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October 29, 2020

Sex Tips for mature couples

Society point of view, there's a general notion that sex ends before 'old age'. In our mature years of 50s, 60s and 70s are a sexless time. There is absolutely no reason why this must be true but, nonetheless, many people believe it.

Not only that, but younger people are often highly judgemental about sexuality between older people, and the latter are usually secretive about their continuing erotic lives for fear of shocking them. But do we really need to worry about that?

Adult children would seem to prefer that their parents play roles of 'dear old Mum and Pop’ and confine themselves to bingo as opposed to ripping off each other's clothes for an evening of erotic fun. But whether younger people can accept it or not — and there are many prejudices about sexuality later in life — sex is extremely important to many older adults.

Having a happy and comfortable sex life at this age usually improves our overall quality of life, so it's worth trying to stay healthy enough to maintain it. What's more, our sexuality can improve as we age. Affection, sensuality and even hot, lusty eroticism are all possible and common in people of 60 and beyond.

As we get older and our body is not as strong as it was years ago, we may have to do a little maintenance work. Some people accept the natural physiological changes that occur in one's 60s, but others are not happy about them and worry that they are doomed to a sexless old age.

For many, the thought of never having sex again makes it very sad and can lead to insecurity and depression.

We are taught at a young age that the idea that sex should and does end prior to middle age, because of the lingering puritanical notion that sex is only for procreation — and once you become incapable of that you have to retire your pelvis.

Surveys shows that many couples stopped having sex when they were in their mid-40s.

But many men and women are still sexy and vital in their 60s (and beyond) and are capable of a rich sex life. They are often sexually confident — and their experience counts for a lot. They know their own bodies; they know how to give another person pleasure — and they're not afraid to try new things.

Mature sex aids

Things like herbal male enhance pills and penis pumps is very important for mature men who wants to sustain their sexual life longer.

A popular brand for the male enhancer erection pills is the Prorino Libido Caps for men. This unique herbal mix provides more blood flow to the penis and help with erections and sustain an erections for longer.

As for penis pumps to physically help to expand the penis muscles and help with erections then the best seller penis pump is the LoveToy Maximizer Worx. This penis pumps is using air trigger pump to create a vacuum and stimulate the muscles and increase blood flow to the penis for the erection.

What exactly do we need to know in order to make love successfully and satisfyingly at this age? We certainly must pay attention to maintaining our sexual health — and our overall health, as well. The views of many younger people — that middle-aged people are, or should be, non-sexual — are quite wrong. Sometimes our 60s can bring some big surprises.

Many couples would say this is the best sexual time of their life (apart from years at university at the age of 18 to 21). Mature couples now experimenting in the bedroom more then ever before. With the help with the internet and not much work or kids’ commitments everyone finally has time for sex, and actually plan 'sex evenings. The use sex aids, lots of lube, sex toys such as vibratorsand masturbators, pornography. Plus, there is Viagra and herbal male enhancement tablets.

Gone are many of the elements that made sexuality stressful earlier in life — for example, not having enough time to really enjoy it. Some people certainly have bodily concerns, but if

they can let go of their need for perfection, let it all hang out and simply focus on all the wonderful sensations that their bodies can give them, they might have the best sex they've ever experienced.

Try new things in sex for mature couples

In our 60s, surely, we are finally wise enough to have fully mature, sophisticated sex and allow ourselves to embrace whatever it is that turns us — and our partners — on.

We become less inhibited in our sexuality during our mature years. Trying new things just doesn't seem to be so threatening or scary as it once was. Many couples start to explorer into new adventures such as wife swaps and swinger, bondageand cuckold.

At this point, we are hopefully far better at communicating our needs to a partner. In middle age, as a result of hormonal shifts, both men and women tend to become rather more androgynous, with women becoming more assertive and men becoming more comfortable with intimacy and closeness.

The natural independence that women gain at this time helps them to make their desires known more clearly, and to assert themselves sexually.

Sex with arthritis

When a partner starts to develop arthritis in his back, it was best for the female to get on top for intercourse. At first it she might find the thrusting a bit tiring, but eventually your body will be built up muscle tone and learned to give a pretty good ride! The advantage is the workout beats going to the gym!

Many couples purchase the sit on sex machine to help with the problems of weak thrusting due to old age. The most popular product is the sit on cow girl sex machine.

Many men naturally acquire more nurturing skills at this age, and some can utilise these in their lovemaking. So many women feel they become much better lovers.

Men finally learned that there are more erogenous zones in her body than just her genitals and breasts. It's been fun discovering just exactly where they all are.

Sex Positions for mature aged

It is common for people to start having a few age-related physiological challenges in their 60s and beyond — bad knees, hip or back problems, and so on — which can dictate their sexual style or choice of position.

One of the best positions is to lie in a spooning position, and he holds her and plays with her clitoris. It's wonderfully comfortable. When she’s ready, if it takes too long for her to get wet then the use of a good lubricant will help.

Once she’s ready, pulls her leg over his and enters from behind. Most couples love it that way — he can continues playing with her clitoris while he's slowly thrusting, and both come that way. The use of a sex toy bullet also help with clitoral stimulation if your finger and hands get tired.

Having physical challenges can encourage people to be extra creative and resourceful — and improve their sex lives, if they grasp the opportunity and don't just give up.

Out of necessity, many people who have been physically challenged since they were young discovered this years ago; the rest of us are way behind in that regard.

Sex after accident

After many critical accidents, many went for a long period thinking they will never have sex again. But many have proved that sex can be incredible, even with a spinal-cord injury. Many couples have discovered that wheelchair can be an amazing sex aid! There are all kinds of ways to use it for balancing, to achieve different positions both for penetration and oral sex.

There's usually a way — if there is a will. It's all about mindset and determination, there is plenty of evidence that people with disabilities can have not just a functioning sex life, but fantastically erotic experiences, no matter what their physical challenge might be.

Even for healthy ageing people, there can be a few obstacles to enjoying sexuality in our 60s and beyond. Problems such as painful joints and certain other typical age-related medical conditions can certainly affect one's sexual style, but there really is nothing that cannot be overcome somehow.

If we put our minds to it, the quality of sex can improve dramatically and continue that path throughout the rest of our lives. And it's worth keeping in mind that athleticism in bed may be highly overrated. Simply following the body's lead in a comfortable, relaxed fashion can be particularly rewarding.

In cases where possible, it is popular that couples purchase a sex swing set. A sex swing set allows the disable partner to sit onto the swing while performing most sex acts. And sex swings is also a fetish for many people.

Becoming aroused

From about our 40s onwards, many people notice that it can take a bit longer to become aroused. For men, getting an erection is not as immediate as it used to be; for women, becoming lubricated is a slower process. But, as I've also pointed out before, failing to exhibit signs of physical arousal rapidly does not mean desire is absent.

Partners of people who've reached middle age need to remind themselves not to take it personally if they do not trigger an immediate response when they undress or make sexual advances. Instead of backing off, they can help by providing some direct genital stimulation to hasten the process.

I like having to work for it. I'll touch her and she'll be dry, but gradually, after a few minutes of teasing and stroking her, everything starts to become nice and warm and moist. It's a reward, and I know she really wants me physically then — her body has caught up to her mind.

Its always help to use sex toys to help with stimulations for mature ladies and men’s. The use of vibrators like a rabbit vibrator or a g spot vibrator for females along with premium lubricant to help with improve moisture in the vagina.

Men in their 60s will certainly have the occasional erectile failure — just like every man does from time to time, at any earlier age. The problem is, at this age a man is likely to overreact and imagine that it means more than it does.

For older males, the use of penis pumps helps to stimulate the penis muscles and improve blood flow into the penis and improve a harder and bigger erection. It is also recommended to use a cock ring to help with keeping the erection there longer.

What libido?

Certain women experience a higher level of sexual desire after menopause; nonetheless, some people in their 60s do not.

Many of the mature female’s libido that sit on the lower end of the scale, must rely on sex aids (such as a clit sucking vibrator) and porn to trigger the stimulations once they had. It is also recommended that women to take Female Sexual Enhancer pills like LaViva Tribull libido enhancer to improve their sex life.

Most woman’s like to know how they can increase their libido as an older woman. Many forums online and doctors suggested 'more lubrication' but it is more then just the moisture in your vagina.

As people age, they are still capable of strong orgasms that can be just as intense as they were at a younger age. Woman can still be multi-orgasmic, while men may experience orgasm slightly differently — less genitally focused and perhaps more global, like a full-body sensation, but just as good.

The problem with erections

Although men in their 60s may not achieve the hard erections that they did earlier in life, they can usually still reach enough stiffness for intercourse. In any case, as the penny finally drops that women appreciate many non-penetrative styles of lovemaking — often in preference to intercourse — men can make up for any erectile difficulty by being better at pleasuring a woman in the ways that really count, including manually and orally.

At 60 there is often a slower build-up to orgasm and — guess what? — that's exactly what their partners, at least the female ones, always wanted!

Illness has far more effect on a person's sexuality than ageing itself does. If men are healthy, physically active and keep up sexual activity (remember, 'use it or lose it!), they can often carry on getting erections their entire lives without having to rely on any little blue pill.

Erectile problems are most often caused by illness, alcohol abuse, medication, diabetes and hypertension — and there can be psychological reasons, such as depression or relationship issues at the root, too. Although drugs like Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, Kamagra and herbal male enhancer sex pillshave help man men’s over the years but there are always side effects.

That’s why many men’s have turn to herbal tablets where every ingredient is natural herbal extracts to reduce all side effects of those chemical created pills like Viagra. The best-selling erection pills is the Maxfueland Brahmah.

Remaining sexual

Women may become more orgasmic in their 60s, as hormonal shifts increase their libido and orgasmic capacity. However, for a variety of reasons, many are challenged by a change in their sexual responses.

Woman who once masturbate frequent now only about once a month. The orgasms are not as long-lasting, not as intense. Many have tried testosterone, but it didn't do much.

At 60, many can still give themselves orgasms, but the main problems are poor lower back and poor bladder control — stress incontinence. Many doctors say to do Kegelexercises to improve muscles stimulations and vaginal fluid.

Women who go for long periods without having intercourse often worry about losing their ability to be sexual again.

Vaginal atrophy is a real concern and it is recommended that if women plan to have intercourse again at some time in the future they work on maintaining their sexual health by adding a clean penile-shaped vibrator or dildo— with added lubrication — to their repertoire of self-pleasuring.

It is considerable sadness and longing among several people who have been living without sexual experiences with others for some time. It is recommended that men to use sex toy masturbators like the pocket pussy to continue to stimulate their penis and continue to maintain orgasm. Just in case they meet a new partner, so their sexual performance is not affected.

Coping with loss

Hopefully, by the time we reach our 60s we have achieved the ability to enjoy a superior level of intimacy and are more emotionally mature and self-confident. Sexual communication may also be easier.

Men may become more sensual at midlife, something that their partners usually truly appreciate. But, unfortunately, one of the main issues for people in their 60s is the loss of a partner — or the lack of available partners — for one reason or another.

Maybe at this age women in our society shouldn't expect too much from men. They aren't going to see you as a person — or, if they do, it's very transitory. And the dating scene is tough. It seems to be all about sex at our age — just about having sex, and not so much about companionship.

Quality not quantity

For 60-something people who are in a relationship, one of the main things on their minds regarding sexuality tends to be frequency. Some lament the fact that they may not do it as often as they used to in previous decades. If only they could understand that it's quality, not quantity, that's the name of the game now!

Many mature couples rarely talk about their sex lives, but the general impression that most folk in the mid-60s — do it rather rarely. But we could be wrong. There are many factors can affect a couple’s sexual lifestyle like health, stress, erectile dysfunctions, loss of libido etc.

Just because mature couples rarely do it, it doesn’t mean that the quality when they eventually do it is any less then they were younger. In fact, many surveys show that older couples enjoy sex more in the mature year more then sex in their early 20s and 30s.

Performance issues

If people in their 70s can avoid focusing too much on performance, they may have much better sex. Discovering that pleasure is an end in itself — and does not have to lead to orgasm — can vastly enrich sexual experiences for both men and women.

This is true of any age, but now it's crucial. What's more, even though men grow up thinking that size and hardness are all that matters, not relying on erections is the key to long-term sexual success.

Masturbation is a common and useful form of sexual expression for people in their 70s and older.

For example, if one partner wants to be sexual but the other does not, there's no reason why the less-interested party shouldn't hold the other while they bring themselves to climax; in fact, this is something that could happen at any age.

For women without partners who think that they might want to have intercourse at some point in the future and need to keep their vaginas from atrophying, using a penile-shaped vibrator with a clitoris stimulator may be a good solution.

Sex life after menopause

Menopause used to signify the end of a woman's sex life, but we now know that this is not true at all. As a matter of fact, many post-menopausal women report higher interest in sex. Women in their 70s are long past menopause.

They no longer must worry about pregnancy and usually have more time to focus on lovemaking. Most importantly, they may have a greater awareness of who they are sexually. Many really know what they want — and are not ashamed to communicate that to a partner.

Men, in return, are pleased to be with a woman who knows herself, has good lovemaking skills and is willing to communicate her desires clearly. There can certainly be challenges at 70 and beyond, but whatever needs to be worked out can be achieved if people can only talk about it.

Many women learned to adjust with menopause and took hormones at first, then stopped and had to deal with all the hot flushes and so on. Once that’s all over the lube will fix most problems.

Everyone said that a hysterectomy will destroys your sex life, but they were wrong. Many women reported that it had little effect on their sex life


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