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May 10, 2020

Anal Play and Anal sex and the use of anal sex toys

What is Anal? Or Anal Intercourse

The anal area is highly erotic for many people, although some find this hard to accept. Unfortunately, even though we get pleasant sensations from opening our bowels, we are confused in early Childhood because many adults link the area with dirt.

As Children, boys and girls are treated differently: girls are brought up to be ‘Clean and nice’ while boys get away with being a lot more ‘dirty’. This is seen in the bedrooms of the Western world where many women, highly aroused by the erotic pleasures of their anus, cannot accept it because of its association with dirt and even guilt or shame.

The anus is much tighter than the vagina, which is why many couples find anal intercourse so exciting. Some women tell me that they get their best orgasms from anal penetration.

Unquestionably, some of this pleasure derives from the forbidden nature of the practice. There are many games for lovers to play that stop well short of intercourse. Simply caressing the area can be great if it’s well lubricated.

Inserting things into the rectum is also exciting but be sure to anchor them well so they can’t get lost. Stretching the anal canal is arousing but don’t overdo it or your lover could lose muscle control over time, resulting in unsexy leakage problems.


  1. Good for the woman who enjoys her man’s bottom 
  1. She can stimulate or penetrate his anus if this is what he likes 
  1. The only position in which his G’spot is accessible during sex 
  1. Stimulates her back vaginal wall 
  1. Restful for her 
  1. She can’t be seen 

A recent email from a blog’s reader asking out expert the following:

Worry about anal sex?

I‘m a normal, healthy woman in my early thirties and really enjoy my husband caressing my bottom. In recent months I’ve had this urge to ask him to put his penis inside. He could always wear a condom if he wanted, and I don’t see it would be very different for him. I don’t even know if he’d go for it but if he did is there any danger in it? I couldn’t get AIDS or anything, could I? 

Provided you are both faithful to each other and have been for some years there’s absolutely no danger of getting AIDS or any other sexually transmitted disease from any sort of anal play.

This said, it’s important to be aware that in comparison with the vagina, which is a very resilient organ, the anus and rectum are less robust and quite delicate, so care is needed, whatever you decide to do. 

How to prepare for anal

Use premium anal lubricant during Anal Play and Anal sex Toys

If you want him to help you explore anal pleasures, start off on the outside, ensure his fingernails are clean and short, and use plenty of lubrication. The best lubricant for anal is a high grade premium silicone lube like this Swiss Navy Anal Lubricant.

the best anal lubricant for anal sex

When using a good anal lube, you don’t need to use a lot. Just a few drops on your ringer and rub it against the anus gently first.

You can click here to see a list of the best lubricant for anal sex and anal toys

How to prepare for anal sex

As you become highly aroused during lovemaking, he can gently stimulate the anal area and then insert a fingertip a little way. If this goes well and turns you on which I think it will from what you’ve said -you’ll be ready for more adventurous play. 

Anal comfort and desensitizer spray and cream

For those who are more sensitive around the anus and rectum area. It is recommended to use an anal serum for comfort. It’s a spray or cream you can apply for the area to numb the tissues around that area so its more comfortable during penetration.

Eros numbing desensitizer cream for anal sexanal numbing spray for anal sex

The Eros back side spray or the Eros back side anal cream will do the job. In some emergency you can even use the men’s delay spray if you don’t have access to anal serums.

The best practice is to use an anal plugs or butt plugs

The next stage is to use more than one finger and then to insert something, such as a specially made anal toy called a butt plug, or a small dildo, remembering to use plenty of lubrication because, unlike the vagina, the rectum doesn’t get wet when you’re aroused. 

You can check out a huge range of anal and butt plugs here online. All size for beginners from 5inch to the most advanced user 15inch

It’s perfectly safe to insert anything up to about an inch in diameter, stopping if there’s any discomfort inside. Larger objects may feel great but can, if used frequently, cause irreversible stretching of the muscles that maintain bowel control. Be careful to hold on firmly to whatever you put inside or it could get lost. 

It would then need to be medically retrieved. 

How to Do Anal

Once you have set the path with anal play and foreplay. With the butt plug inserted for about 10 to 15min is recommended for the muscles to relax.

Unplug and remove the butt plug, well lubricate your penis and the rectum. Make you are fully erect (the harder the erection the better for anal sex) If you are having problems with keep up an erection then you might need some help before continuing with anal sex.

Click here for more information about how to keep an erection and the tools that can help you like cock rings and penis pumps.

Slowly insert your erect penis into the anus and don’t rush. The slower the better, you can start to slowly thrust with a slow movement and increase speed as both of you get comfortable. Reapply lubricant as required during the session.

Anal sex tends to get dry quick as your body absorb more fluid via the anus then vagina.

Does anal hurt

If you follow all the above steps, then Anal sex is fun and does not hurt.

Remember the following step:

  1. Anal play with anal sex toys
  2. Use anal lube and anal comfort cream or spray
  3. Use a butt plug for about 10-15min before penetration
  4. Slowly penetrate your partner and gradually increase the speed
  5. Do not RUSH

Anal Toys for Men and Anal Toys for Woman.

You will be surprise that all anal toys are unisex. Unless it’s a prostate massager but woman also like the back wall of their vagina get stimulated using a prostate massager.

The following anal sex toys is very popular for men and women

silicone doc johnson butt plug

Butt plugs is one of the first sex toy invented. It is used during foreplay to relax the muscles around the anus to get it ready for penetration.



Anal vibrators are a good tool to use if you want extra stimulation from using a butt plug. Many of men will climax and reach orgasm using an anal vibrator

A sex toy product that is designed to target the prostate. The vibration is at the large tip that’s sits and hugs the prostate area once inserted.

Some special prostate massagers have a ‘rubbing’ and vibration motion for extra stimulation.

Prostate massagers promote more blood flow to the targeted area and enhance the erections.

It is recommended for people with prostate and Erectile dysfunction to use prostate massagers to promote better erections

A comprehensive guide to anal, anal sex and anal toys

Many people have starting to use remote control vibration butt plug. It gives you the power to be hands free and control the power settings on the vibration. You can change the level of intensity with the remote control and don’t need to touch the butt plug


the best anal plug online

Anal beads are fun for beginners, it’s a series of beads starting from the smallest out and slowly gets bigger as your muscles expands and ready to take bigger ones.


expandable butt plug

There is never one size for everyone. So, get the best sensation there is an option to get the right size for your body. The expandable butt plugs allows you to pump air into the butt plug and it expands to your desire size once inserted.

stainless steel butt plug with GEM


For the premium end of butt plug, you can purchase a stainless steel with Gems decoration of the end. It’s a beautiful piece of art for your pleasure.



silicone dildo for anal sex

For anal penetration, silicone dildos are the best and most popular choice of product. It’s life like texture allows you to feel the whole thing once inserted.



You can always check out our Guides on how to purchase any sex toys including anal toys here. It’s the world biggest knowledge based on sex toys

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