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March 01, 2021

Funtasia the Adult Shop is a gender neutral sex shop

Beginning of March marks, a month of Zero Discrimination Day. It’s a very important day for all of us around the world to reflect on how we treat each other regardless of our skin colour, sex, or any other reasons that we might judge on another human beings. You can also visit UNAIDSfor more information about Zero Discrimination Day.

Is there a problem with gender neutral in Australia?

It depends on where and who you ask this question. Usually if you are living in the big cities like Sydney or Melbourne then the all-inclusive and gender neutral is highly supported. As soon as you leave the major cities and go into regional areas, it's less likely that you will see the same support towards gender neutral.

The answer is Yes, as there is still a big problem. But it's an ongoing problem that we and our politicians need to address. Education is the key; we need more funding and more support from both State and Federal governments to push the policies. As a modern western country like Australia we are way behind regarding making the whole of Australia gender neutral and all-inclusive country.

Funtasia the Adult Shop is an all-inclusive and Gender-Neutral sex shop

We here at Funtasia the Adult Shop declare that we are 100% support of the Zero Discrimination month for March. We are a gender-neutral sex shop; we treat everyone equally in all our stores, whether its staff or customers. We are working on an all-inclusive model in our sex stores across Sydney and New South Wales.

Funtasia the Adult Shop is more than just a retail adult shop, we are a professional sexual lifestyle centre that focus on all-inclusive regardless what sex you are or who you are. We have an enormous range of sex toys in store for everyone, if you can't find the sex toys product you like in store, just ask one of our friendly sex toys expert and they will assist you to source it.

When visiting Funtasia the Adult Shop, you can be confident that all our staff are trained professionally and qualified to give you sexual consultation and advice on sex toys. Whether it's just simple questions or you need help to find the right dildoor vibratorsfor yourself or as a present, our staff is there for you.

Funtasia the Adult Shop also provides live chat service on Funtasia the Adult Shop Facebook, Funtasia the Adult Shop Google Messaging by using Ask Question or Funtasia Email  if you don’t live near one of our Adult Stores. Just go onto Funtasia website and send us a message or search for Funtasia in Google and send us a message. We usually respond within 30 mins.

At Funtasia the Adult Shop, we specialise in retail adult sex toys and provide a quick free face to face sexual consultation by our in-house sexologist Elaine S Turner. If you need any extra consultation with our Sexologist, then you can book her through Elaine's website here.

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