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July 26, 2022

Together? Do you mean adult toys aren’t just for self-pleasure or single use? No, they are not though they can be great for masturbation, and getting in tune with your pleasure adult toys can be enjoyed equally together.

We often talk about couple play in store, one of our first questions when a customer comes in for a new or even first toy; Is it for individual use or partner play? Great news, most toys can be played with each other one way or another.

As previously mentioned, our only limitations with toys are our minds!!

In saying that, did you know that we have toys tailored for couple play? Let me bring your attention to Satisfyer – Elastic Game and Elastic Joy. Now, this little gem is INCREDIBLE. They can be played with for all-over vibration tickles, worn as a cock ring style during sex, folded and wrapped around the shaft as a stroker, even for penetration, and more than likely both genders are getting off when it comes to this multi vibrator.

What’s hot right now is air pulse vibrators, for the best reasons, these magic clit stimulators do an excellent job. Did you know that the tip of the shaft enjoys the air pulse sensation also?

Now I understand we are all different in our likes and dislikes but I recommend trying anything once 😉 Romp has a great range of air pulse vibrators in-store, Shine, Switch, and free available across our stores or online.

Not too sure you are ready for toys but would like something to enhance your time together, no worries Funtasia has some sensual massage oils and delicious flavored lubes to get you started.
Jo also has a great new range of stimulation gels that can intensify your pleasure with heat, cool, or even voltage.

We look forward to helping you in one of our stores or online today!


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Funtasia Sexpert Wagga Wagga

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