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July 27, 2022

Your first time in an adult store can be a nerve-wracking experience. What if someone sees me? Will they judge me? I don’t know what I’m looking for! There are so many options!

Don’t worry; we are here to walk you through what to expect. First with wondering if people will see you… If they see you in the store, guess what? They’re doing the same thing as you! Even if they do, we want you to know that sexual pleasure, self-exploration, and using toys with partners are totally normal and healthy, so don’t be ashamed! I know that sexual pleasure is wrapped up in layers of stigmas and taboo, but I doubt they’ll tell anyone because then they’d have to explain why they were there too.

Once you get inside, we’ll usually say hi, offer some help and try to have a casual chat even if you’re not looking for help currently. We’ll let you walk for a bit and then ask again because there are always a few questions people have but are too nervous to ask (please ask, we genuinely love to answer your questions!).

Once you’re looking comfy and asking some questions, if you tell us you’re a first-timer and need help picking a toy, we’ll start asking some questions about you and your needs. For example, with the ladies with vulvas, we’ll ask if you prefer internal or external stimulation, what you need out of your toy (power, quietness, easy use, discreetness), how you want it to look, and the type of feel you want it to have. Don’t be shy to say you’re not sure. That just means we’ll show you some different options in each style! For the men with penises, we’ll ask variations of the same questions, what you need out of your toy, how much you want to spend, how easy you want it to be to clean, etc. These questions help us to find the best fit for you because our primary goal is to make sure you leave our store comfortable, happy, and on your way to having brilliant orgasms.

As a side note, the testers are out for testing, turn them on, have a feel, watch the toys work their magic, and see which one “sparks joy”, as Marie Kondo would say. Aside from getting help from our qualified Sexperts, being able to touch the toys and see their size, feel, and the power or movements they provide is the #1 reason to go into a brick-and-mortar store rather than buying online.

The rest of your visit will usually be spent chatting, going over the care instructions, a quick rundown of how to use the toy, and (hopefully) buying lubricant. We have people come in thinking they don’t need lubricant, and while that might work for PIV sex or fingers, this is not the case with toys. Toys used for solo use provide no natural lubrication and will need extra help in that department regardless of how much you produce naturally.

And suddenly, like that, you’ve managed to conquer your first visit! It wasn’t that scary, was it?

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Funtasia Penrith Sexpert

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