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September 16, 2022

Vibrators are synonymous with sex toys. With so many types out there.How is a girl to choose? To narrow down the best sex toy for you, you must first figure out what body part you want to stimulate. The most popular choice for women is, of course, the all-knowing clitoris. Efficient, powerful, and full of ultra-sensitive nerve endings, it's a clear favourite. 

You're likely overwhelmed, from clit suckers to rabbit vibrators and vibrating eggs. Let's go over all the most popular clit stimulating toys, so you can feel like a sex toy expert. 

What You Need to Know About Clit Vibrators

Most vibrating toys are designed to be used in other areas, like the G-spot.

But, it's important to remember that the clitoris is the gateway to almost all female sexual pleasure. So focusing your toy on that perfect pleasurable spot will bring you someseriously satisfying orgasms. 

But, since they're flexible to be used on the G-spot, you can often use many of them for anal play as well! Just make sure you follow the one essential anal play guideline: it must have a flared base.

Otherwise, your favourite clitoral toy may get lost up there! 

So remember, while they're versatile, safety first!

There are literally hundreds of different types of clitoral vibrators. So, today, we're going to walk you through the most popular ones:

  • The vibrating egg
  • The vibrating bullet
  • The vibrating wand
  • The G-spot vibrator
  • The rabbit vibrator 
  • The sucking vibrator

These are our most popular vibrators at Funtasia, so we want to help you narrow down your choices. That way, you know what you want!

The Vibrating Egg

These are the ideal choice for beginners.

Since they're not phallically shaped, they're discreet, powerful, and user-friendly.

Bear in mind that these are specially designed for your clitoris. You can try and insert it into your vagina, but you'll likely experience minimal pleasure.

These are often called "lay-on" vibrators for pretty obvious reasons. They're designed to literally just lay against your body. 

We recommend plenty of vibrating eggs, such as the Lyla 2 by LELO. The Lyla 2 features a remote control for easy use or sharing! 

We also adore the Touch X by We-Vibe. Ergonomically shaped for easy stimulation and satisfaction, you can't miss this pleasurable purchase!

The Vibrating Bullet

Ah, the classic vibrating bullet!

Perfectly designed for clitoral pleasure, these are ideal for those who like complete control over stimulation.

Vibrating bullets are also popular with sex toy first-timers because they're user-friendly and strong.

No sex toy collection would be complete without a vibrating bullet! 

Our favourites are the Point Plus 2 function bullet vibrator from Nü Sensuelle. With three options for tips and a powerful engine, you'll be buzzing all night, playing with the different functions!

Satisfyer never disappoints. Their 15-year guarantee makes sure they deliver! Their Ultra Power Bullet vibrator is simple, affordable, and totally body-safe

The Vibrating Wand

Nothing can beat a classic. Vibrating "personal massagers" have been around for decades and are regarded as the first electronic sex toy.

The wand is excellent for those who may have arthritis or other issues preventing full mobility. 

Wands feature a long handle and a large, powerful head. This ensures you never miss the clit, even if you don't know where it is!

It also means you can put theabsolute minimum effortinto your solo-sex practices. 

When it comes to wands, you don't want to cheap out. These are often the most used toys in any woman's collection. A serious investment means you'll get years and years of pleasure. 

One of our favourite vibrating wands is the Rechargeable Massager from Le Wand. After all, it is a company that solely makes vibrating wands. It has 10 different speeds and 20 different patterns, so you'll always find something new. Plus, it's fully rechargeable, and you don't have to worry about plugging in!

Doxy, meanwhile, boasts the most luxurious version of the wand massager. This one draws its power from a wall socket, meaning you never have to worry about whether it's charged. It also means that you get maximum power at all times. With only 3 buttons, this is the most user-friendly wand experience a girl could ever have!

The G-spot Vibrator

G-spot vibrators are a bit different.

They're designed with a unique curve to help you stimulate the G-spot area. But they can, of course, be used externally on the clitoris as well.

They are different from rabbits because they're just one solid shaft. Meaning that you're stimulating the interior of your vaginawithout confusing your clit. That's something most women tend to find distracting during toy usage. 

There are more G-spot vibrators available than we can ever stock in-store, but we have a few favourites.

One is the Yummy Sunshine G-spot vibrator by Satisfyer. This is super easy to use because of its fabulous handle. This handle means that your sexy friend should find an easy and comfortable treat using it on you. It also has a unique small vibrating lump at the base of its thick shaft. This is to help stimulate your vaginal opening while being used internally.

The LELO Gigi 2 is specially designed to stimulate the entirety of the G-spot area. The flat top allows you to easily angle it to please your G-zone. It's also super simple to use. It has only 4 buttons to let you customise your pleasure journey.

The Rabbit Vibrator

Why do they call it a rabbit vibrator?

The ears, of course!

Rabbit vibrators are made up of just two key factors. The first is the shaft that can be inserted into your vagina (or anus.) The second is an arm for clitoral stimulation. 

Rabbits have been made famous by various shout-outs such asSex and the City for their earth-shaking power. 

Rabbits are essentially in two different classes.

One where it has a single clitoral arm for those who like direct clitoral stimulation.

And the ones with two "ears" to lay on either side of your clitoris. These are preferred by those who have a more sensitive clitoris.

It's totally a matter of taste! 

Our favourite single-tipped rabbit is the Soraya 2 Rabbit by LELO. This is a unique rabbit because it has two separate motors. One for internal pleasure and one for external stimulation. Its single "ear" is also flexible, so you can customise your vibrating experience.

We also love the Satisfyer Double Flex for more reasons than we can count. You can share the controls and customise your experience using the compatible app! The Double Flex also has flexible split ears that let you enjoy satisfying power throughout your sexiest parts!

Clit Suckers

No women's sex toy list would be complete without the invention of the newest andmost powerful sex toy.

The clit sucking vibrator is a class of its own.

They're designed using a unique technology.Technically, it never touches your clitoris! You'll never miss a sensation because it provides a powerful sucking action engulfing your clitoris. 

It is challenging for anyone to describe the experience of the clit sucking vibrator.

Just know that it isn't recommended for a beginner to sex toys. These are super powerful, and you may just throw out the rest of your clit vibes because this is THE one. 

There is a lot of competition in the clit-sucking-vibrator world. But, there are really only two that we recommend. 

The world's most popular choice is the Satsifyer Pro 2+ Vibration. While it has two motors, it's still super quiet while never compromising on power. It has a removable tip which makes cleaning a breeze. Bonus, it is fully submersible, so you can take it anywhere!

Now, we come to the most effective clit-sucker we've found, the Sona 2 by LELO. There's one factor that makes this one of our favourites. When you inevitably press down on it at that peak moment of orgasm, this one sucks harder. This means you'll get that last boost you've been looking for to get you over the edge to ecstasy. 

Clit Toys at Funtasia

We've got more clitoral stimulation toys than you'll ever know what to do with. The walls of our three locations are lined with them!

If you want to check out these clit toys, come visit us in-store! You'll get personalised Sexpert assistance choosing the sex toy of your dreams. 


Get out there, Get in there and Get off there!

Elaine S. Turner

Resident Sexologist | Sex, Dating, and Relationship Coach | Pleasure Product Expert

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