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September 09, 2020

Detailed Satisfyer sex toys reviews

Australia’s favourite sex toy brand in clitoral vibrators, clit sucker and menstrual cup makers and male masturbation sex toys out there. If you are in search of the most Satisfying, reliable, long lasting toy that is always there when you need a fix, you cannot go wrong with the Satisfyer range.

Now with 15 years warranty on all their products, you can be guaranteed you are being looked after by the best.

The range of Satisfyer sex toys

  1. Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit
  2. Satisfyer Pro 2 next generation
  3. Satisfyer pro 1
  4. Satisfyer Pro with Vibration
  5. Satisfyer Pro Plus
  6. Satisfyer Partner
  7. Satisfyer curvy with mobile App controls
  8. Satisfyer Menstrual cup
  9. Satisfyer Men Male masturbator sex toys

All Satisfyer toys are made with the soft medical grade silicone, mostly rechargeable, waterproof (if rechargeable) and comfortable slick handle designs are all too tempting not to add to your collection.

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What is the strongest Satisfyer Clitoral vibrator?

For those people who have a stubborn clit and needs high vibration frequencies and air pulse to get that ultimate climax then Satisfyer has brought out its strongest toy yet. The Satisfyer Pro Plus has both the strongest vibration compared to their other models. 

Below is a photo of the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration

image of satisfyer pro plus vibration box close up

There is also air pulse added into the clitoral stimulator that has always been a favourite in the Satisfyerrange.  Satisfyer has also upgraded the Satisfyer Pro Plusto have different vibration patterns for those who wants a little vibration and rhythm in their pleasure fun.

The design is nice and sleek with an easy to hold handle for a more controlled experience. Rechargeable, waterproof, long lasting and easy to clean is a key feature in most Satisfyer’s toy range cannot be left out in this super strong clit toy. 

Satisfyer product review Video

The video below is a review on the Satisfyer Plus vibration. This video details all the information you need to know about this product especially the touch and touch, unboxing, pricing, clean and storage and most importantly how does it feel and how intense is the orgasm when using this product

So, if you’re looking for something strong and can give a good pounding to get your highs then the Satisfyer Pro Plus is perfect for the job.

Does the Satisfyer have a small and easy for travel size?

The 2 small fun size Satisfyer clitoral stimulator available for those who want something that is easy to pack away in your luggage for work or holidays so you can always have a fix when needed then the Satisfyer Penguin and Satisfyer Traveler would be a perfect cute choice.

photo of hand holding satisfyer traveler clitoral vibrator              photo of hand holding satisfyer pro penguin clitoral vibrator

Cute sex toys

The Satisfyer Penguin is exactly what the names suggest.  A little round toy with control buttons on the belly and the mouth is where the air pulse  action is located and when you look at it, it looks like a little penguin shaped cute thing with the added bow tie arounds its neck for that extra adorableness.

Many people choose the Satisfyer Penguin as a gift or introductory toy to start when getting into Satisfyer clitoral stimulators as it has gentle air pulses which can be increased gradually when desired and of course it is super cute. 

Very popular with the ladies who starting to explore adult toys and small enough for you shy ladies to hide away.

Satisfyer is the most Discreet sex toys

The Satisfyer Traveller is another compact pocket pleasure companion toy for you ladies who are orgasm junkies or frequent travellers and can’t be without some fun or just need something small and discrete to hide away then this toy is the one for you! The Satisfyer Traveller has the Satisfyer clitoral stimulator head with air pulse flutters and it is nestled inside a case with cover. 

This neat little compact pleasure pack is smaller than a packet of cigarettes, so it is very easily hidden in your pockets or bag.  It does not look obvious that it is a sex toy, so you don’t have to worry about anyone finding it and busting you as a horny crazed pleasure seeker. 

Again, this is fully rechargeable, waterproof, long lasting and made with the soft medical grade silicon for a comfortable feel that most Satisfyer toys have in their full sizes.  So, you can be sure the small size will not jeopardize the performance and it will give you the satisfaction you need.

Wireless app control operated Satisfyer? 

image of satisfyer curvy box

The brand new release Satisfyer Curvy is the first App controlled toy in their range. As the name suggests, it is designed with a smooth curved shape for that sleek and easy to hold shape so you can hold on tight and enjoy the ride.

The wireless mobile controlled App helps you toggle through the many vibrations and air pulse rhythm, so you do not have to touch it at all.

By placing the Satisfyer Curvy in between your legs and cupped over the clit, you can be completely handsfree and just control the vibes through the App on your phone conveniently.

Satisfyer is the most powerful clit sucker vibrator 

The Satisfyer is strong, made with medical grade silicon, rechargeable, waterproof and easy to clean.  All the usual Satisfyer quality that you would expect and with the added 15 years warranty, how good is that!

Get the latest and greatest from Satisfyer with the Satisfyer Curvy! 

The famous Satisfyer Pro female vibrator range

What is the difference between the Satisfyer Pro models available?

There are altogether 5 models of the Satisfyer Pro available for you to choose from and it all depends what you want. 

  1. Do you want power?
  2. Extra vibration?
  3. Rechargeable or battery operated?
  4. Or do you want Added g-spot rabbit?

All depends on what tickles your fancy or in this case what tickles your clit.

  1. The Satisfyer Pro #1

The wand like design is the first clitoral stimulator made by Satisfyer.  It is the first model made so it is the basic air pulse rhythms with a few levels of strength, light weight, battery operated with medical grade silicon  clitoral tip for that soft touch  and at $30 a piece it is one of the cheapest if you want to try it out without costing you too much.


  1. Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation

 image of satisfyer pro 2 next generation clitoral vibrator front view

This is the #1 selling hero product from the Satisfyer range.  It has the medical grade silicone clit tip for soft touch and easy cleaning, rechargeable fast charging making them waterproof so these a really good shower.

Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation is equipped with 10 levels of air pulse flutters starting from the most gentle to a ultra-strong clit hammering sensation for the those who likes a bit more harder pounding.

For those who have just discovered the Satisfyer clit stimulators, you will not be able to last the 3rd level, so be prepared to be amazed!

What makes the Satisfyer pro 2 next generation the best seller

Satisfyer pro 2 next generation is a perfect vibrator for clitoral stimulation. The size and the weight it just right. With its unique air pulse and intense stimulation, it gives the user a wave of multiple orgasm.

The waterproof and rechargeable function allows user to use it anywhere anytime. You can use it in the shower or the hot tub. 

Check out the video below for a full review on the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation. This video gives you all the information you need to know before purchase this product such as how it feels, unboxing, the touch and feel and is it worth your money to spend on this vibrator


  1. Satisfyer Pro 2 with Vibration


This model has all the best features that come with the Satisfyer Pro #2 with the added vibration for that extra sensation and highs.  So just imagine, air pulse fluttering at your clit then the added massaging vibrations on top of that, the combination of both will blow your mind and you probably end up in a wet mess. So, get those tissues ready for a clean up after with this baby!

  1. Satisfyer Pro Plus

If you thought the #1 and #2 were not strong enough then you must need a jack hammer to give you the highs, you are searching for.  Satisfyer has just the hammering you need with the Satisfyer Pro Plus, the strongest clitoral stimulator Satisfyer has ever brought out.  Combined with medical grade silicone for that soft touch to the clit, fast charging capabilities, waterproof so you can take it off road into the shower or bath and the strongest vibrations and air pulse available making it crowned the strongest in the Satisfyer Pro range for your enjoyment and satisfaction.

  1. Satisfyer Pro G-spot Rabbit

The rabbit shaped sex toy has been a favourite must have item.  This design is made to ensure all the buttons are stimulated and kept pleasured when in use.  Satisfyer has created a Satisfyer G-spot Rabbit toy that has the Satisfyer air pulse clitoral stimulator inbuilt whilst having vibrational vibes inside the g-spot.  Customers who have owned one of these beauties have raved on how mind-blowing they are and have returned to buy more for other ladies to get the same feels as they get with the Satisfyer G-Spot Rabbit.

Check out the video below are a comparison review of the popular Satisfyer products. 

Click here for a full guide on how to choose a sex toy for your self or as a present for someone special.

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