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February 19, 2021

Facebook news ban could affect sex toys and sexual health information

As Australian wake up on 18th February, we find that all news outlet is not longer able to share their news content. This has been a hot topic that all Australians and people around the world are talking about.

Why Facebook decides to Ban sharing of news and important information?

It’s simply about money. The Australian government wants Facebook to pay for news content. But Facebook said that the news content is already there, and it’s their users are sharing the content and they do not capitalise on any profit from the content.

They share only 4 percent of the news content on Facebook platform.

Who can't sharing Facebook content in Australia?

All media news outlets, government's agency including some health departments , Bureau of Meteorology and a few retailers like Harvey Norman.

What can we do about it?

Facebook user who currently depends on Facebook for news and information. The best way is to go back to the traditional way of getting your information such as buy a newspaper or go straight to the source website. This is the best wat to get the correct and credible information.

Why is this Facebook Ban affect sexual health information?

According to the Guardian newspaper article on Facebook news Ban. There are several health Facebook pages that were blocked and news outlet that regularly currently broadcast trends in sexual news and sexual health articles. An example is regularly have a health and lifestyle section and they share information about sexual health and sex toys.

Can I trust information from Facebook since now the news outlet or government departments have gone off Facebook?

Any information on the internet, unless it's from a credible source, you should not trust it. Always seek advice from a qualified professional. Especially for sexual heath or sex toys news and informations.

What can you do now to find out information about sex toys or sexual health?

You can contact us directly and speak to our qualified Clinical Sexologist, Elaine S Turner. She will provide you with the most up to date and accurate information on sexual health and sex toys.

You click here to contact us. Or call us on 0298740655 to speak to our sexologist.

What other service we offer?

We provide sexual education service in the store once a month. Click here for more information about Funtasia Adult Shop sex Education classes.

Our in-house sexologist is always ready to answer questions that customer might have regarding how to use a sex toys or adult toys. Such as how to use a vibratorand how to clean a vibrator. 

Our qualified sex toys expert in store, you can be confident that we can help you achieve that orgasm you always wanted and improve your sex life for yourself and your partner. For example, our sexologist can help you choose that perfect vibrator or any other sex toys.

What makes Funtasia the Adult Shop different from other Sex Toys shop or online sex toys store?

We have an in house qualified clinical sexologist who can offer advice to anyone whether it's online or in-store. Funtasia the Adult Shop is the first Adult sex toy retailer to offer a professional sex toys consultation service for customer because we understand not every sex toy is the same and not everybody is the same.

When you reach out to Funtasia the Adult Shop, you can get the correct information from a qualified professional sexologist.

 Other source online for reference to the Facebook news ban :

ABC News


Australia 9 news

Sydney Morning Herald 



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