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September 10, 2020

 Kegel Exercise

The PC or Pelvic Floor Muscle (pubococcygeus) muscle is the most important muscle for increasing, improving, expanding, exploring, and enjoying one’s sexuality. 

The better the health and condition of this muscle, the more enjoyment both men and women will derive from sex. 

One of the common tools used today for improve muscle strength is kegel eggs or kegel balls for vaginal exercise.

Importance of a healthy Pelvic Floor

A healthy PC muscle is generally more sensitive to physical stimulation than a weak one, while sometimes a weak muscle may be partially responsible for a woman’s failure to reach orgasm during intercourse. 

Like any other muscle in the body, the PC-or “love muscle"-can be educated and trained through proper exercise. Strengthening the muscle improves blood flow and circulation to and around the yoni (including the G-spot and perineum), and helps to increase lubrication and sexual energy.

The stronger the muscle, the more pleasure you feel and the greater your sexual and orgasmic response. 

Exercising and strengthening the PC muscle throughout your life is an important part of maintaining your health and realizing your sexual potential. Childbirth and the process of ageing weakens the muscle, and unless it is exercised regularly its strength will decrease.

This is often the reason that women have difficulty holding in urine later in life. PC muscle exercises will also improve vaginal lubrication and are valuable for older, postmenopausal women who may suffer from dryness of the vaginal lining. 

Below is a video of a 3d model of the pelvic floor muscles


The easiest way to locate the muscle is to practice stopping and starting your stream of urine as you empty your bladder. Contract your PC muscle-the sensation is that of pulling up-and then push down as if you were having a bowel movement.

If you notice your stomach, buttocks, and thigh muscles move at the same time, you need to learn to isolate the PC muscle.

illustration of pelvic floor muscles

How to do pelvic floor exercise

Another way to locate the muscle is by putting a finger in your yoni and

squeezing. The muscle you use is your PC muscle. The contraction feels like you are pulling your yoni up and slightly into your body, and it can be felt in your clitoris, vagina, and anus.

Then try inserting two fingers side-by-side as deep as you comfortably can. Spread your fingers apart as if Opening a pair of scissors.

Now contract your PC muscle to force your fingers to come together. If you find this difficult, you need exercise! 

Pelvic Floor exercise for women

Muscle improvement relies on frequent and regular practice. It’s a good idea to use a resistive device that gives the muscle something to squeeze against. This could be your lover’s lingam, a dildo, or fingers-your own or your lover's. It needs to be something firm but with some give. It is also possible to buy a “barbell" specifically designed for a woman's vagina. 

How Long Does it take to do kegel exercise

Set aside time for two fifteen-minute sessions a day. Using your resistive device such as kegel balls, contract your PC muscle and hold for three seconds, then release and relax for three seconds. If you cannot manage three seconds, do one or two. 

For best result always use a kegel balls or kegel eggs. Once you muscle gets strengthen then decrease the size and increase the weight.

The Top 3 best seller Kegel online 

  1. We Vibe Bloom Vibrating Kegel Ball

image of hand holding we vibe bloom vibrating kegel ball


We Vibe Bloom Vibrating Kegel Ball is one of the best pelvic exercise product on the market. 

We Vibe sex toy product made from high quality water proof silicone along with app control vibration to enhanced the exercise and give you the best orgasm ever while doing your daily exercise. 

With 10 mode of vibration, the we vibe bloom kegel balls targets the g spot and all the sensitive spots inside the vagina which can be control via the We Vibe Connect app. 

The we vibe bloom kegel is a rechargeable product, so you dont need to change battery and a quick charge can last hours of play. This kegel sex toy is strong enough for you to use as a clitoral stimulation just like a bullet.

Because of the perfect egg size, the We vibe bloom can also use as a anal sex toy.

For best result and comfort, always use personal water based lubricant when using sex toy.


2. Satisfyer Loveballs Strengthening Kegel Ball Set

image of satisfyer kegel balls set blue pink and red

This new range Satisfyer LoveBalls is becoming the go to product for pelvic floor exercise to strengthens the vagina wall muscles. 

Satisfyer loveball kegel set comes in 3 weight size as follows 

Length (including retrieval cord): 7" (17.6 cm)
Regular exerciser weight: 60 g (2.11 oz)
Skilled exerciser weight: 75.6 g (2.66 oz)
Advanced exerciser weight: 91.6 g (3.23 oz)

The different weight size helps you to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles by 3 stages.

3. LELO Luna Beads

image of hand hold kegel balls


LELO Luna beads kegel balls is one of the most luxurious kegel pelvic floor device on the market. 

LELO Kegel is made from high quality silicone and the design is made for the best result when using for pelvic exercise.

Using LELO KEGEL Luna beads will improve a more satisfying sex with LELO beads that can be used for foreplay, or over time to strengthen orgasm intensity.

Each set of pleasure beads comes with four interchangeable beads, with two different weights for variable sensations.

LELO Beads comes in Mini and Classic sizes (Classic are generally preferred by women who’ve given birth)

Eventually with practice, you should be able to build up gradually to ten seconds, and always relax for the same amount of time between each contraction. Practice a series of ten contractions and releases, and then squeeze and release the muscle as quickly as possible for as long as you can.

Like any other muscle that you reintroduce exercise to, it makes sense to start gradually so as not to strain it. 

Pelvic Exercise without Kegel ball

PC muscle exercises without a resistive object are also extremely effective, and you can practice them undetected at anytime, anywhere, and in any position. Having said that, some women find the contractions very sexually stimulating, which may then be reflected in their breathing or blushing!

When you are familiar with the sensation of contracting and relaxing your PC muscle, you can vary the length of contraction and release and the number of repetitions and incorporate your breathing into the exercise. 

How to breathing during pelvic exercise

Begin by breathing in, contracting the muscle for 5 or 10 seconds then breathing out as you release. Next, repeat the same exercise, but this time reverse the breathing, so you exhale as you contract the muscle and inhale as you release it.

Kegel Balls and Kegel Eggs

Using the technique above you can increase the intensity and improve to get quicker result by using a Kegel ball sex toy.

Kegel ball is a small golf ball size with a string on the end. Its normally made from silicone, rubber and stainless steel.

There are new types of Kegel Balls and Kegel Eggs that have remote control vibrating so give you a orgasm when using it. Because the kegel sits on the G spot, with vibrating it will give you a powerful intense climax when doing the pelvic floor exercise with a vibrating kegel ball.

Most people start with a large kegel balls, once their muscles are strong they can slowly reduce the size of the ball to create a more challenged and slowly develop a even stronger muscles.

The smaller the ball you can hold with your pelvic muscles the tighter your vagina will be.

Pelvic floor exercise during sexual intercourse

It is also useful to practice PC contractions against your lover's lingam during intercourse, and ask if he can feel them. Depending on the state of your muscle, it may take anything from a few days to a few weeks before he will notice-

Contracting against his penis as it withdraws and create a kind of suction of the vagina walls, increasing stimulation and pleasure for you both. 

The advantage of strengthen your pelvis floor muscles

With a developed PC muscle, there are some sensational treats in store for you when self pleasuring using a dildo or during intercourse with your lover. 

  1. As your lover's penis enters your vagina, contract your muscles rhythmically around the head. 
  1. As he slowly penetrates, contract your PC muscle rhythmically as if you were sucking his penis into your vagina. 
  1. As he thrusts in and out, relax the muscles when he thrusts and squeeze your    PC muscle as he withdraws. 
  1. When you practice the Sets of Nine with your lover during sex. Tighten your PC muscle as he withdraws during the shallow thrusts, and squeeze continuously as he moves in and out during the deep thrusts. 

Pelvic Floor exercise for men

Men can also practice pelvic floor exercise to help with strengthen the prostate and erections. The use of anal toys and heavy cock rings can help with the exercise.

For more information's on men's pelvic exercise follow this linkfor an external source

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