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March 03, 2023

What is Tenga?

If you've never heard of Tenga you're in for an enjoyable ride! Tenga produce some of the most dynamic men's masturbation toys, from ready-to-use cups to reusable, electronic toys that elevate pleasure to a whole new level. The Japanese-founded brand aims to destigmatise masturbation with simple, easy to clean toys with extra strong suction. You'll see what we mean!

Ready-to-Use Cups

Original Vacuum Cup
If you're looking for an affordable toy the ready-to-use Tenga Cups are perfect and come in a range of designs. The Original Cup features the iconic hour-glass shape to enhance suction through a textured chamber that's bound to leave an impression. What's more, each ready-to-use cup is colour coordinated to show suction strength, such as black and red for extra strong, red and grey for medium and white and grey for gentle and soft suction.

Soft Case Cup
Want a little more control? The Soft Case Cup features a soft middle to allow squeezing for full pressure so you get the most out of your cup. All you need to do is choose your colour and suction strength and you're ready to go!

Rolling Head Cup
The top of the shaft is one of the most sensitive and pleasurable areas and the Rolling Head Cup is designed for 360 degree play. With a spiral body and flexible head with a stimulating orb inside, you'll be pressed to find a more versatile toy.

Dual Sensation Cup
Why settle for one sensation when you can have multiple? The Dual Sensation Cup is double-ended with a 'tough' and 'gentle' side depending on your mood. Enjoy one side at a time or all at once as the textured inner tube meets in the middle for a truly powerful experience.

Air Flow Cup
The Air Flow Cup is built with a unique chamber that creates a push-back sensation when inserted. Like the Original Cup, the Air Flow Cup is hour-glass shaped to enhance suction with the difference of a cool air feel during use. It's durable and strong and really clenches to reduce slippage.

Want to know more? Read our blog next week to find out about Tenga's reusable range!

Much love from the Sexperts at Funtasia West Ryde!

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