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March 18, 2023

Function over form is usually the best way to describe sex toy design with the look coming second to its use. But sometimes it's nice to add something a little shiny to the collection, with the look and function equal in part. Call us flashy, but we love jewels and decorations on our toys so here are our three favourites.

Adam & Eve Pink Gem Plug
Aluminium anal plugs are great body-safe toys for beginners, with the plug cooled or warmed for extra sensations. Discreet and smooth with a flared base, the Adam & Eve plug delivers but what we love is the bejewelled base made from durable ABS plastic. The jewel has a playful touch and is an even better present for your partner because who doesn't want to shine where it matters most?

Pillow Talk
Speaking of jewels, did you know each Pillow Talk vibrator is set with a Swarovski crystal? Pillow Talk are known for their easy to use, strong toys that are surprisingly soft to the touch, offering intense sensations with thrusting and vibrating modes. But these vibrators also have an embedded Swarovski crystal for a luxurious touch, with a design that doesn't even look like a sex toy!

Royal Gems
With a royal title like this, it's easy to see why Royal Gems is a go-to vibrator. Each bullet is coated in jewel toned metal, creating a high-gloss finish but it's not all about looks. Each vibrator is rechargeable and waterproof with a vibration rotation of 10,000 RPM! If that's not reason enough, we don't know what is!

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- The sexperts at West Ryde

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