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April 17, 2020

Sex appeal, self love with vibrator and masturbator

Sex appeal, I discovered, is easy enough to recognize when it’s standing in front of you, and your knees go weak and your chest tightens in response, but it’s hellishly difficult to define. 

At first, I read a lot. I thought this article would be easy to write. It wasn’t. 

I discovered that by today’s standards, the Venus de Milo is broad shouldered and overly plump; that some native women rub their bodies with cow dung to make themselves more attractive; that Victorian gentlemen considered a brief glimpse of a shapely ankle more of a turn-on than the deepest cleavage --and that Chinese women once voluntarily crippled themselves in order to enhance their sex appeal.

I dug a little further. 

I learned that Sonny Bono is attracted to women with “Good bloodline, background and breeding.” Roger Moore likes women who don’t argue in bed. Elliott Gould gets turned on by women who are experienced and ask for what they want, Oliver Reed says women should never be demanding, Charles Aznavour finds young women, preferably teenagers, the sexiest, Bruce Dern thinks a woman should “be 'a whore in bed,” while Wilt Chamberlain’s idea of sex appeal is an intelligent woman with a strong body. 

All very interesting, but not much help if you’re trying to put your finger on the quality that makes some people more sexually appealing than others. And the celebrities were talking for publication. Perhaps they were more concerned with supplying the interviewer with quotable quotes than with revealing their true feelings. 

I decided to search for an answer among personal friends and acquaintances who might 'be more willing to disclose their feelings. The question I posed was: “What characteristics in someone else turn you son?” The answers were as varied as my friends. 

Bertha, a divorced mother, told me, “A man who cares. He doesn’t have to be handsome. He has to be a good talker and have a good sense of humour.” 

Michael, a taxi driver, said he likes, “A woman who doesn’t take herself too seriously and doesn’t make too many demands in bed. Plus, of course a good body. I find big tits a tremendous turn on.” 

“Vulnerability,” said Fred, my artist friend. “A combination of toughness and vulnerability. -Marilyn Monroe had it. Garbo still has it I guess.” 

“Roger Moore claims that he really prefers women who don’t argue in bed.” 

And there were more answers. 

“Sexy eyes that seem to look right through you.” 

“That cool competent look in a man that says he’s going to do his own thing whether the world approves or not.” 

“Softness. Women should be voluptuous, tender and soft. They should be aware of their own bodies and care for them. If they obviously love their own bodies, they’ll love yours too.” 

“Women who yell and scream and swear in bed; The sexiest thing I can imagine is a woman who is withdrawn and sophisticated in public and then turns into a sexual tigress when you’re alone.” 

“A man who treats me like a lady and then takes me home and fucks the ass off me.” 

And then there were those, like David, who couldn’t quite name the quality, but for whom an experience epitomized sexual appeal. 

“I met her one Saturday afternoon in the park,” he told me. “She looked younger than I think she really was, with a boyish figure all legs with hardly any hips or bust to speak of. She was feeding the ducks when I bumped into her and almost knocked her into the water.

Her first reaction was anger. She jumped up and glared at me with her big brown eyes flashing as l stammered an apology and then suddenly, we were laughing. 


“I helped her feed the rest of the bread she had to the ducks, and we spent the afternoon walking around the park and talking. I don’t remember what we said, nothing important. We didn’t talk about our present lives, just things we liked, what we did as children, stupid, inconsequential things like that. 

“We could have talked about whether or not the moon was made of cheese for all I cared. All 1 was aware of was her presence beside me. She gave off an aura that was unmistakeably, demandingly sexual... at least to me. It happened so naturally I don’t even remember who first suggested going to the hotel. 

David’s story, like the other comments. was most informative, but it still didn’t really answer my question. Is there such a thing as universal sex appeal?

Is there some quality or set of qualities that makes a single man or woman sexually appealing to almost everyone they meet? Are these qualities ones that we can encourage and nurture in ourselves? 

Our sexologist and behaviour consultants believe there is such a thing as universal sex appeal. It’s not always the people you’d expect (those who meet the standards set by the fashion. film or media world) who appear the most attractive to others. 

The consultant admits that, “each person’s life experience - especially early background with mothers, Sisters, fathers, brothers, friends, heroes and heroines has much to do with individual taste and attractions Character structure also plays a very important role. Sex, after all. is never separated from the rest of what goes on in us -and is almost always an extension or minor of how we relate generally.

Thus. some rather dependent people find independence in others very attractive sexually too. Some people who are shy are drawn to gregarious people. Those who felt vulnerable and hurt in childhood may be drawn to people who seem to need our help and protection. Creative people are often drawn to those who provide admiration and support further creativity.” 

The consultant also points out that there is a darker side to sexual attraction. “Many of us who have not resolved our early feelings for parents are attracted to people who represent substitute mammas and papas.

And, yes, there are many women and men who are masochistic enough to seek out sadistic partners (and vice versa). But if we are essentially healthy and relatively problem-free, we will be attracted to people whose main appeal is to our healthy side rather than to that which is ‘sick’ in us.” ' 

Despite personal preferences and needs, however, there are certain universal characteristics that are sexually appealing to almost everyone. Physical attractiveness (not in the centrefold sense, but in the sense that someone obviously cares enough about themselves to do the best with what they’ve got) is one such characteristic. Self-assurance is another.

People who are comfortable with themselves, who know what they want and are aware of their abilities, strike an appealing note. Emotional health, or at least an absence of undue neuroticism, is yet another. It’s difficult to find attractive the woman who is constantly clinging to her man for fear of losing him, or the man who is so unsure of his masculinity that he can never afford to be soft or tender. 

The final words from an expert on how to improve your sex appeal

The sexologist sums it up when he says, “So what does make people universally sexually appealing? I think it’s the very important message these relatively rare people convey a message of acceptance and openness.

An invitation is sent out and in effect, it says, ‘You needn’t fear rejection or hurt. harsh. Perfectionist judgment being absorbed, exploited, used, ridiculed. etc.’

These people give the impression of self-acceptance. emotional health and personal well-being and they somehow let us know that they will find us acceptable as we are. They also make us aware of their own healthy vitality and aliveness, which helps to stimulate and put us in touch with our own aliveness and vitality. this immediately makes it possible for a flow of feelings, an open emotional exchange, to take place.” 

Having thought about it, I believe that each of us is quite capable of enhancing our individual sex appeal. 

The most important thing is to take an interest in oneself first. A well-cared for, well-dressed body is an attractive one. and although some may argue against the superficiality of cosmetics and clothing, they are important in creating sex appeal.

That’s not to say that you must have a perfect. youthful body, or a closet full of designer originals. It simply means that you should learn to enjoy and pamper your own body and to dress in ways that enhance your best features and make you more attractive to others. 

Having self love will allow other to love you

Even more important than the outer trappings. however. are the inner ones. It’s not an easy task if you’re not particularly fond of yourself.

Self love also starts with explorering your own body and self pleasure with something simple as clitoral stimulation in the shower.

Or you can use adult sex toys like the satisfyer clitoral vibrator, a bullet vibrator or a rabbit vibrator. Always make sure you sure a water based lubricant when using sex toy for comfort.

There are also many hands free vibrator sex toys that you can wear like the we vibe moxiewith a remote control where you can independently selected any level of function you want. If you are lonely and want penetrative sex then order yourself a glass dildo from fun factory or a realistic silicone dildo.

For men who thinks about self pleasure then the classic pocket pussy is a good start for male masturbator product. Anal play and anal toys is also a good option as your P Spot sit inside the anus.

You should learn to like yourself and to enjoy your own company. Develop your interests. explore your talents. and you’ll soon find that others find you more stimulating too.

Surprisingly, as your faith in yourself strengthens you’ll find yourself freer to like others too. Their interests won’t bore you. Their talents won't threaten you. And that is more sexually appealing than a ton of the latest guaranteed-to-woo perfume or after-shave lotion. 

Fast forward to 2020, sex appeal is not that important anymore. We have dating apps like Tinder is at arm’s reach so there are no problems meeting new people around the world. If one doesn’t attract to you just swipe left and there is another 100 more line up.

Once you find your partner remember to always show them sexual love by using toys for couples like the we vibe sync and many types of vibrating cock rings. Its always recommended for new couples to show each other love with a good massage oil like the WildFire Massage oil range.

Sex Toys like vibrators sales increase as public acceptance for Sologamy

Sologamy in recent years is getting notice and recognised in the world. Simply, people who enter a marriage with themselves. In these relationships, sex toy is their main tools of satisfaction. Online adult store like this one here has their sales increase as the world slowly accepts relationship that is out of the norm.

The most popular adult toys would be dildosdongs and masturbators. Although couples sex toys is also a favorite.

Finally, learn to be sensuous. You don’t have to dye your hair bleach blonde and wear skirts with slits up to your hips, but you should learn to enjoy your own sexuality. Others will sense it, and without even knowing why, they will be automatically attracted to you. 

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