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March 31, 2023

Our shelves and online store is stocked with dozens of brands and flavours of sexual lubricants. Many think that flavoured lubricants are great for all things sex. But the question we often get is, should you use flavoured lube for sex? The short answer is not for vaginal sex. Flavoured lubes are created to serve many sexual purposes. But the truth is, they're not suitable for everything! Flavoured lubes are not for vaginal sex. Let me explain why.

What is Vaginal pH?

Vaginal pH is how acidic or alkaline your vagina is.

Your vagina is like a fine glass of expensive wine. You wouldn't add Coca-cola to an expensive glass of red wine, would you?

Your vagina is a self-cleaning, self-moderating machine, but there are a few things it really cannot handle. Sugar is one of those.

Flavoured lubricants contain various synthetic sugars designed to make oral sex more enjoyable. Still, they can ultimately throw off your vaginal pH.

When you put something sugary into your vagina, it can lead to countless issues like yeast infections. 

Thenormal pH range for a vagina is between 3.8 and 5.0. This slightly acidic environment is healthy and promotes the growth of helpful bacteria. Keeping it somewhat acidic also inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria.

Why Does My Vaginal Discharge Look Strange?

Your vagina is primarily self-cleaning.

And a healthy vagina will have slightly varying secretions (or discharge) throughout your menstrual cycle.

Generally speaking, a healthy vagina will have clear or white secretions. They may be slightly slippery or sticky in texture. While they may smell like vagina, they should have a strong odour of any kind or cause you discomfort.

When your vagina is healthy, you'll find these little marks on the inside of your used panties. Again, they are meant to smell like a vagina. That's what it's coming from, after all. But they shouldn't have a strong or fishy smell.

It is important to note that you may have extra discharge in your panties during ovulation or the middle part of your menstrual cycle. It may be thinner and more slippery. That's completely normal, something that is intended to help with conception. 

Your vaginal discharge and your friends will likely be different. For some, you may have a limited amount of discharge. Your friend's panties may be streaked with bleach marks and vaginal secretions. These marks are normal and caused by the slight acidity of the vaginal discharge. 

Factors that Affect Vaginal pH

Flavoured lubricants aren't the only thing that can change your vaginal pH balance. In fact, countless things can cause your vaginal pH to be thrown off, increasing your risk of infection and even getting STIs.

Here are a few of the most common reasons:


Pleasedo not douche your vagina unless a gynecologist recommends it.

Your vagina is a self-sustaining environment that can mostly take care of itself. The only cleaning your vagina needs is a little soap on the outside of your pubic mound, then rinse it thoroughly. 

The inside of your lips and vagina must only be rinsed out with warm water. No special vaginal cleaning products are necessary. In fact, using vaginal cleaning products can be rather harmful. Your vulva should smell like a vulva, not like a summer's day.


Your body responds severely to stress even if you don't really feel the pressure. The stress hormonecortisol causes changes in your body, including your vagina discharge and pH levels.

Sexual activities

Several sexual activities will cause a disruption in your vaginal pH.

Choosing lubricants that are free from additives likepropylene glycol and glycerine is going to be your ideal. That means you're not adding strange preservatives or sugar derivatives to your delicate glass of vaginal wine. 


It is widely known that antibiotics will cause an interruption in the effectiveness of your chosen birth control. However, they'll also cause a disruption to your vaginal bacteria, as that's what antibiotics do. When taking antibiotics, just keep an eye on your vaginal discharge to help you avoid any infection. 

Your menstrual cycle

As previously stated, your vaginal discharge will change throughout your cycle. Healthy vaginal discharge should be slippery or slick and white or clear in colour. It also shouldn't have a strong smell. If you're experiencing anything but that, speak with your GP or other medical professional about testing for widespread and treatable infections.

Your vaginal pH is self-sustaining and self-cleaning.

You mustn't put too many things into your vagina that will impact that delicate balance and cycle. One of the most common reasons for yeast infections and even UTis is using flavoured lubricants for vaginal sex. 

Should You Use Flavoured Lube for Sex?

In my sexological opinion,no.

You should never use flavoured lubricants for penetrative sex.

Flavoured lubes are designed to make oral sex fun for the giving partner. All those fun flavours are great for being put on a penis or the vulva (inner lips and clitoris are fine.) Just make sure you wash your vagina thoroughly as soon as possible.

The longer you leave those sugars in your vagina, the worse off you are.

If your partner wants to use some delicious flavoured lubes like the ones fromWicked on you, remind them that you'll need to take a quick shower or bath after you're done. 

Use other water-based or silicone-based lubricants for penetrative vaginal sex. 

Flavoured lube is also okay for rimming and other external anal activities. Still, again, I don't recommend it for penetrative anal sex.

Your anus also has a delicate lining and balance that it needs to maintain. Adding flavoured lubricants into its battle to stay healthy may cause issues. 

When to Use Flavoured Lubes

Flavoured lubricants are great for a myriad of sexual activities, including (but not limited to):

Oral sex on a penis - Flavored lube can make this far more enjoyable for the person sucking the penis.

  • Oral sex with a vulva - Again, only on the exterior of the vulva, not on the interior of the vagina.
  • Pleasure mapping with a tongue - If you'reunsure what pleasure mapping is, check out my full article here. If you're trying tongue pleasure mapping, add a bit of flavoured lube to make it more enjoyable.
  • Rimming - Rimming is licking the outside of the anus also commonly referred to as "tossing the salad." Using a few drops of flavoured lube on the outside of a clean butthole can make it more enjoyable for the person doing the rimming.
  • Body massage - If you're giving your partner a full body massage, flavoured massage oils and lubricants can make this a steamy activity. Just keep it on the body and not in the vagina.

There are countless ways that flavoured lube can improve your intimate and sexual life with your partner. Just know when to reach for a plain, unflavoured lubricant instead.


Using flavoured lube for vaginal sex is a big no-no. If you do use flavoured lube for sex, make sure you wash your vagina and vulva out thoroughly immediately after. Even then, you may still experience a yeast infection or something similar. Flavoured lubes are best saved for oral sex and other similar activities. If you want help choosing a non-flavoured lube for vaginal sex, stop by one ofour three shops and get some personalised help. Or check out our article onHow to Choose a Lube here!

Get out there, Get in there, and Get off there!

Elaine S. Turner

Clinical Sexologist | Sex, Dating, and Relationship Coach | Pleasure Product Guru

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