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September 02, 2020

Using adult sex toys improve your life

Adult toys or sex toys have been long viewed as dirty and for the horny people out there who want dirty movies. This is somewhat true but in fact sex toys have been a hero or life saver for some. Regardless if you are using a vibratoror a male masturbators just keep using it.

Now that I have been exposed with the adult toy industry, I have found a new appreciation for Adult sex toys and products as it has been beneficial in many ways.

Many benefits of using sex toys

From helping those with sexual issues like erectile dysfunction, low libido, vaginal pelvic floor health and hygiene. Sex toys such as Penis Pumps and sex pills can help with Erectile Dysfunction and low libido for male and female. Kegel sex toyscan help with pelvic floor exercise and there are sex wipes to help with hygiene.

So, you could say we are the forgotten superheros of our society who have been looking after your overall sexual needs and body to keep you all happy and healthy for years. 

You may not know it now because you may be happy with your normal every day sexual activities but there will come a time during your life you may call upon our expertise to give you a leg up so you can fulfill your sexual desires and fantasies.

Bad sex life makes you depress

Living with poor quality of sex, low interest or drive and even incapable of satisfying your partner is a huge concern.  These are commonly found among those who have undergone cancer treatments, old age or increase of stress levels due to day to day life and sometimes resulting in depression and anxiety.

Having a strong sexual health is vital to keep relationships strong, maintain your overall moody by vibrating those happy cells called endorphins and self-satisfaction.

People who suffer from depression, anxiety and low self-esteem effects the mind but also the body to perform. These feelings commonly comes about when relationships are not working, stress, changes in peoples life and illness like cancer where treatments has either caused loss of functionality on some body parts or even removal of body parts like the breast that makes a woman feel whole. 

Adult sex toys help improve Erectile Dysfunction

This is where adult toys and products have come to the rescue to uplift these people and give them options so that good sex can still be part of their life.

Here are some of the common areas where people need help with when going through emotional issues or dealing with lifesaving treatments

  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Porn and Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction

When the penis is unable to erect or erect fully. There are many causes which contribute to this issue in men such as emotional problems due to issues in their own life, illness like prostate cancer that has a huge effect on a man’s emotional and physical aspects and self-inflicted cases such as substance abuse. 

Adult sex toys help men's with Prostate removal

Some doctors have recommended tools like Penis Pumps, Cock Rings, sex erection pills, vitamins and creams.

Porn link to erectile dysfunction

Too much porn can cause minor erectile dysfunction as your brain and body is used to the feeling of watching porn to get an erection and without porn some people is having problems getting and erection.

Penis Pumps

A very popular choice for those who find it hard to get a full erection.  The Penis Pump is exactly what the name suggests, pumping up the penis. 

photo of a penis pump with gauge and trigger

There are 2 ways this can be done either by air pumping or by water pumping.

Air suction penis pump

Air Penis Pumps are a popular choice as it can be used anywhere, and they are a cheaper choice when starting to use penis pumps.  Air pumps uses air to create a vacuum pressure to increase length and girth to the penis. 

The pump module can either be a bulb pump where you squeeze to get the air our or a trigger control where you can squeeze and contract it to release the air from the chamber. 

Check you the video below from a doctor show how to use a penis pump

It helps if the penis is erected a little already so that it can be easily inserted. There is also a safety pressure gauge, so you do not over pump the penis and cause any damage. Check out the range of air pumps here.

Water pressure penis pump

Water Penis Pumps are more on the pricier side as the results are longer lasting and harder.  These water penis pumps tend to be used in the shower so water can be easily filled in the chamber. 

When the penis is placed in this water filled chamber the pump will release the water out applying pressure that draws more blood into the penis resulting in longer, stronger hard erection. 

So, the investment is worth it in my opinion. Check out these popular water penis pumps like the Batchmate and hydromax.

Cock Rings

These simple little rings are simple but effective and are usually used after penis pumping or on its own.  The cock ring is placed on an erected penis so it can stay hard, strong and for longer. 

Below is a photo of one of the best seller sock ring

buy your lelo cock ring online here

There are few types of cock rings you can purchase depending what you want, such as

  1. Silicone Cock ring

Below is a picture of one of the most popular cock ring we have in stock, this cock ring is made from medical grade quality silicone, its stretchable and does not loose its shape. Very comfortable to wear and easy to clean.

image of silicone cock ring

These comes in many sizes, different colours that represents different strengths, doesn’t lose its shape and is very durable.  These are the cheapest cock rings out of the range you can start off with.

2. Stainless Steel  Cock Rings

Metal cock rings are like putting weights on your penis so that you can build muscles for that bigger girth, stronger and long-lasting penis performance. These do come in many sizes and heaviness. These metals made cock rings are a little more expensive, but the results are priceless.

Below is one of the most popular stainless steel cock ring we have in stock online. Its a high quality stainless steel, its light weight and very comfortable to wear. 

image of high quality stainless steel cock ring

If you want to give your penis a workout and get it all nice and buff for a good time, then take look at Metal Cock rings.

3. Vibrating Cock Rings

If you ever wanted to turn your penis into a live vibrator then the vibrating cock rings are perfect.  The vibrations from the ring will vibrate throughout the penis an then it will stimulate any g-spot exactly like a vibrator would do. 

Below is one of the most popular vibrating cock ring we have in stock. Its has a very powerful vibration module and a rabbit ear attachment for clitoral stimulation. Just like an extra bullet for clitoral orgasm.

cock and ball cock ring with vibration and rabbit ear

There are also some designs that have a clitoris stimulator attached so the clit can be stimulated at the same time as the vagina.

4. Cock Rings with Ball strap

These types of cock rings are becoming very popular for people looking for some serious fetish.  The strap around the testicles are there to help the male last longer by straining the testicles.  Looks uncomfortable but it is quite enjoyable.

Below is one of our cock and ball ring, this is one of the best seller. Made from high quality silicone and very comfortable to wear and clean.

cock and ball ring photo with box

Check the video below to learn how to use a cock ring and putting on a cock ring the right way

Sex pills and male enhancer

For extra help from the inside and out, herbal vitamins have been an option for some males out there.  These herbal vitamins help with getting the mood ready as well as helping the body ready as well. These vitamins also help you last longer and give a stronger performance so you can satisfy the other person.

Check out Herbal vitamins like:

  1. Male Extra Energy
  2. Max Dura
  3. Prorino
  4. Brahma
  5. Max Fuel Extreme
  6. Beast

Creams and Sprays

If you’re looking for something to work almost immediately then the cream or sprays has been a popular option.  Once applied it takes about 5 minutes to work giving the person a harder erection and long-lasting thrust.

Delay sprays and creams can make you last up to 1 hour in the bedroom. 

Look at these options in creams and sprays that can be used:

  1. Stud100 delay spray
  2. Prolong delay spray
  3. Rhino delay spray
  4. Doc Johnson Stay Erect delay spray
  5. Prorino Delay Spray
  6. Marathon Cream delay spray
  7. Indian God Oil delay spray

Low Libido

Low Libido is simply having no sexual desires or in more simple terms not feeling horny enough to perform. Again, the common causes of these is very similar to erectile dysfunction and the only difference is that low libido can h effect both men and woman.

There are many reason people may experience low libido:

  1. Illness or major medical procedures such as surgeries
  2. Aging bodies effects not only the body but also hormone levels
  3. Emotional issues such as stress and depression
  4. Self-esteem and confidence

People who are experiencing any of these needs to address the issues firstly for better sex health. For more information about effects of low libido check out Health Link for Men or Causes of Low Libido

Ways to improve libido

Some ways to increase libido that an adult store can provide that has helped many people who need help look for:

  1. Porn movies

Sexual movies have been traditionally been one of the best sexual sensation triggers people tend to use to start them off. Watching other people enjoying sex brings out the hormones inside that increases sexual drive and desire. 

Movies with a story line tends to be more subtle and gradually builds up the feelings or movies that goes straight to the point is also preferred by some as well.

  1. Arousal Creams and and oils

Using specially formulated creams and oils is a good way of drumming up sexual pleasure feelings all over the body. Typically used for massaging parts of the body like the penis or vaginal areas or oils to massage the entire body. 

It has been said, the power of touch can do wonderful things, it can help people feel relaxed, calm and release sexual tensions.

These creams and oils would be very good for those who are highly stressed or feel tired due to day to day life.

  1. Herbal vitamins and tablets sex pills for female

As mentioned above, Herbal vitamins and tablets not only can help with erectile dysfunction, but it can help relax the body and allow for sexual sensations and desires to flow through the mind and body.

These are very safe to use and have been very popular with older people who have felt the diminishing sexual drive in their life. These herbal vitamins and tablets have given them their step back in the bedroom and the positive effects like better mood, happier and more energy can be felt having a healthy and happy sex life.

4. Sexy Lingerie and underwear

Sexy Lingerie and underwear seem ordinary but, in the bedroom, these have excited many sexual partners to get their horny juices going.  Especially, for those who do not feel attractive or desired, sexy lingerie and underwear provides sexual confidence and sensuality making them feel desirable to their partners.

What is the difference with adult store lingerie and underwear?

Crotch-less underwear is very popular and you can only buy it in adult stores, anal cut outs, made with leathers, silks, chains are not hour normal basic underwear. 

Full body stockings with added masks and nipple detailing is something you just can’t get at your regular department stores.  Combining this with other fetishes like whips, chains, handcuffs and collars there is for sure a good time to be had.

If you have tried these or is thinking of trying one of these low libido tools but is still feeling down and unhappy, please seek some advice from Beyond Blue or Life Line

Kegeland Pelvic Floor Health

Pelvic Floor health is very important for woman. having a strong vaginal muscle helps with not only strengthen the bladder muscles, core muscles and the spine for carrying babies during pregnancy but most importantly supports sexual physical intensity during sex. 

In other words, the muscles help women intensify good climax and stimulating the g-spot more enjoyably.

Exercise using egg or Kegel

Kegel Balls come in many sizes and weights so it all depends how loose your vagina muscles are at the time, then you would buy the right size and weight to either strengthen them further or maintain what you have.

Unfortunately, like any muscle you need to keep them working or they will becoming soft and loose so having Kegel balls is very useful.  For added fun and enjoyment, there are vibrating Kegel balls to tickle those sensations.

Check out some of the popular Kegelballs from Pillow Talk and Satisfyer Kegels

photo of satisfyer loveballs

Check out the video below on reviews of some of the best Kegel toys including the Satisfyer Kegels

  • Sexual Hygiene

Who would have thought getting down and dirty would need hygienic products to have a more fun, safe and long-lasting time? There are so many products that are used to clean and sanitize toys and body parts so that other health issue will not arise.  For example, bacterial infections, skin reactions and mould. There is a lot of different body fluids and excretions you need to consider which may hold bacteria and infectious germs so cleaning areas such as the vagina, penis and anus is a good idea. Not only the body parts are important to keep clean but also the area where you are having sex and the toys you use during sex which need to be cleaned and kept clean for long time use.

Keep clean and sanitize during sex

Toy Cleaners and Sanitizers

Toy cleaners have now become an essential part of the naughty box that you may have tucked away somewhere in your room.  These cleaners are formulated to clean, sanitize and protect the silicon made toys so that it will last longer.  For those serious sex Toy maniacs who by the premium range LELO or Adam & Eve or We-vibe would always make sure that their toys are kept well as these toys cost in the hundreds of dollars to replace. Its also a good idea to keep sex toys clean as you are inserting these toys into very sensitive areas that if there is an infection it can be quite uncomfortable for the next few days.

  1. Personal Cleansing Wipes Everyone enjoys the experience better if the area you are touching, licking, sucking and playing with is nice and clean. Personal wipes ae becoming more and more popular in the bedroom for before and after cleaning. Let’s face it, who wants to suck on a sweaty, cheesy and smelly pussy or penis. It is always taste better when its nice and clean and for most people, you tend to stay and work on the area longer. Who would say no to that?

So, if you haven’t thought of using personal wipes for preparation then you should consider it now.  Your partner will thank you for it.  You will be left clean, deodorized and ready for some sexual fun.  

  1. Douche Cleaners

Anal sex has always been something for the homosexual men to enjoy with each other.  But these days, more and more straight men and woman are trying out this sexual fetish. Yes, the anus functions as a one-way street only policy but as the more curious we got we have now realized there is enjoyment to be enjoyed inserting thing the other way up that poo cavity.  That’s where the douche cleaners have come in handy! The douche cleaners flush out the anal so all the unwanted body leftovers can come out so that anal sex can be enjoyed more cleanly.

The douche cleaners not only clean out the anal cavity for sexual purposes but also promotes healthy clean bowel health by removing the waste inside the bowel removing toxins that can be harmful in the long run. So instead of going to those clinics for a colonic hydrotherapy, you can do this at home with the douche cleaners anytime and not as expensive as well.

After reading what has been said about adult sex toys being a hero rather than dirty, do you have a new sense of appreciation for why adult sex toys are needed?

Just to add, there is a product that is growing in popularity for its environmentally friendly aspects and help reduce landfill waste and that is the menstrual cups.  It makes a lot of sense for the adult stores which sells everything for vaginas to have menstrual cups as an option for those who wants to think about reducing waste and use something that is reusable.

Check out the Satisfyer Menstrual Cups that is one of the best sellers now for its soft silicon cup and ease of use.

So not only are sex toys and adult store a hero for people with underlying issues regarding their sex performance but we are also contributing to a better environment through making available products that are commonly used every day by woman.

Hope you have found a new respect and love for the Adult Sex Toy World!

If you need to find that perfect sex toy for yourself or as a present, just click here for a full guide on how to choose a sex toy.


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