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June 23, 2022

What is intimacy? It is defined as a mental, emotional, or physical closeness such as a personal remark, a warm and familiar setting, or detailed knowledge about a subject. It is a feeling or atmosphere of openness towards someone else, not necessarily involving sexuality.

Guess what? Yes, there is more than one kind of intimacy. Why limit yourself to a simple, quick release, a "let's get this over and done with", when your experience could be much more fulfilling for you and your playmate(s)? I don't know you, but I prefer the encounter to last, to be an event to rejoice when recalled in our memories and discussions, and, above all, wouldn't you want to hear, "That was amazing, could we do it again soon, pretty please"?

But a quick fuck is safe, right? No drama, no hurt, no obligations, sometimes no names. It rocks some
people's socks off, and good on them, but do not be afraid to open yourself to emotions and feelings that could make your sex life reach a whole new level. So why not give it a try? Did you get bitten before? I beg you, don't let bad happenings stop you from trying again, and hope for a better outcome. Everyone has been scared of intimacy, in one shape or another. You could want to hide part of yourself if the vulnerable person in you gets hurt. Maybe as a child, you were rejected by your carers and keeping distance within the family was the norm. If you put many "rules" in your relationship, you might eventually resent your partner, as you won't be able to open yourselves to new experiences.

We are adults. Let's communicate! How else are you going to share your feelings, your ideas, your experiences, your beliefs? It might be hard at first, but it is worth the risk. Plus, if you never let the other(s) "in", don't be surprised if they will slowly distance themselves, as no real connection has been made in the first place. Or else you might become abandoned; you might lose yourself. Anxiety will stop you from sharing fully. Learn honestly, be courageous, and unveil
yourself to the other(s). Reveal your true self and bask in the feeling of being seen for who you are. Many books can help you find the solutions you need. Therapists and aware writers have published
thousands of "How to" and tips in blogs on the Net. Have a read and find what the key to unlocking YOU is! In short, love and trust. If it doesn't work with one, repeat. Just be yourself! And you will feel alive!

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