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June 20, 2022

What’s date night without a little spice? There are many ways to please your partner besides treating them to a romantic dinner, so we’ve created a list of our spiciest date night ideas to get things started. From couple’s toys to relaxing massage oil, there’s a little something for everyone.

A Relaxing Bubble Bath

At the end of a long night, there’s nothing better than getting into a steamy bath with your partner to wind down… or to wind up! To amp up the pleasure add a few drops of Wildfire 4-in1 pleasure oil, a potent aphrodisiac with horny goat weed, soothing oils, and vitamin E. With natural essential oils, it’s a luxurious and powerful way to boost libido and sexual performance. And better yet, it makes an amazing massage oil when things move to the bedroom, working to enhance the sensation. What could be better?

Bedroom Play

The bedroom is the perfect place to try new things and to have fun with your partner on date night so why not try a couple’s toy? Couple’s toys have come a long way in terms of stimulation with intuitive smart technology for next-level sex. The We-Vibe Chorus is an intelligent couple’s toy with touch-sense, a squeeze remote, and an adjustable fit for comfort inside the vagina. Not only for the G-spot and clitoris, the Chorus also stimulates the penis during sex for an amazing shared experience. What could be better than a double orgasm?

Light the Candles

Candles are a date night staple, setting the mood for what’s to come, but what about a candle massage? Instead of lighting the room, a massage candle is designed to melt and pour onto the skin for a relaxing massage. Made of soy and gentle fragrances like snow pear and cedarwood, the Lelo massage candle is made for couples looking for a sensuous massage experience. Just remove the cap and light the candle for the fragrance to fill the room. When you’re ready to massage, blow out the flame and leave to cool for 30 seconds to two minutes before pouring the oil onto the skin. Most importantly, remember to pour responsibly, testing the oil temperature before pouring on your partner. With soothing oils and enticing scents, you’ll be truly relaxed in no time!

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Funtasia West Ryde Sexpert

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