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March 03, 2023

Why settle for a vibrator that does only one thing? There's a new type of sex toy on the market that has set Australia's sex toy scene on fire. It's the dual stimulation vibrator. These are very different from a rabbit-style dual stimulator because the toy is a clit sucking vibrator! These new dual-stimulation vibrators feature a curved arm. This is designed to be inserted into the body to provide the G-spot with direct stimulation. Talk about the best of both worlds!

What is a Clit Sucking Vibrator?

Clit sucking vibrators have rapidly become the best-selling sex toys for women. Clit suckers indirectly stimulate the visible clitoris using a gentle sucking sensation. Similar to receiving oral sex but much, much better.

Sometimes this is paired with a body-rocking vibration setting as well. 

Look at the most popular brand,Womanizer. You'll find that 100% of women can experience orgasms using their landmark product. 

Many women also credit clit sucking vibrators as their path to squirting. 

Meant to only be used for about 5 minutes at a time, these are ideal for the woman on the go! 

Where is the G-spot?

Your G-spot is about a finger's length inside the vagina.

To find your G-spot, insert 1-2 fingers, then curve them towards your belly button. You may feel a slight textural difference here, but you also may not. 

The G-spot is a hotly contested topic in the world of sexology. Primarily because the G-spot isn't a singular spot. It's a region inside the vagina on the back side ofthe clitoral body.

There are many reasons why women struggle to find this tender pleasure zone. The most common ones I see inmy sexological work are:

You're looking for your G-spot when you're not fully aroused.

Arousal is a process that takes quite some time for females. Anywhere from 10-30+ minutes of both indirect and direct stimulation of the vulva and vagina are necessary for pleasure and to find the G-zone.

You're only trying the "come hither" motion.

While this is the most common way to stimulate the G-spot, some people differ. Experiment with that sensation, but remember others! 

You're not using enough lubricant.

If you're not using enough sexual lubricant, your vagina may be too sensitive for that area to be pleasurable. Keep things wet and keep looking!

You're not taking your cycle into account.

It's important to remember that your sex hormones play a role in just about everything. That includes how sensitive your G-zone is. Throughout the month, you may have hormonal fluctuations that make that zone more or less sensitive. 

You're having your partner look for it before you find it.

You have to be the expert on your own sexual pleasure before you send someone else looking for specific pleasure points. Finding it on your own means you can be comfortable and unafraid of disappointing someone. So spend some solo time looking!

You're just not sensitive there.

Every body is different, including sensitivity in the G-zone area. It's okay if you're not having earth-rocking orgasms from G-zone stimulation. Many women don't. The G-zone is the backside of the clitoral body. So, it's crucial to remember that you should be fully erect before going for the G-zone. Once you're fully engorged, and you're tenting, a process where the vagina opens up to accommodate a penis, finding your G-zone will be much easier.

What are the New Dual-stimulation Vibrators?

Brands like Womanizer andLELO have taken female pleasure seriously for decades now. They've both integrated their very best clit sucking vibrators with powerful G-zone arms. This is so that you can experience an earth-rocking blended orgasm.

What is a Blended Orgasm?

A blended orgasm is where you stimulate two or more erogenous zones to produce one singular, powerful orgasm.

Not every woman will be able to experience these.

Not everyone will enjoy having both areas stimulated at the same time.

Your vagina is unique, so be curious about how it responds well. 

At Funtasia, we have two dual stimulators that we love equally for their own reasons. The Womanizer Duo and the LELO Enigma.

The Womanizer Duo

Womanizer literally invented the sucking vibrator in the first place.

They still hold the record for providing100% of users with orgasms, something no other sex toy brand can boast about. 

The Womanizer Duo featuresPleasure Air Technology to give your clitoris the indirect sensations of oral sex without the hassle of a partner. It has 12 different intensity levels and 10 vibrations modes to customise your pleasure experience. It features an ergonomic G-spot arm that is nice and firm. So it's ideal for those who like intense pressure on their G-spot and internally. 

The two different aspects of the Duo can be controlled separately. So if you're not in the mood for a clit orgasm, you can use just the G-spot arm or vice versa!

The LELO Enigma

This dual stimulator looks like it fell off of a UFO. That's one of the many things we love about theEnigma! Its unique appearance is for a good reason. It features theSona clit sucker, the most powerful on the market.

This clit sucker isn't for the faint-hearted. At the moment of climax, when you press down on the Sona, it gains suction rather than losing suction like other clit suckers.

It also has a powerful but flexible G-spot arm that has a thoughtful bulb on the end of it. This bulb is so that it stimulates the entire G-zone. 

What makes the Enigma so unique is that the clit sucker and the G-spot arm pulsate together. This ensures your blended orgasm stays cohesive. 

Dual stimulators are new on the market, so keep your eyes peeled online and in our stores throughout New South Wales! We always keep the latest inventions in the sex toy market available for our customers. So please drop in to see what's new at one of our three locations!


Get out there, Get in there, and Get off there!

Elaine S. Turner

Clinical Sexologist | Sex, Dating, & Relationship Coach | Pleasure Product Guru

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