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August 05, 2020

Top 5 best clitoral vibrator ever

We have had a very busy first half year of sales for adult sex toys both online and in store. Many customers have inquiries about what is the best vibrator or the most popular in the past few weeks.

Today we have come up with a list of the most popular and best vibrators for this year. This list will be just the full size vibrators, there will be another blog article for sex toys bullets and eggs soon.

How many vibrators sold during covid-19 lockdown

Lets get down to the real numbers. For the first half of this year 2020 we have sold over 10000 vibrators in Australia. That is 3 times more vibrators sold then the whole of previous year.

What is the best vibrator?

Here is a list of all the best and most popular vibrators


The brand Satisfyer is one of the most searched sex toy brand on the internet. They make many different types of sex toy products but the Satisfyer Pro Next Generation clitoral simulator is now the best selling product in Australia.

At the beginning of July this product was so popular it was SOLD OUT across all platforms in Australia. Both online and in stores was SOLD OUT.

In the history of Australia Adult Shop industry we have never experience such high demands for sex toys. The last time there was a high demands was during the first GFC (Global financial crisis) as people turns to finding pleasures when there is uncertainty in their life.

This product is purely design fir clitoral stimulation. It mimics the sucking and vibrating of the clitoris. 

With 10 different level of intensity and waterproof. Its a perfect choice of sex toy for any occasion. 

You can use it in the shower, in the bedroom, with a partner or solo, it is small enough to fit into your hand bag and very discreet design so cant tell its a vibrator at first glance.

The satisfyer pro next generation has featured on many woman's magazine's like cosmopolitan, woman's health and men's health.

Buy you Satisfyer products here online

For a superior product like the Satisfyer Pro its at very affordable price. Funtasia the Adult shop have a sale on now with Free same day shipping you can purchase today and have it tommorow for less then $60aud.

There is also easy payments provided by afterpay,  zippay, Klarna, paypal and LATITUDE pay. You can buy your Satisfyer Pro for $6aud with a very easy repayment plan.

2. We-Vibe Melt

We-Vibe is a high end premium brand. The quality and design is superb and superior compare to other mid range brand on the market.

Melt by We-Vibe is a hot seller this year. This product was sold out during the COVID-19 epidemic as people are locked down and looking for self pleasure since social gathering for casual dates is no longer available.

We-Vibe product is in high demands at the moment and many online and in stores is very low on stock. 

The we vibe melt is a clitoral stimulation sex toy product. It has multiple level of intensity to satisfy all your desires.

With waterproof technology you can enjoy your WE-Vibe melt anywhere anytime. In the shower or the hot tub then straight to the bedroom.

We-Vibe sex toy product is popular for its quiet design. The internal motor is wrapped in high grade medical silicone to keep the noise level to a minimum while give you the best pleasure.

The WE-Vibe Melt sits on top of the clitoris and hug it as you press against your body. It draws the clitoris into the suck tip and the vibrations takes over. Within minutes you will experience the best orgasm ever. 

Multi award winning design and quality that no other sex toy product can compare.

Buy your We-Vibe products online here

3. LeLo Sona 2 Cruise Sonic Wave

LeLo sex toy product has the highest quality in all sex toys. Its the ultimate luxury high end, it is comparable to the 'Chanel' of the luxury hand bags brand or the 'Ferari' of the luxury sports cars. 

With high quality is also comes with a higher price. LeLo vibrators is always more pricey but the high quality makes it all worth it. Just do a quick search online and you will see thousands of customer's reviews about LELO products.

In this review we are talking about the LELO SONA 2. A Clitoral vibrator like no other on the market. Its a trend setter for all other brands to follow.  

Unlike other clitoral suction or vibration. LeLo very own unique sonic wave stimulation design to give you a gradual yet intense stimulation to the clitoris. There is an internal sensor that detects when you are pressing it hard against your body and extra power is unleash just to intensify your orgasm even more.

The LELO Sona Cruise suction lip is made from soft silicone for your comfort, bigger and deeper mouth to take all your clitoris inside the vibrator and give it the best care you can experience.

 With a backing of many award winning products. LELO is a leader in sex toy designs and innovations. You cant go wrong when purchase a LELO product, that is why their latest product the LELO SONA 2 Cruise is the best clitoral stimulation on the market.

Buy your LELO vibrators online here

4. Womanizer Premium Clitoral Vibrators

The best of the best in clitoral stimulation. Womanzier is one of the first company to design and manufacture clitoral vibrator on the market. 

The whole womanizer range is design and engineered around the clitoral stimulation alone and the result shows. With many adult design awards and great reviews both in-store and online, womanizer sex toy products is still the leader and best seller in sex toys. 

The Womanizer Premium range comes in a great range of vibrant colors like Raspberry, Blueberry, Black and Gold, Dark Purple and Chrome. 

If you are not too keen to spend the premium price for the Womanizer Premium range then the mid range of the Womanizer Liberty is also a great buy.

Click here for our full range of Womanizer products 

Womanizer clitoral Vibrator focus on woman's whole loves their clitoris to be touch, licked, sucked or those who already have a sex toy bullet that wants to get to the next level of orgasm. 

Unlike other clitoral vibrator on the market. The Womanizer is extremely quiet, very luxury look and feel. The orgasm is gradual and very intense. 

The design is focus on the clitoral stimulation so the intensity is design for user's to choose wide range of vibration functions depends on the stages of their arousal. Once you are ready to climax, hit the power option then this vibrator will enhanced the orgasm many times over then your average vibrator on the market.

Womanzier product sale online here. BUY NOW and it will be ship today.

5. ROMP Shine Clitoral Vibrator

The new player on the market but its a hit amonsgt the younger crowd because of its vibrant colour.

The price range for the ROMP range is very affordable but the quality and functionality. ROMP have a wide range of products such as wands, bullets, g spot vibrators and rabbit vibrators but their best seller is the ROMP Shine clitoral vibrators. 

Very strong vibrations that focus on intensify the clitoral orgasm. Many customers have rave reviews on the new product. 

This vibrator do not take you around the bush, it gets straight to the point. If a quick intense clitoral orgasm is what you want then this is your product. 

The mouth piece is design to fit your clitoris perfectly, its deep enough to take the whole clitoris in when you press against your body. The different intensity in vibration give you a easy access to how you want to play.

You can sneak into the bathroom for a few minutes while the kids and husband is sleeping and have a quick yet the best orgasm ever. Or if he's not satisfying you then use this during foreplay.

Buy your ROMP vibrators here online now. Click today and have it tommorrow with FREE Shipping. 

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