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October 20, 2020

What men really thinks

What is it they say about sex appeal? You either have it or you don't.' Sorry, we may have to disagree. Skills of seduction can be taught, and we sent can prove it. Where? Why Seduction School of course.

We've only done so-so on the man front up until now. I've had a few boyfriends and one or two passionate (read: drunken) flings, but nothing to write home about. I'm more likely to flick over to the news while 91/2 Weeks is screening on another channel and I automatically head for the sensible undies section in David Jones.

No, if you met me the term sex goddess wouldn't spring to mind. But recently, when a friend asked me when I'd last had a hot date. I started to worry I couldn't remember! That's when the girls at B suggested I take a few lessons in seduction.

Lesson one - The pleasure program

Equipment herbal sex pills. Female sex pills or Male sex enhancer herbal erection pills can be a great investment for those who need a little push to get arouse.

First step: the pills or "Great sex in a bottle" as many calls them. Dr Janet Hall's the 'sexpert' behind the Natural Desires program. A clinical psychologist and sex therapist, she reckons she's found the key to flicking the sexual switch.

Plugging myself in and preparing for what must certainly result in an electrifying sex life, I start on the pills, which Dr Hall says are "so powerful we're not sure they should be released to the public.

After a few days on the horny pills, experience sudden, some intimacy with you tonight.") and how to cope unexpected bursts of energy. I even skip down the corridor at work which surprises a few colleagues.  

However, as pass by the building site next door at lunch time fail to notice the hunky plasterers who have their shirts off and are revealing some shapely sun-bronzed backs. (The office reckons the about looking at your important bits in a mirror. I'm might not be working yet)

Next, I look myself in my room at home and pick up my Pleasure Program booklet. l blushes a bit. even though I'm alone. The booklet details how to suggest sex to a partner (eg: “I’d really like to have some intimacy with you tonight") and how to cope with dissatisfaction and inadequacy (nice tips here, like telling each other how wonderful it is just to be Close after he doesn’t...ahem, perform). 

There’s a questionnaire in which you must write down your body’s best features and how you feel about looking at your important bits in a mirror. I'm not ready for this I’m still too unliberated to even admit they’re there, half the time. I groan; how am I going to feel flashing them around in front of some' one else?

But then I spy the tips on how to enhance your sex life, which are, to say the least, fascinating: how you should be playful and honest and open to anything, how important it is to set the scene with, for instance, a bubble bath and soft lighting, and how to let yourself go by talking dirty or yelling the proverbial “Yes! Yes..." 

Feeling a touch hot under the collar, I start listening to my Natural Desires for Women tape. Dr Hall breathes softly in my ear against a background symphony of waves and synthesisers. She counts me down into deep relaxation and tells me how I’m feeling warm and moist in my womanly zones. 

“In your mind’s eye, see yourself looking relaxed, feeling fresh and smelling delicious," she says. She tells me my breath is coming faster and faster, although that starts me giggling and I break out of the hypnosis. 

I have another go the next night, and the next a week on, I must admit | experience the odd tingle in expected places at unexpected times. 

 At this stage, I feel like I’m on the third day of a diet you know, when you realise it's not going to be so bad and you think you might just be able to go through with it  and that the end result is going to be worth all the effort. 

Lesson Two – The flirting workshop

It does seem a bit of a waste of time learning how to get all sexy but having no one to help with the homework. So now it's time to Unleash the Flirt Within. That's not me getting poetic — it's the name of a special workshop to teach you how to do exactly that.

The leaflet promises to teach you "how to become more attractive, sensual, confident, succulent and irresistible". I gulp down that day's 'sexy' pills and stride off confidently to the workshop seminar.

My footsteps slow as I near the city hotel and I hide around the corner from the entrance, feeling terribly self-conscious and silly What will the other people think of me — sad loser who can't pick up a partner? Then I remember they'll all be in the same boat and I manage to force myself though the door.

The room, reassuringly, is packed and there are almost as many men there as women, of all ages, with no one looking particularly uncomfortable.

"Flirting is not all about how to get someone into bed in as short a time as possible." she says. and I notice a few of the men's faces falling. He points out, successful flirting and the confidence it brings will help you find meaningful relationships and thereby improve your sex life.

Lesson three - Sensual massage

Our skin is a network of nerve endings and massage relaxes you completely. Opening a world of sensual pleasure. The human body is designed for sensual pleasure.

It is important to understand how to massage and how intense it can be. How through touch you connect directly with the person before you — and how, by giving them pleasurable physical sensations. you receive pleasure back.

Start with bottles of oil infused with lavender and lime aromatherapy scents. The best massage oil on the market is Wildfire Massage oil. These are Australian made massage oil with infused aphrodisiacs, it helps with you getting arouse.

image of wildfire massage oil bottle purple

First you need to make sure to make your partner feels comfortable undressing and climbing onto the massage tables if you have one or just the bed will do. To make it more realistic lie on your front and a sheet covers you from the waist down.

A good that is through basic back massage. which consists of rowing strokes, a vibrating sensation you create with your knuckles and a few other delicious actions. I close my eyes as my partner Anita (all the men have been snapped up) begins.

Slowly rubs the oil into the back. Then slows massage it into the skin. Also check with your partner if they like it hard or soft massage.

Don’t go straight into massage your partners private parts yet, it will ruin the fun. Be patience, you will get there but its more intense if you tease each other.

Lesson four - The perfect striptease

my inhibitions and thus far been gently and thoroughly shredded under the clever guidance of my magic team of helpers.

Reminding yourself that sex is a good thing not a dirty thing: that you can be sexy and sensual simply by thinking about yourself positively and honestly that you can let go: and that you can be super-attractive even if you don't look like a supermodel.

The flirting skills taught me how important it is to relax and enjoy other people rather than wanting them to like you to fill in some lack of self-confidence on your part: and that how you feel about yourself is going to be directly reflected in the way others see you.

The sensual massage reminded all of us that people are warm creatures who respond to touch and love not island fortresses set to gun down anyone who invades the comfort zone.

A few tips from girls working in the industry “Stripping is all about the art of attraction and that’s important for any woman to know. It's a wonderful tease, a turn-on. It makes you feel glamorous, a little naughty and its great fun. I don't expect everyone to take it outside the home - most stripping is only going to be seen by your own mon in the safety of your bedroom!" 

The beginners six-step, do-it-yourself strip plan, just in case all my hard work brought me o mote. Beforehand treat yourself to something special, like a bit of a makeover and some new, sexy lingerie. You can buy all the latest sexy lingerie's online right here at Funtasia Adult Shop

The best seller sex lingerie is this 2 piece Soft Bondage bra and panty set by Rene Rofe

image of a woman wearing sexy black lace lingerie

Plan the entire evening and don't forget to buy candles they'll lure him into a false sense of security, so he gets on element of surprise later. Choose a theme you think will excite him. Maybe he's mentioned a liking for women in uniform or bondage? A blindfold may help in building suspense. 

A few extra tips to try and lure him

Spray perfume or pheromones

Apply lip gloss

Use eye liner to elongate your eyes

Use nice smelling shampoo

Use shimmer and glitters

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