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October 15, 2020

Physical and verbal flirting

We start by discussing the seven secrets of flirting: 

Verbal flirting

  1. Take (little) risks

Approach thot guy you think is out of your league he may think the some about you. High seIf-esteem is very attractive. 

  1. Think In the present

Forget if someone refused to dance with you at the school disco. Painful memories may be holding you book. 

  1. Communicate

Only seven per cent of what you say to someone is expressed in words. Voice tone and body language are much more important. (Ever tried telling someone you fancy them in a stem voice with your arms crossed? They won't believe you.) 

  1. Be responsive

Ensure you're responding to someone and try to make people feel good (this usually comes from feeling good about yourself first). Be Open to others and listen to them.

  1. Be honest

You find him attractive? Tell him! If you don't find him attractive? Tell him (nicely) and say how much you'd like to be friends. 

  1. Be sensual and sexual

Body image is crucial. Fantastic flirts like the way they look. They don't hold themselves stiffly (unlike o self-conscious person). 

They relax so the person they're talking to relaxes. too! Sex and sensuality are linked but different entities. 

Sensual people are comfortable with touch, body language and sensation.

The human body is designed for sensual pleasure stroking on arm, using soft words. All these things make us comfortable with ourselves and others. and very sexy. Neither anyone suggest one-night stands are wrong, if both parties are hoppy with it. 

Attitude is everything expect less, and you may get a lot more. If you tell yourself before you go out that you're not looking for a partner or one-nighter, you're more likely to get what you won’t. 

  1. Be individual

We're all different and that’s great. We should express ourselves and not try to fit into preconceived images. If we're pleasant to others we're free to be who we are.

Remember: a) flirting does not mean mincing into a bar in a miniskirt and b) male flirts are not necessarily womanisers. Flirts simply have fun with other people. 

We try some techniques on people we like making eye contact, then paying compliments with the following examples

“I love your jumper," I say to woman.

“I love your earrings," I tell a woman. I get the odd nod or muttered thanks. but then I realise what’s really meant by the term compliment. 

“I Iove your eyes," someone says to me. “They light up when you laugh." Believable compliments pick up on something personal and show you've token notice.

Learn to shake a hand like you really mean it, to lean gently towards a person when you're talking, to lightly press on their toe if you find them attractive.

Physical Flirting in the bedroom

If you skip the top part of this blog, then I guess you are halfway there. Flirting in a bar, club or any social events is as important as flirting in the bedroom.

There is one key thing you need to know. Either male or female, we want them to come back for more. This is your once chance to show case all your skills and if you want to go that extra mile bring out all your sex toys to play.

Never rush into anything, spend plenty of time for foreplay. Female climax easier with a good amount of foreplay and male ejaculated harder if they waited longer for penetrations.

A few tools to use in the bedroom for flirting

Feather flogger

The use of a feather clockers or paddle is a good tool to tease each other. Role play is a good way to flirt to get things going and for both partners to get aroused.

Aphrodisiac infused massage oils

Massage each other with an aphrodisiac massage oils can very sensual and fun. This is the physical flirting, touch each other at the most intimate area and rub it with the aphrodisiac massage oil will make them as for more

Arousal Oils

This works for both men and woman. During foreplay, flirt with each other by rubbing arousal oil on each other’s private part. This will prepare for an intense physical penetration coming soon.

Arousal oils can be used on the clitoris and the head of the penis for extra stimulation

Delay sprays

During flirting in the bedroom, delay spray can also be used to tease your partner. This will number his penis and allows him to last longer.

Only use a small amount at a time as it can cause extreme numbness and his penis will go soft.

Chastity cock cage

This is more towards bondage but also overlaps with flirting. This can be extremely aroused for some people.

It’s a metal or can be a silicone cage like a condom with a locking mechanism where you insert his penis inside and lock it up. This will make him wants more as he cannot get any stimulation from his erected penis.

While the penis is locked you can give him stimulation on other parts of this body, like nipples. Neck, legs and back.

Vibrators and Masturbators

This is more towards foreplay but still consider as physical flirting as there are not actually penis penetration.

Vibrators such as a rabbit type vibrator, a g spot vibrator or a bullet vibrator is a good tool to start physical flirting in the bedroom. These types of vibrator sex toy give the woman a quick and intense orgasm during foreplay, this will set the course for you to achieve multiple orgasm during intercourse.

Masturbators or sometime refer to as pocket pussy is a common product used on male during foreplay. It is a good tool for physical flirting before penetration especially for male who have problems with erections. It helps to massage the penis and encourage blood flow and open all the veins and muscles in the penis in preparation for a good and hard erections.

If your partner is experience from erections problems, then the use of a cock ring is recommended once his penis is fully erection from the masturbator.

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