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February 23, 2021

Why people trust sex toys more than the Covid-19 Vaccine?

In the worlds fight against this pandemic, all around the world roll outs of numerous Covid-19 vaccines has been given out to their citizens in hope to stop the spread and devastation that Covid-19 has brought in the last year. Australia has just received our batch of vaccines and is starting to jab anyone who wants to be protected from this highly contagious virus. 

Click here for more information on the Australian Covid-19 Vaccine program

However, more than 20% of the population are refusing to be protected using the vaccine and this is causing a lot of headaches for the health experts who are trying to push for most of the country to be vaccinated.

The major concern for people is the short length of time taken to create the vaccines. Some part of the scientific community know that money cannot buy time, and time is what usually use to measure the side affects of vaccines.

People do not know what the long-term effects to them are and the future generations. Most vaccines take years to produce and be tested for every side effect to the human body before administering out to the wider public. However, the covid-19 vaccine in Australia is very safe, it has been approved by the TGAand even the prime minister has taken one of the firsts needles.

Would you trust your sex toys to be safer then covid-19 vaccine?

The Covid-19 vaccine has become a big topic and worry for a lot of people but when it comes to sex toys we at Funtasia the Adult Shop has found that people are quite comfortable using a wide range of pleasuring sex toys to very sensitive areas of the body without much concerns.

Why is that? Is it because sex toys have been around for years and years and are developed by doctors, sexologist, engineers and other health experts to ensure the safety and pleasure of the sex toy is right before making it available for people to buy.

High quality and safe sex toys

Lelo for example is a Swedish premium sex toys brand, they manufacture vibrators sex toys, prostate massagers sex toys and accessories. LELO specialise in high end high quality premium sex toys, they have a team of engineers and sex experts to produce one of the most premium, long lasting, and of course safe sex toys out on the market to date.  

They are so focused on ensuring perfection to each of their toys made therefore, you only see Lelo release new toys once or twice a year. Lelo does this to ensure they have a high quality of all their products before hitting Funtasia the Adult Shop shelves. So those customers who choose Lelo can be reassured and confident that they are purchasing a sex toy that will deliver on pleasure and safety.

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Another popular brand that has won the confidence and love from people out there is the Satisfyer sex toys. They are popular for their Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Gen clitoral stimulators vibrator and have won many awards for their ingenuity design and delivering on pleasure to many women out there. With their added 15 years warranty on their sex toys, customers are reassured and confident.

Looking at the various sex toys available, most sex toy brands are focused on body safe, medical grade materials and pleasure. These toys have taken years to develop to become how they are these days as technologies improve and research of new and safe materials are discovered then the sex toy makers will continue to seek further improvements for safe and fun toys for all to enjoy. 

So too will the Covid-19 vaccine, now it is still new, but in time the Covid-19 vaccine will improve and develop as we learn about any effects that may or may not surface. So, go out and get your covid-19 when it's available.

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