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April 17, 2020

Can I use a vibrator during my period?

How can I satisfy him during my period?

Can I have Sex during menstruation?

Is it safe to have sex during my Period?

Is it safe to use a vibrator during my Period?

Risk of having sex during period.

Can I use sex toy while having my Period?

Another article from our sexologist answering questions from our readers either via email, Facebook or Instagram.

We have collected all the questions over the past 12 months from customers asking out staff instore and messages we have online. 

 Here are the most popular questions. If you are also having one of these questions in mind, then read on.

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 Sex during menstruation has always been a touchy subject. But if you handle it right, this con be the sexiest time of the month. 

Since the earliest of times, women’s menstrual periods have confused and frightened men and women all over the world have paid for it.

History of dealing with menstruation

Native girls in New Ireland were once confined to small cages the moment they first showed signs of puberty. The cages are made from broad leaves sewn together so that no light and very little air could enter were placed in a larger house and the girls inside them were cared for by a single old woman who once a day brought them their rations of water and roots.

No one else could enter the hut or speak with the girls for fear of contamination. The girls remained thus confined for four to six years. 

Today, most people know better. But while the most blatantly ridiculous superstitions have been largely abandoned, their effects have not entirely vanished. Menstruation remains a mystery, and often a distasteful one, to many. 

The menstrual cycle is such a highly complex marvel of nature that not even medical specialists in the field claim to understand all the intricate details of how it works and why. We do know that when a girl child is born, each of her ovaries already contains 40,000 to 400,000 immature eggs more than enough for a lifetime supply. 

During the first seven or eight years of a woman’s life, the immature-eggs remain undisturbed in her ovaries. Then, over a period of years, several changes slowly take place with the aid of hormone stimulation and other bodily processes scientists don’t fully understand.

Her breasts grow, her hips curve and her body hair thicken and sprouts in places that so far have remained bare. Finally, usually between the ages of 10 and 15, a single egg receives its hormonal signal to leave its protective follicle, and ovulation occurs for the first time. After this, a single egg will be released from alternating ovaries each month until the woman reaches menopause or unless she is already pregnant. 

Each month, unless a woman is pregnant or has already passed menopause, an increase in her body’s progesterone level tells the tissue lining her uterus to prepare to receive the released egg should it become fertilized and stick around long enough to grow into a human being.

If the egg does not get fertilized and the woman does not get pregnant, there is no need for the specially prepared lining. New hormone signals are quickly sent out and the uterus lining begins to disintegrate and leave her body. 

Once their pattern is established, most women menstruate every 21 to 35 days. The most common menstrual cycle is a 28 day one. The period itself usually lasts from three to five days but it is not unusual for the flow to last as long as eight days or as few as two. 

The menstrual flow itself is composed of blood. the sloughed lining (in tiny fragments) of the uterus and some glandular secretions. These are the simple substances that so often have been said to make a woman unclean. untouchable or even dangerous to the health of anyone who should so much as see her or touch an object she has touched. 

How to deal with sex during menstruation as a couple

For couples whose sex lives are hampered by long absence due to the business or other circumstances, for the couples who rely on the rhythm method of birth control and find their ‘open season’ too shorts, sex during menstruations almost and obsolete necessity.

Admittedly, there can be some pretty hefty aesthetic arguments made against sex during menstruation and most people would find acts such as cunnilingus unpleasant during this time but with some preparation and caution mixed with common sense most couples can and should learn to put this time to good use. Why waste one week out of every four. especially when that one week could be the most exciting sexual period for the female? 

Important rules about sex during menstruation

The only rules that need to be kept in mind are the following. 

  1. If there Is any question as to whether the Period is a normal one or whether the bleeding might indicate a miscarriage, you should avoid intercourse and contact your doctor immediately. 

2. The husband should avoid direct or indirect transfer of mouth moisture to his wife’s genitals. For example, he should not use saliva from his mouth to lubricate for vagina. Or hand to genital foreplay. Her vagina is particularly susceptible to a variety of infections during this time. 

If either party has such a strong aversion to sex during menstruation that even after talking about it and trying they are unable to overcome it; you should forget about it. There is no sense in forcing anyone into an act they find so distasteful. 

Many men turns to sex toys like masturbation products to satisfy themselves while waiting for their partner to get over the period. Wife and girlfriend often purchase pocket pussy or fleshlight so othey can use it on their partner if they can't perform, this is as closes to mimic a human vagina.

There are many types of mastubators on the market, you can get a small palm size pock pussy for a full size replica of ass and pussy. Many have spend over thousands of dollar to purchase real life size sex dolls to satisfy their desire during this period.

Check out the list of male masturbator product you can purchase online here

Best ways to make sex cleaner during your period

There are several ways in which sex during menstruation can be made tidier more aesthetically pleasing and more comfortable for. both parties. Here are some basic suggestions: 

  1. Wait until after the first day or two, when menstrual flow is the heaviest, before having intercourse. 
  2. Place a rubber sheet, a plastic mattress or a plastic-backed disposable baby diaper on the bed to avoid staining linens and to make cleaning up after sex easier. Disposable, plastic backed bed pads of the kind used in hospitals are also good and available at most drugstores. 
  3. Be Prepared for a Slight increase in menstrual blood loss for a few minutes after intercourse. 
  4. Clean yourself very carefully immediately after

Never perform oral sex during this period because of the chance for infection is high. If you need masturbating during your period tell you partner to use a clitoral vibrator like a satisfyer pro. This vibrator is design with 100% waterproof so its safe to use during your period especially when your body releases lots of blood and fluid.

A rabbit vibrators, magic wand or a bullet vibrator is also a good option for both g spot and clitoral stimulation, you need to use extra oil based lubricants for all sexual activity for extra comfort and it makes you feel good. Never have unprotected sex during your period, the risk of sexually transmitted infection is high and the health benefits is non.

Wait until after the first day or two, when menstrual flow is the heaviest, to have intercourse. 

  1. Try to keep your tampon in place until just before you start having intercourse. This way excess blood will continue to be soaked up until the last minute. Bodily fluid is plentiful during this period
  2. Use a diaphragm. It holds back the blood flow and acts as a means of birth control. 
  3. It is not entirely impossible for sex during menstruation to lead to pregnancy. Depending on the timing of intercourse and the length of a woman’s menstrual cycle, the male sperm cells could conceivably stay alive until her next ovulation. Consequently, you should use some method of birth control just to be on the safe side. 
  4. If the male partner has a strong aversion to contact with menstrual flow, insert a fresh tampon, wash carefully and have him masturbate you”. Then return the favour. Or, if you enjoy it. now would be a good time to indulge in anal sex. 
  5. Make full use of any arousal techniques, such as reading pornography to each other or doing a seductive strip tease, so that both of you are almost ready to climax on insertion. 

Using sex toys and Menstruation

  1. The use of sex toys and vibrators. Sex toys has becoming very popular in the past decade. The quality of the product itself has improved such as rechargeable and waterproof.

The number one rule when using a sex toy vibrator during your menstrual cycle, it had to be a waterproof vibrator. Waterproof vibrator allows you to wash your vibrator under running water with soap, cleaning and sanitizing your vibrator before and after use during your menstrual cycle is very important. Always use a sanitizing toy cleaner.

Stick to a small or medium size vibrator when your period is heavy, this prevents from having a big mess to clean up afterwards.

Clean your vibrator immediately after use, the blood from menstrual cycles realise a very foul odour when it leaves to dry, also its very hard to clean once dried.

Pick a slow to medium setting when using vibrator, your vagina area is very sensitive during the period so you don’t want to use and high settings.

Check out these waterproof vibrators here you can use during menstruation

Always make sure to use personal lubricant and not your saliva to precent bactieria infections. Use premium brands like swiss navy is a good starting point.

If you are not sure how to choose a vibrator, click on this link for a full guide on how to pick a vibrator sex toy.

As a final bonus, there is one more fact you should know. Many women claim that an orgasm is the perfect way to reduce menstrual cramps and pains. Re= search has shown that these benefits are not imaginary. One good orgasm beats a dozen aspirins any day.

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