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April 16, 2020

viagra or herbal sex pills or penis pumps and cock rings

Natural herbal tablets. DOES IT REALLY WORK?

There is a huge demand for some magic pill but you will be disappointed 99% of the time if you buy it off the internet.

There are thousands of herbal sex enhancer and penis enlarger spray or cream on the internet all claiming they can increase penis size and increase sexual performance. Helps to maintain an erection and magically turn a flaccid penis into a erect penis in seconds.

We have a detailed analysis of all things on this topic below.

Basil from Italy

The Italians also claim that their special basil from the high lands can improve sexual performance and increase the size of their penis. Scientific has proven otherwise.

Samson Snakeroot

Its a old rumor that this Snakeroot acts like a pheromone, while chewing on it you can attract any female potentials.

Asian ginseng to increase sex drive

Ginseng have been use for centuries in ancient China. Many natural plant extract have the same ingredient as Viagra. While this is true you have to drive hundreds of ginseng tea cups to get the same potent affect as one tablet of viagra.

Mescal boost sexual desire

Mescal is a strong alcoholic drink which creates delusions when consume. So while it might be true to increase sexual desire but you don't know what you are doing.

The history of Spanish fly sex lidquid

This deadly ingredient of both ancient and modern love potions is so called because it does consist of the ground-up bodies of iridescent beetles originally discovered in Spain but now found throughout southern Europe. This beetle is sometimes an inch long and its body contains an aphrodisiacal drug which has a 5,000year-old history. It is a severe irritant and can cause blinding pain and black depression, as well as spontaneous abortion in females. 

Recently an overdose of Spanish fly played a suspicious role in the deaths of several South African housewives. The case involved six South African wife-chasers who made love to the spouses of six absent businessmen. The seducers, witnesses testified, mixed the notorious chopped-up beetle into the ladies’ food. It’s true that they went wild with desire, but they also suffered agonizing deaths. 

Rhino horn used for sex pills

The horn of Rhinoceros has long been considered the most sensational sex stimulant available to mankind by fully two-thirds of humans. People of the Far East, including China, swear by it, and so do millions of native Africans. South Africa is the main source of supply for this exotic product, which is ground to a powder, blended with other weird ingredients and sold as an infallible love potion. Customers are certain that not only does rhino horn send the male libido soaring -it also renders female sex partners insatiable.

Each year in London, England, a million dollars-worth of rhino horn, for which two hundred rhinos must die, is auctioned off. Protection measures to save these animals are being taken, but the numbers continue to dwindle as prices go up. 

Yohimbene boost sex drive in male

Philip could not, with much truth, say the same thing about a drug called Yohimbene, made from the bark of a tree that grows in South Africa and West Africa. Taken in reasonable doses it does work as a sex stimulant, and it is harmless. 

Its action is mainly in the bladder and urethra, where it causes an irritation which spreads to the genital organs. This can stimulate an erection in males. In addition, there is a reaction at the lower end of the spinal cord where the nerves that control the process of erection are centred. 

Japanese claimed ‘fugu’ can improve sex drive

Potent and perilous is a Japanese sex stimulant obtained from ‘fugu’ a poisonous puffer fish that inflates itself into a small balloon when caught. It can be found in most of the world’s oceans, but only in Japan is it considered a popular aphrodisiac. There, though its poison kills an estimated 300 victims a year, its flesh continues to tempt both gourmets and sex stimulant buffs. 

The Riskiest fugu preparation is a milky-white teaspoonful of the fish’s testes. This mixture is combined with hot sake or Japanese rice wine and drunk by eager virility-seekers. Only too often the sex cocktail drops from its imbiber’s nerveless fingers and he collapses. His breathing becomes difficult and eventually his heart stops. 

No antidote is known. If one is ever found the dangerous fugu extract will have become just another fish food. Fugu sex roulette will have lost its excitement .and something unique will have vanished from Japanese erotic culture. 

Oyster is a natural sex booster

Cowboys of the West believe that “Rocky Mountain oysters” will pop up a man’s virility, and they may well be on the right track for “Rocky Mountain oysters” are the testicles of an animal sheep, calf or pig. They contain abundant supplies of the male hormones, which help increase male libido. “Spanish kidneys” (bull’s testicles) prepared with saffron and caraway seed are also supposed to transform a sexual midget into a giant. 

Latin-Americans recommend chili pepper for pepping up potency. Prison inmates use nutmeg for the same purpose. French, Italian and Spanish cookery is largely based on the time-honoured belief that spices act as sexual stimulants. 

Electric excitation is also common

Electric currents below five amperes, high-frequency wave treatment are used as electrotherapy but are dangerous when applied by incompetent men. ‘Shunamitism” is a genuine sex stimulating technique that dates to King David. David was rejuvenated by lying with the virgin Abishag, a Shunamite. There are sex toys electric stimulation products such as ElectrSex Penis Stimulation Kit.


Alcohol is better than Viagra

Many people have the mistaken idea that alcohol is aphrodisiac and can stimulate both sexes into total togetherness. Amateur Casanovas often maintain that the shortest distance between any given point and her boudoir is along the wavering line that leads from the fourth Martini to the bedroom door. 

But with very few exceptions liquor alone is not an aphrodisiac. It neither excites nor stimulates sexual desire. It merely deadens, weakens or destroys inhibitions. 

True, a woman who would not allow a man to kiss her when she is sober will often trot meekly by his side to the bedroom after a few drinks. In any such case, however, the desire was already there.

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A natural way to improve erection is with penis pump

A penis pump is a device with create a vacuum to encourage blood flow into the penis. It usual used in conjunction with a constriction ring or a penis rings. You can buy a manual trigger or bulb pump or a battery powered, same for the cock ring you can get a non vibrating or a vibrating cock ring.

Using a penis pump will improved your sexual activity and with the help of herbal medicine it will increased the desire for sex. Sam way as how Viagra work.

There are no known side effects of using a penis pump, you just need to be aware that if you have high blood pressure you must seek professional advice before start using the penis pump.

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