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March 16, 2021

Penrith Funtasia the Adult shop getting refurb

Adult Bookshops or Adult Sex Toy Stores has a terrible stigma. The stigma of being dirty, dingy and frowned upon towards adult stores. Most Adult stores located from public views, with most councils in Australia have strict guidelines on how these types of stores operate and presented.

Since the first Adult stores sold sex toys products in 1738, this stigma has grown, and the adult stores were entirely limited to providing sex toys for both men and women equally. There was more emphasis on pornographic movies, magazines and stimulation for men mainly.

The sex industry and sex experts recognise that women's need for sexual pleasure and appetite are equal to men, and the growth of sex toys made for women grew with this acknowledgement. Nowadays, when you walk into most Adult Sex stores, you will see so many vibratorsdildos and male masturbators for all genders.

Funtasia the Adult Shop ensures that anyone who walks into the store will find what they are looking for regardless of their gender or sexual needs. Funtasia is one of Australia's first Adult stores to change the stigma of a dirty, dingy and dark adult store and change it to a more pleasure focused and healthy sexual lifestyle hub.

At Funtasia the Adult Shop, you will find an in-store clinical qualified Sexologist to help you choose a sex toy or answer any sexually-related query. Funtasia is achieving this change by ensuring the staff are professional and armed with the knowledge of everything sex-related to provide the best advice. By having an onsite sexologist to give the expert advice and give the training to the staff so that when anyone walks into Funtasia, you know you are being looked after by a sexpert.

Funtasia the Adult Shop understands the everyday customer who comes into Funtasia the Adult store is not perverted, weird or downright dirty. Still, the average Funtasia customer is looking to enhance their bedroom intimacy by getting pleasured or giving pleasure to themselves or others.

Funtasia prides itself on giving the right advice and service and providing the right adult products. All sex toys we stock in our stores and online are of the highest quality to ensure reliability, and pleasure focused and body safe.

Starting with Funtasia, the Adult Shop in Penrith, this April 2021, the whole store refurbishment begins on the 7th and completed on the 17th. It will be a newer and better store. While we will be closed at Funtasia Penrith for a short period, you can still get your favourite sex toy online with free delivery or visit our West Ryde adult store.

Penrith Adult Shop is the first store to get the complete facelift, and the rest of our Funtasia stores will follow closely. Stay Tuned!

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