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March 03, 2023

If you're a man with a penis, then congratulations! You also have a prostate. And you deserve to experience new levels of pleasure that the prostate offers. The topic of anal play with male-bodied individuals has become much more common these days for good reason. The prostate is just a finger's length away. This is a pleasure chest waiting to be discovered. And prostate massagers have created an easy-to-follow map of explosive orgasms. But how do you choose the right prostate massager? We've created a step-by-step guide for how to choose a prostate toy just for you! That way, you have a streamlined shopping experience without asking too many potentially embarrassing questions.

What is the prostate?

The glorious prostate is found just a centimetre or two inside the anus.

The prostate is a small gland inside only the male body, specifically in people born with XY chromosomes.

It is often described as roughly the shape and size of half a walnut. It is important to note that it should not be as firm or hard as a walnut. If it is, speak with your doctor.

The prostate is responsible for creating nutritious liquids excreted during orgasm. This liquid helps sperm thrive on their hopeful journey to an egg. The prostatic fluid provides nutrients and additional motility to sperm on their voyage.

However, the prostate is much more than that.

When stimulated just the right way, it can provide an earth-shattering orgasm you likely can't imagine.

Experiencing prostate orgasms is also good for your health! Incorporating prostatic orgasms into your masturbation routine can help reduce your risk of prostate cancer. So, let's help you choose an ideal prostate massager!

Prostate massager materials

As we've covered extensively, not all sex toys are created equal.

Specifically, many anal toys aren't made out of solid materials. These porous materials are cheaper to produce, thus adding to the manufacturer's bottom line. Since they're porous, fecal matter and other nasty bacteria can get trapped in the microscopic holes. That means that every time you go to use your prostate sex toy, even if you've cleaned it, they're there waiting for you.

So when you're shopping for a prostate massager, make sure you choose one of the following non-porous materials:

  • Body-safe silicone
  • Medical grade silicone
  • 100% silicone
  • Platinum cured silicone
  • Borosilicate or Pyrex glass
  • Soda-lime glass
  • Medical grade stainless steel
  • 100% stainless steel

Even if the product claims to be made with "silicone," you need to look for the amount or type of silicone. Otherwise, it could be made from less than 1% silicone and the rest could be toxic mystery materials. 

Safety first!

Does enjoying prostate stimulation mean I'm gay?

No, absolutely not.

You evolved to have two holes, both of which pleasure you. Pleasure and sexual activity do not create your orientation. Only you can define your sexual orientation. 

Using prostate toys means that you take both your health and pleasure seriously. 

If you're uncomfortable with the idea of anal play as a man, that's okay! Often, going through anal training steps so you can enjoy prostate pleasure just like everyone else!

Here are the basic steps for anal training:

  1. Get your supplies - You'll need some basic supplies throughout your training. Specifically, you'll need silicone-based or water-based lubricants, a set of graduated butt plugs (usually 3 sizes), and some time to yourself.
  2. Get sexy- The most essential part of anal training is training your brain to expect pleasure when you put things in your backside. So start stimulating your penis or testicles as you typically do during masturbation. 
  3. Lube it up - Your anus does not create any natural lubrication, so adding sexual lubricants is non-negotiable. Always cover your fingers, plugs, and other anal toys in lube before using them.
  4. Explore with your hands - Your hands are familiar and a great place to start. Stimulate your perineum, anal opening and internal sphincter with a finger or two. You can even venture further and find the prostate with your fingers. Just insert a lubricated finger and curve it up towards the belly button.
  5. Move to the plugs - Once you're comfortable using your hands to play with your butt, then move on to your smallest plug. Again, smother it in lubricant and slowly insert your butt plug into your backside while masturbating your penis. It should easily pop in once you've relaxed.

That's really it!

You want to keep the plug in for a few minutes to an hour to get comfortable. Slowly move up in plug size over time as you get more comfortable. This will help you when you finally choose a suitable prostate toy!

How to choose a prostate massager

Sex toys are an incredibly personal purchase. It takes a lot of knowing yourself to get the "perfect" one for your needs. So even if your first choice isn't perfect, keep looking! There's plenty on the market for you to choose from.

Here are some simple steps for you to follow so you can choose the right prostate massager for you:

What is my budget?

Prostate massagers run the whole gamut of pricing options. Decide on a budget window that you feel comfortable with. Realise also that high-quality toys come with a higher price tag. But that price tag often comes with a warranty and peace of mind that you're not putting anything toxic in your body.

What do I want it to do?

Everyone has a preference for types of massages. Both on your body and on your prostate. Some people prefer direct and consistent pressure. While others prefer gentle vibration patterns to lull them to orgasm softly. Figure out which works well for you by experimenting! 

Do I want a remote or an app?

It's 2023 now, and more sex toy companies are creating smart sex toys with apps or remote controls. This is especially important for prostate massagers. You don't want to fiddle with your prostate massager blindly or stand up and look in the mirror to change the settings. Remotes and apps mean you can insert your prostate toy and enjoy your ride with minimal intervention. 

How much stimulation do I want?

Prostate massagers often come with multiple engines for your pleasure. That means there's usually one in the tip designed to tickle the prostate, one in the base to entice your anal opening, and one in the base to pleasure the perineum. If you like all of that, you've got lots to choose from! Otherwise, take the time to read the packaging to make sure you don't get something overwhelming. 

Once you've selected a toy that meets your needs and qualifications, ensure you take good care of it!

Sex toys, especially prostate massagers, require some upkeep to keep them working well. Also, don't forget to register your warranty with the brand or manufacturer! If anything goes wrong, you can get it fixed or a replacement. 

Final notes about prostate massagers

While there will be an ideal prostate massager for you, finding it can be a bit of a journey. Getting comfortable with anal play is always the first step. Then you need to narrow down your selection based on your budget and pleasure preferences to get the best experience possible.

You're not alone if you're overwhelmed by our massive online selection of prostate massagers! You can always come into one of Funtasia's three locations throughout New South Wales. If you do, you'll get personalised help picking the right prostate massager for your needs. 


Get out there, Get in there, and Get off there!

Elaine S. Turner

Clinical Sexologist | Sex, Dating, And Relationship Coach | Pleasure Product Guru

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