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July 19, 2022

Some of the good points:
- It looks good on you.
- It makes picking up a play partner heaps easier (and fun too).
- It might give more carnal pleasure. For the vulva owners, make sure your piercing will rub against your clitoris (Vertical Hood Piercing, or VHP). For the penis owners, any movement stimulating the glans or shaft might lead to increase pleasure. Prince Albert is highly recommended
if you are the owner of a tongue or lip piercing, you will be able to spice things up while giving oral pleasure.
- From a mental point of view, getting one might give you more confidence. It might just make you feel naughty, adventurous, or excited! It is a way to express yourself, after all. It is an art form in itself.
- On another much more full-on psychologic aspect, piercing one’s body can help overcome sexual abuse.

Some of the bad points:
- You are supposed to wait for six weeks before undertaking any sexual play as you may rip your new jewelry out, or there might be a blood bath scene.
- If you remove them, like any piercing it will leave scar tissue.
- If you are not careful, you might tear the vaginal or anal wall of your partner(s).
- If you and your sexual partner(s) have genital piercings, be wary of entanglement. And do not pull away in a rush, or you will bear the consequences!
- Some people will not want piercings near/in their genitals. Respect their wishes, cover with a condom, remove them temporarily if you can, or move on if you don’t want do this.
- Some practices might become troublesome (or near impossible!) if you get bling down there. Depending on the type and placement, fooling around with cock rings or chastity devices might get very uncomfortable, and your skin might get pinched. Use your imagination to avert these hurdles. No metal on your sack? Try a ball stretcher. Too much of it on your shaft? Try a cock strap.

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- Any lubricant.
- NEW Oxballs Squeeze Ballstretcher – Night Edition.
- Bone Yard – Silicone Cock Strap – 3 Snap Ring / Black.


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