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September 12, 2022

Do you need some pleasurable sexy ideas?

Do you have needs? Do you want to spoil each other? Winter is about thick socks, jammies, and a cuppa under the doona. But what about your sexual desires? To enjoy this cold season, then attack Spring on a positive note, here is a list to help you reinvent yourselves.

To heighten the excitement with your partner:
- Both of you laying down in bed, naked, without touching each other, tell what you would like to do without touching each other. After 10 or 15 minutes, start practicing what you just talked about. A crazy night ahead is guaranteed!
- Ask your partner to lick your upper lip. Your body will tingle nicely, particularly in all the erogenous zones.
- Bring a hot cuppa near your bed or the couch, take a sip, then tongue kiss voraciously a sensitive part of her/his body.
- Take advantage of a full moon to be intimate under the moonlight only. Scientifics have determined that 30% of women are more active on those nights, so give it a go.
- Keep your boots on, and nothing else. The high-heeled type ones, not the rubber ones (unless you are into it!). This is going to have some effects on him…
- Try this so cinematographic and frankly orgasmic position: standing, the forearms resting on a window edge. Too many neighbors? A sturdy table will do.
- Play a sexy board game! At Funtasia, we have a few to choose from loaded adult questions to fetish fun.
- Massage each other with oil that smells of aphrodisiacs AND that is edible.
- Make love in slow motion during the first 5 minutes. The sensations will be much stronger when you go back to your usual rhythm after this.
- Take a shower together. A great classic? Not if you keep all the lights off…
- Let him know that you are not wearing panties by gliding his hand along your bottom. His temperature will raise immediately!

Objectif orgasm: we explore the clitoris and all the erogenous zones as a whole:
- Explore the Kamasutra! The positions of the Frog or the Lotus are worth trying.
- Stop your car in a dark alley late at night. Then get into action: a taste of risk without real danger to get caught.
- For a very delicate caress, ask your partner to use his pinkie finger to tease your clitoris.
- Have some sex at your workplace! In an office, a storage room, or in the toilets. Or if it is too foolhardy for you, what about hiring a hotel room during the lunch break? It might be cliché, but you will be remembering it for a long, long time.
- Breathe deeply while you are making love. Orgasms may become stronger.
- Epilate or shave more areas than usual. Your smooth skin will be enjoyable for both of you!
- Do you put moisturizing cream all over your body in the morning? What if you asked him to do it for you? You might want to set your alarm a few minutes earlier than usual.
- Are you too shy to tell him your fantasies? Send him a link to a video or a website where he will discover what you would like him to do to you.

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