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March 04, 2021

What is International Women's Day?

March 8th 2021, will be International Women's Day, and this day focuses on challenges that women face every day all around the world. Challenges such as equal rights, equal opportunities and similar acknowledgement of women's achievements are what international Women's day is all about.

These challenges exist in all areas, and even though there have been many changes made to include women and give rise to equal rights, there is still so much to reach a gender-equal world.

There are ways we can support International Women's Day's mission in our daily life —for example:

- applauding equality in sport, educating women's health choice decisions
- building work opportunities so women can thrive
- increasing the visibility of women's creatives
- building women empowerment worldwide.

Equality sexually on International Women's day

Funtasia the Adult Shop is also doing our bit for International Women's Day by promoting a healthy sexual lifestyle and empowerment through our wide range of female-focused sex toys, vaginal care, herbs, and vitamins to enhance sexual drive.

Promoting female masturbation

Can woman masturbate? A woman also needs their sexual release and stimulation. Until the 1800s, there was no research or focus on satisfying women's sexual needs, and many women did not know or understand the importance of sexual climaxing. A condition called Hysteria, many women feeling frustrated, angry, depressed and even throwing themselves in a fit, not knowing why.

In the late 1800s, women experiencing these feelings went to see a doctor for treatment. As the demand for this treatment grew, so is the invention of the first vibrator for the doctor to prevent repetitive strain injuries during the procedures. It was a medical device, then slowly become a commercial sex toy.

image of the first vibrator

Image of a vintage vibrator that doctor used to treat Hysteria

Sex Toys are widely available nowadays. Whether it is to being enjoyed with your partner, partners or on your own, there is a sex toy vibrator for you. You can check our other article on Sex Toys for Couples.

Womanizer, Lelo, Satisfyerand Fun Factory are just some popular sex toys brands for women's favourite pleasure points, whether that by the g-spot vibrator, clitoris vibrator bullet or a clitoris sucking vibrator, vibrating nipple clamps or anal butt plugs

Check out this article we have on the best seller vibrator sex toy you can purchase online

Our sex toys for women are high quality and body safe, Funtasia the Adult Shop ensures we have the most luxurious, body-safe, pleasuring toys at very affordable price. You can come into any of our store in Penrith Adult Shop, West Adult Shop in Sydney or Wagga Wagga Adult Shop in the NSW Riverina Region and speak to one of our Sexpert in-store. 

Using Kegel Sex Toys

Funtasia the Adult Shop focuses on vaginal health by promoting things such as Kegel exercise to strengthen the pelvic muscles. Many women who have given birth will experience incontinence and vaginal muscle loosening, which can be quite frustrating.

Using Kegel balls to exercise the Kegel muscles will strengthen the pelvic muscles and improve the issues. Not only will the incontinence improve, but having a tighter vaginal wall will enhance sexual experience and climax.

we vibe kegel

Image of We-Vibe Kegel Balls

Check out our wide range of Kegel Balls here.

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Best personal lubricant for women

Once the vaginal muscles are improved, Funtasia the Adult Shop also focuses on ensuring the overall health and wellbeing of the vagina. You can check out our range of natural lubricants that are just as important when using sex toys or sex with your partner.

Lubricants help make a smoother and long-lasting sexual experience, but you want to minimize the chance of UTI infections. Some people might not aware, but a lot of lubricants use sugars in their formulations.

This ingredient is good at providing smoothness and silkiness, but it is quite unhealthy for the vagina. The dangerous chemicals in lubricants can strip away the natural fluids and PH levels in the vagina to fight off infections, and this is not good at all. So, check out our range of personal lubricants and see what will make your vagina happy.

Not sure what personal lubricant to use? If you are unsure always choose an all natural with glycerin & Paraben-free personal lubricant. You can purchase something like the Skyn Natural Harmony Personal Lubricant online here.

SKYN Natural Harmony fragrance free and paraben free natural personal lubricant

Image of Skyn Natural Personal Lubricant / fragrance free and paraben free

Read one of our previous article on everything about lubricant here

Herbal Libido Booster Pills

Viagra pills were considered for men only, and there were few herbs or vitamins that will enhance a women's sex drive. Funtasia the Adult Shop has a wide range of beneficial herbal libido booster supplements pills that will help women feel alive in the bedroom again. Especially for those who have hormone imbalances, going through menopause or have side effects from other procedures that lower sex drives.

women's libido pills

Image of Jo LMAX Now Libido Booster Pills

Funtasia the Adult Shop is an all-inclusive sex shop. We ensure both men and women and have a fulfilled sex life and enjoy all pleasures that sex toys can bring.

Happy International Women Day!

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