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March 29, 2023


The REALRoCKbrand of sex toy products are brought to you by Shotswho claim to be “one of the largest and most prominent companies in the world in design, development, production and distribution of intimacy products”. With HQ currently located in the Netherlands, with plans in place to expand a further 125000m2, henceforth doubling the size of their current HQ.

Does this mean room for more amazing sex toys? Of course, for example, REALRoCK have a gorgeous range of crystal-clear cock and balls dildos, that come in absolutely stunning colours, first we have crystal-clear (obvi), then we have some beautiful translucent pink and lavender dildos as well, these are just a few of the sex toys we currently have available from the REALRoCK selection in store and on our sex shop online at are all suction base dildos and have a realistic look, with “veins” that will give it the ribbed feel of a REALRoCK cock! From 6” up to 9”, the crystal-clear range also comes latex and phthalate free and guaranteed to be super flexible.

Cleaning your REALRoCK crystal clear dildo is easy as pie, it is made from body-safe material and it is a non-porous product, so that means, no nasty hidden bacteria or sex toy cleaner residue will be left on your dildo. You should know the drill by now, but I’m going to tell you anyway! Warm water, submerge your dildo, now I use a sex toy cleaner on my sex toys, for example we stock in our sex shop, JOrefresh foaming toy cleaner,give your dildo a wash with your preferred cleaner, and make sure to rinse any sex toy cleaner off with just water, then you can let it dry and store it in a safe dust and lint free area so its right as rain to go again.

REALRoCK also offers “Ultra” silicone dildos with dual density patented material, that is everything you want in a dildo! Flexible, bendable, and thermo-reactive! Which, if you didn’t know what that meant (because don’t worry, I didn’t either haha), you can put these bad boys in the microwave for a maximum of 30s*, or 2 minutes in boiling water. *DO NOTleave it in the microwave for any longer than (30) thirty seconds, for safety reasons, and we here at Funtasia care about you and do not want you to sustain any unwanted injuries from any sex toys*. Removing your dildo from your preferred heating method, you will notice that it has become more supple, and limber, on the flip side, if you want to cool this sucker down, just chuck it on into the fridge for however long you prefer, making sure to remember that you have done so hahaha, for a harder, stiffer feel. REALRoCK ultra dildos come with a suction base, which will stick to most clean smooth surfaces, so you do with that information, what you will hehe.

Last but most definitely not least, we have REALRoCK “Skin”, realistic dildo with balls, with a velvety feel, like real soft skin! A very hyper-realistic look to it, this dildo comes with a free strap-on inside, and just, looks like a real penis, without the man/person attached to it haha. I just cannot get over how pronounced the veins are and the head of the dildo, the veins from the tip, down the shaft, towards the balls, I just haven’t seen a dildo as realistic as this, it’s simply amazing. Made from phthalate-free skin TPE, which basically means its body safe, and feels super life-like and isn’t made from any toxic materials. The REALRoCK Skin dildo has an ultra-strong suction-cup base that again, will suction to almost any smooth clean surface, and this one is also harness friendly! (duh) That will stay in place, even when the going gets rough, if you know what I mean *wink*.

As you should be aware, with any silicone sex toy, dildo, adult toy, sex product what-so-ever, we use water-based lubricant don’t we? Yes. JO H20 and JO H20 ANAL are a great option as a water-based lubricant because you can use it for anal sex, or regular sex, or whatever sex you are into.

All sex toys mentioned, you will find on our online adult shop in store. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to give us a call in store, one of our beautiful sexperts will be happy to assist you!


As always, with love – a sexpert from the wagga store x

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