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June 17, 2022

When first thinking about candles in the bedroom, like most people, your first thought is probably just as a way to set the mood and perhaps to fragrance the air with an arousing aroma. But did you know that they can also be used as an integral part of play? 

Now, I bet you are thinking about how hot that wax would get and how could you possibly avoid giving yourself or your playmate second-degree burns! Before you go and grab the nearest tealight, there are a few things your need to know…

Firstly, we DO NOT recommend using standard candles you would burn around your home. It is crucial to realize that these are made from different types of wax that have a higher melting point and can cause serious harm. 

There are two main types of candles that we recommend for adding a little something extra to your sex life.

Make me melt – Drip Candles

Sensual Play With Candles

Introduce temperature play to your bedroom fun with these wax-play candles. The wax drips will have a tingle of heat when dripped onto the skin and then quickly cool and harden once dripped on the skin.

To prevent wax splashing and making a mess on any sheets, bedding, or surrounding items, try laying on an old sheet or tarp; this will make clean-up much more manageable. Try shaving the areas where the wax will be dripped on a day or two beforehand to make the wax more straightforward and painless to remove from the skin. Do not shave immediately before engaging in wax play, as this may irritate you.

Massage Candles

Sensual Play With Candles

Massage candles are generally soy-based and have a low melting point. This means that they burn at safe temperatures and are made from ingredients that are safe for the skin. Think of it as a solidified massage oil – you need to change it to its liquid state. Plus, it is warm as you have used a flame to do so!

Before using, allow the candle to burn for 15-20 minutes until a small amount of oil is pooled. While waiting, why not begin your sensual massage without oil or a bit of foreplay to start things off!

Once you are ready to use the candle, blow the flame out. Wait 20 seconds, then pour a small amount onto the desired area. The closer to your playmate's body you hold the candle, the warmer the wax will feel as it has had less time to cool. A little goes a long way so if this is your first time, use it sparingly until you have the desired oil level. 

Massage oil is not lube and should not be used that way. Under no circumstances should you put the oil wax inside your body. That means you should not drip it into the vagina, or you could wind up with irritation or a yeast infection.

Once playtime is over, the massage oil can be left on and eventually absorbed into the skin. However, if you don't want to wait or plain don't like how it feels, it can be easily washed off in the shower with your regular body wash.


Just remember, whichever you choose to use – these are still candles, so take the relevant safety precautions when they are alight. 

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Funtasia Penrith Sexpert

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