use

Always have a premium anal lube ready by your side.

Use a bathtub, or a bucket

Get towels ready by your side

Make sure there is running water, if not make sure there enough bucket water ready

Once you have your preparation completed, start by filling the douche with douche cleansing water or warm tap water.

Lubricate the nozzle and attached the nozzle to the douche bulb, relax and insert slowly into your rectum.

Make sure you have step into the bathtub or shower or standing on top of a bucket.

If you are a beginner, then slowly squeeze the bulb to force the water up into your anus. You will feel a little pressure but don’t worry, its just the water pressure pushing into your body. Some people also feel a bit of pleasure doing this because the G spot is in that area.

Once all the water is emptied in the bulb, hold yourself and your body will eventually expel the water. Repeat until you see clear water.

Here is a list of the most popular enema douche products bought by our customers

PerfectFit twin tip douche

Sport Fucker Locker Room Douche

Whirling Spray Douche

Si Novelties Shower Assitant

All in One shower Enema Douche Kit

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